Rice is horrible nutrition and only poor people that HAVE to eat it, do so.





Prove me wrong. Pro tip, you can't

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nor is dog meat

And it has shit all protein compared to bread & pasta, and even potatoes. Its slave food.

ppl still eat this garbage

Average Asian eats rice three times a day - average Asian is like 5'7

its the soy of the east

Please finish making your point before you ask us to prove you wrong. What makes a food "bad" objectively?

The average life expectancy is also around 110


No, also I bet you thought they were bow legged from all the white dick? no its rickets. Goddamn faggots

Yum, enjoy that arsenic poisoning and soy overload.

3 pseudoscience bunk blogs and a fake news NPR article, nice. None of these are reliable sources for nutrition information.

>paleo leap
>holistic squid

fuckin checks out dude.

grannies in east europe live to be 120 while chainsmoking and drinking, what's your point?

All this shit is trash. Grains are literal bird food, and if they're anything more than that then they're for sandniggers. Europeans eat fatty animals.

the difference is quality of life and that these "people" don't have any

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I love rice, I don't really care what you people think.
Should I just abandon the traditional food of my culture and ancestors?


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I rike lice I eat lice evlee day !

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ppl think its trendy these days

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What am I supposed to eat with my chicken instead then to save cash? Spaghetti? Cous cous?

anything but grass

>white rice is bad for you
nice try shareblue

Organic non-gmo activates acai berries and a glass of raw water

>grannies in east europe live to be 120
Bullshit, they only look like they do.

all rice
raw water? fucking hell leaf

i wonder if most people would eat that presentation of food. i'd prolly just stare at it and then burn it

Same, ketchup is too spicy for me

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Looks too much like Jesus for me to eat it

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Chinks and Gooks don't even eat rice. It's all instant noodles there.

whats wrong with rice, you stupid uneducated faggot?

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average asian lives to 100 and doesn't look a day over 50 in that range. coinsidence? nope.

asian diets are god tier. you fat fucks suck down cocacola, mcdonalds, and cheeetos like it's going out of style and that's why you're fat lardassses. but you want to blame everyone else for it.

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the soy of the east is soy

>american trying to tell anyone anything about healthy nutrition

I feel like I would kill myself well before reaching 100 if I looked much like an average Asian male

I eat rice once a week. Im 6ft stay mad faggot, rice rice baby

It's because they respect their elders, and continue to walk and exercise as they age. The elders in Asian countries generally have more self worth and contribute to the family unit

In America? They live alone until they fall and slowly die in a hospice or nursing home

That's not because of rice that's culture

>I eat rice once a week.
>once a week
>a week

>In America? They live alone until they fall and slowly die in a hospice or nursing home
One more note of why modern America is a completely self absorbed cancerous hellhole.

it can be a tasty side dish.
mushrooms have zero nutritional value and i still eat them along with my beef

>he thinks this doesn’t happen anywhere else

Also is any kind of meat mass produced for people to eat.

Why do you still eat it?

I bet a piece of red meat is way worse than a cup of rice.

Stop telling yourself lies.

sure, chicken, pigs, cows..
red meat is the reason you are conscious dipshit

Burgers should not be allowed to tell the world what to eat.

>slave food

I thought slaves were supposed to be able to perform labor? How is that possible with a food source as shitty as you claim it is?

thats not much protein at all though

the most significant difference between rice and other carbs like wheat and potatoes in my opinion is that rice totally lacks potassium

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People who cant shit sitting down shouldnt speak

aside selenium, copper, phosphorus, b vitamins, protein.......

>cookie cutter on teflon

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Complete and utter garbage. Please just kys and stop spewing this drivel. Foods that people have lived and thrived on for thousands of years, like rice, are not the fucking problem. 99% of "food science" is unadulterated garbage that changes with the winds. Keep your hallucinations to yourself in the future you fat American fgt.

>unironically protein memeing in current year

For a century the recommended amount of protein a day has continued to go down and down. Considering that our bodies can recycle protein it is probably even lower than what is recommended right now. Western diet is probably the most protein centric diet in the world and surprise surprise it is also the least healthy diet in the world. Tooth decay, bone fractures, low life expectancy, heart disease, colon cancer etc.

Only a poor cook blames his ingredients.

let me eat my arsenic in peace bitch

I learned how to reduce the arsenic in brown rice is to boil it with more water than needed then drain and rinse. Reduces arsenic levels ~80% without significant vitamin loss.

Doesn't it also affect dick size?

Good then we don't have to care of old people cause they'll be dead. No more retired oldies leeching from the system. Baby boomers will ruin us because they didn't want to have as many children as their ancestors. And now we will literally pay for their mistake.


Is there not enough fat in the rice to satisfy the mutt diet?

there's nothing in the rice to even satisfy basic nutritional needs

That's why there is fortified rice just like enriched flour or fortified milk you fucking mongoloid

Rice > white bread. White bread is the most useless food in existence.

the fact that you're admitting it's only viable when supplemented proves my point. Thanks faggot

Basmati master rice!

white bread contains 6x the fiber of a cup of rice
dont hang your head on the way out

They only do that to white rice because it's refined and loses most of its vitamins in the process.

rice loses calories just being slightly overcooked. It's not "good" food.