Brit/pol/ - The First Day of Lent Edition

>UK Government May Force Tech Companies to Use Online ‘Extremism’ Filter

>Oxfam Faces Fresh Child Sex Abuse Allegations Among ‘Sex For Aid’ Claims

>Boris Johnson warns it would be 'intolerable' for Britain to be subject to EU laws after Brexit

>Labour have been rebuked again by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission for banning straight white men from their Equalities conference.

>Ants armies use human-style battlefield medicine and treat each others' open wounds - new study

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Reminder that the time you previously spent on the vice you have chosen to forgo for the next 40 days is meant to be spent on prayer and reflection.

Might have been a tad drunk last night


Dudes! The fuck??!!!

I hope you remember to celebrate valentines day with you GF britpol.

How fucking cold is it in your kia pirate ship? Like what's the air temperature in the area that you sleep in?

>First day of Lent AND Valentine's Day

2° currently

Please take care of yourself lad. I don't want to hear you've frozen to death/run your Kia into a scouse mosque.

I've got lots of blankets, hangovers my biggest enemy right now

Is the sneknest bothering you for money for a sparky? I hope you gloated about being right.

I’m hungover too, however I’m in a king size bed in my house with my wife

isnt getting pissed in your car a bit risky given its your house

If he drinks and drives, even just to do a circle round a lot or something, he's fucked. That's his house gone.



Ups my mistake, he's Irish




if the ob tap his window and ask him to move on he cant go anywhere can he? as soon as he sits in the drivers seat hes fucked

>British ancestor

>Anglo Saxons
>Modern English

Pick one

Good point. He might get someone sympathetic but if its a cunt then he's fucked.


Show your subhuman tits monteNIGGER


Pick one?

Triggered Cheddar Man?

Fake tan, is white
Paddy, is white
Is white
El atrocidad


>black hair means you aren't white
Varg fuck off

I see around and have known quite a few brit women with this look.

Is he White? His hair is grey


Hiding behind a meme flag. Amerimut detected.

>Cheddar Man

But please mister don't attack our ancestor or BBC will be angry

Untermesnch Subhuman

>Not inbreeded

Pick one,you can't be both at the same time

That's not the way to talk to your biggest modern philosopher




It's a quiz you have to pick one

Are Labour anti-white?

I was shitfaced, can't even remember what I was posting. still fucked now after waking up



What is it? Can you guess?

p/\kiposter's moved on to /r9k/
we did it


Ah fuck

Corbyn isn't real British,he is White


anbil bery good

Actually some Irish are White,but no Brits are.

So as a white Briton, I can self-define as a BAME person and get in?

>As a white Briton

You mean as a person who's ancestor was Cheddar Man....

Wrong image LOL

BAME might not be accepted, but you can self-define as LGBT or a woman

This Man symbolizes all you need to know about Chav class in UK.Just look at him and you see how 90% of Brit/pol/ looks like

I met a guy who looked almost exactly like him recently, he was a weed dealer with about 50 kids


How? How is she White?

>Chad emaciated weed dealer vs virgin who has his life together

>White British

Reeeeeally makes you think

his name was Coz, he looked like the crazy gyro pilot from mad max

Did he had bad teeth too?

Start buying guns.

Even if you're not driving it's illegal to he drunk and in charge of a vehicle.

>First day of Lent
Lent started Monday

no more than everyone else round here

Finally a real White person from UK...

but user, that's illegal

Rufus Sewell an ethnic English/Welsh actor.Is he White too?


do unironically listen to that for entertainment

Any good articles on Spanish influence on Pope Clement VII?

that's not even very abrasive, it's just techy guitar music


Brit/pol/ beaten and knocked out my one Man.

you'll like this

I did quite enjoy it.

this sounds weirdly sleazy


Roger Scruton has sold out and become a Mayfly:

Very disappointing for somebody that used to be a reader of his. Into the Blairite bin he goes.

My G
What do you think about Joe Owens


hows the gf going?

>Is "British"
>Becomes Canadian
What was the fucking point in that?

Proven wrong several times and is blind to just how bad things have become. Pic related is one example; UKIP are now a national joke and failed massively in Stoke-on-Trent Central despite campaigning on a platform of localism. Joe Owens is too optimistic. People don't even care about the bins being taken out anymore, or whatever bullshit he's focusing on at the moment. British nationalism is dead. He believes that people aren't very, very poorly state-educated tribal robots who will always happily vote Labour despite despising immigration and social liberalism, or worse, flicker between UKIP and the Tories and then go back to the Tories whenever there's an election because some obscure MP (Looking at you, Jacob Rees-Mogg) said something anti-EU or anti-immigration and got blown up by the media because of it. I predicted some time ago that Jacob Rees-Mogg would be groomed as the Tories' answer to Jeremy Corbyn without any of the actual power, and I was right.

How should I know? Why are you on Sup Forums of all places if you're looking for this sort of information?

Because the subject is politics.

You bring up good points but surely the 2015 election shows us that people can be wheeled away from LabCon?
Mogg is the most dangerous thing out there right now. Step outside of Brit/pol/ and you'll be greeted with loads of people saying
>I hate the tories but would vote them if Mogg became leader!
We need to do what AfD are during in Germany and drain the left wing party of votes, not the right wing party. Going for the Tories when people still belive they are conservative or right wing in anyway is a waste of time.

The momentum of demographic shift is already too great to overcome even if we had the will to do so right now, and we don't.

Stop caring about things you faggot

>but surely the 2015 election shows us that people can be wheeled away from LabCon?
When you give them a, "safe," alternative. Remember, UKIP made a big fuss about wheeling out their BASED Minority! candidates, and were clear to stick to their single issue throughout. Nige himself was clean as a whistle, and would've bent over backwards to avoid being associated with someone who had Joe's opinions.
Also remember that 2015 resulted in a clear majority for the Tories, which they weren't able to secure 5 years prior, purely because they publicised one popular policy (the referendum pledge). That only emphasises how much of a grip they have on the electorate. People don't want new parties, they want the old, comforting parties to get new policies.

So don't even try

>Being this new
fuck off 1PBTID shill

I'm not trying. I've given up on really caring about politics. I look at it in the same way one might a football team.

Then why are you on a board dedicated to roleplaying and shitposting if you want to talk about politics? Get off Sup Forums before it's too late.

>We need to
No we don't. Britain is finished. Germany gets a lot of flak because of their terrible decisions on immigration and Angela Merkel (Which is hilarious considering we have Theresa May), but it's worth remembering that not only has Britain been doing that since 1997, our economy and education systems have been comprehensively (no pun intended) ruined, too, whereas Germany's are still relatively stable. gets it. It's all 'if's, without realising that the game has already been won. Racial nationalism has never been popular in all of Britain's history, let alone now when the country is far more left-wing than it's ever been. Ahmed, 21, from London, who came here in his mother's womb thanks to Tony Blair, is as British as anybody on this board in the eyes of the vast majority of white British working-class people, let alone the population as a whole.

This, too. Combined with the fact that the Conservatives' leadership election process was carefully changed following Jeremy Corbyn's election to make sure nothing of the kind could ever happen to them, and all the other things I've mentioned, and it's already over.

Trying is a LARP as far as Britain is now concerned