When did your nation's spirit die?

America's death was easily the 1960s - let's go with 1969 being the actual year.

WW2 patriotism died in Vietnam. Drug use, counterculture, etc. severed all ties to revering the thrift, duty, and toil of America's past. Democrats successfully coerced blacks into voting for them with the welfare state.

By the 1970s most of those previously pretending to care about social movements in the prior decade were so absorbed in entertainment, drugs, and a culture of consumerism that there was no more America.

By the 1980s it was obvious these problems have exponentially grown, and were openly embraced. All values were gone. In the 1990s commercialization was so ingrained in daily life that it became unnoticeable, and the America of the past existed only on TV shows - ironically selling products every 5-6 minutes between the would-be heartfelt moments.

Consolidating economic and political power had nearly zero resistance for those on top of American society (you-know-who's) by 2001.

Nothing has changed since. Same pandering, same baseless efforts on the left. Conservatism is now reactionary because of all the damage that has been done in a short time. White Americans are White Rhodesians now, most just don't see it yet.

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I agree. Desegregation also played a part. American culture was almost directly adversarial to the Africans’ culture. This caused a micro conflict, that is still going on to this day.

In the crib with Lincoln.

America was a dead man walking from 1913 forward. We got the double blows of the Federal Reserve and ADL in a single year.
The Frankfurt Jews were pouring into the US, infiltrating academia, taking over newspapers, buying radio stations, later buying TV networks.
1965 is just when they twisted the knife to watch us bleed.


The decline is slow but 1789 is the definite year. It was the traditional order, with the monarch at the apex of the hierarchy, which resisted the money-values of the bourgeoisie revolution (vaishya), English whig liberalism.

Desegregation it seems destroyed any semblance of community for blacks and took away their last sense of pride. Now, pride is putting your fist in the air and being a loud asshole. Community is finding a few idiots with similar mental capacity to do the same.

Civil War seems a tad early. It caused factionalism but I think WW2 fixed much of that. National efforts usually help seal the cracks.

Interesting. I need to read more on that. Didn't a form of central banking with similar responsibilities exist prior to the Fed Reserve?

Canada... Maybe you should just respond based on the British Empire or something.

1945 for the whole Europe I guess.

1789? I assume you are actually French despite the flag unless I am missing something. Probably one of the most clear dates a person can have. Having the fucking Sun King to modern day Algerians on welfare, Muzzies blowing things up, and people celebrating diversity is a slap in the face. A hard pill to swallow to. For every Napoleon or DeGaulle that history remembers is a lost war and a huge death toll.

At least you still have overseas colonies, though. They're nice.


The US had banking controlled by the congress, there have been a couple official national bank acts. Its a sordid history. In addition to the first and second banks of the US there was a slew of acts which altered regulations and really muddied the water.
Theres a decent look at it here:

Its fairly brief over all.


Have to hand it to Polish, even after being partitioned, then re-emerging only to be gang banged by Nazis and Soviets, they still do a great job at keeping kebab in fear.

No I am not French. The revolution was a disaster for the whole continent.

You forgot about a glorious period where we, side by side with French, fought against an entire Europe


Nation spirit in czech Silesia is stronger and glorious every day. Soon we will kick every aliens from region and we will establish true ethnostate without nonsilezians but czechs could be honorary citizens. In next two years we will start destroying local government and executing their police and army forces via guerilla fight and domesticated terrorism. We are ready to overthrown masters of my judeo-german colony and traitors from cucked Prague.

I'm sure but the date still strikes me as odd though because wasn't Bulgaria within the Ottoman Empire until around the twentieth century?

1050 years ago.

America died in the sixties, the rest of Europe died after WW2. Germany was stripped of any patriotism and was brainwashed into hating themselves and the rest of Europe was stripped of any pride to avoid another "holocaust"

1946, commies win the elections with 80%
everyone knew it was fake, didn't lift a finger, that was the end


Britain died on July 1, 1916

I'm pretty sure 1969 America took the rest of the western world with it.

at least you have nice footage of a communist leader being executed with his wife.

I'd say 58
1658 that is, Sven knows why.
With the spirit gone, we have existed as a soulless non-country for centuries in a downwards spiral culminating in 1983 when our government decided to give the sad remains of our worn out kingdom away. First come, first served.

aye, this

>When did your nation's spirit die?
when we started letting in italians and greeks because "hey theyre also white so they are just like us"

It was a slow buildup, but the 60's was definitely the turning point. We made a good effort in the 80's to reverse it but it was too late

>WW2 patriotism died in Vietnam.

No, it died in american living rooms murdered by shills like Walther Cronkike.

Vietnam was the first war where there was no media censorship. Soldiers in Vietnam performed better then Soldiers during WW2. The drug use was not that big of a deal compared to other wars and things like prostitution and sexual engagement with natives compared to the rape epedemic in france by US serviceman civilized.

The whole hippie movement was a CIA spook to turn the genuine intellectual anti-war movement into smelly hippies. It was all a ploy to turn the good arguments against the war into "drop acid not bombs lmao xD". They got people like Timothy Leary and all these other spooks to preach dropping out of society and disregard all cultural etiquette so that the anti-war subculture would be as disgusting as possible to the average american. Then, after releasing LSD to the masses the CIA flooded the same market with cocaine and heroin, then topped it all off with Charles Manson, which effectively killed off the controlled opposition after it had served its use. It was not the "death of america", it was simply the military-industrial complex and intelligence agencies spooking around to keep the war machine going. The cancer that has killed America was always businessmen that found out that war was actually profitable.

404 BC

OK, I'll second that. It's pretty much the only thing you really got going for you.
No matter how much surrounding countries fuck you up, plunder you, leave you with burned houses and no infrastructure.
There he is, the eternal Polak, still going on.


fat fucking luck. that was an act of mercy

>We fought against monarchy and european civilisation

You're proud that you helped the French destroy Europe.

1956 when the Americans betrayed us at Suez. It ended Britain and France.

Side by side against European wankers
10/10 would fight with French again