#BlaXit is the way!

Every black man must demand his right of return to his natural homeland in his african paradise!

If we gave blacks a brand new country with new everything (homes, infrastructure, cars, etc), how long before everything turns into compton?


You need to add in some of those video links (was it vice) about how black women went to africa to get away from whitey!

Does it really matter?
Once they are they are there they can life their lives anyway they want, and our crime and murder rates will go down, not to mention the considerable savings.

Ask a white South African. While you still can.

>implying native africans dont like foreign blacks because they dont think of them as slaves

if you send them back you get Liberia

it would be overnight but let's just get them out first. niggers are in love with this idea already. let's help them gtfo.

Obama and Hillary took thousands of black children to Africa and made a brothel in the chinese colony?

Once they are there, they will demand more from us. It never ends. We can't give an inch. Nothing will ever be enough, and it will always be our fault that they are fucked up.

sadly the devil is right

>i always knew the devil was a damned limey

Well that will be their problem.

Why black only? Are they scared minorities try to take power?

Blaxit is step 1. Step 2 is autonomous terminator deathboats roaming the Mediterranean and liquidating anything that moves.

Don't be stupid, cracka blacks are a minority. Stop being a racist

Yeah that's totally going to work...
You retard

If Africa was united and as successful as China they'd all move in 5 seconds

As a black ethnostate supporter I already bought my ticket to Wakanda from www.altright-africatickets.com.

If I was a Wizard I would have magical powers.
Shame really.

Great movie...

Fuck yeah this needs to go viral and super serious to the point actual niggers decide to do this

I can and will get behind this
my african er... brothers
gtf---I mean pursue your glorious destiny
in africa
get going

Well at least they found employment!

They can demand whatever the fuck they want, because when they give up citizenship they are entitled to nothing. And they will have to survive on food aid like the rest of black Africa.

Yes yes please do go.

Gladly subsidize this move now with America on board and we will throw in Rosie oDonald, Chicongo, hollywood, ca and all non american dreamers.

Won’t ever happen. Given the means and opportunity, blacks will always move closer to the white man. Given the same opportunity, whites will always move further away from blacks

These need to be printed and posted in all colleges and public spaces in America

This! After year of paid deporting, the cash cord will be cut forever! Winning!

It's real. It's all true!