Would you date a gorgeous girl if she was evil?

Would you date a gorgeous girl if she was evil?

Pic related, it's my GF

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How do you define evil?
Like a sociopath? Someone with the inability to empathize with others? Or like a sadist? Someone who delights in the suffering of others?

Or do you mean evil on a spiritual level?

Why is she doing that?

your slide is stale jew.

Fucken mods, get in here

To answer your question: Absolutely not for two reasons:

1) For a simple religious reason. I am a religious man who believes in God and loves his laws and his word. I would not overlook evil in someone who I dated.

2) For a practical reason. An evil, psychopathic personality cannot be trusted. They will only be loyal to you until disloyalty gives them something they want. Then they will drop the pretense of caring about you.

classic sociopathy, she will do this to a child next, maybe a child you know

someone who does bad things whit not regrt dumie

typical farm shit, cats fuck a lot, she fine

>getting serious with a psycho
it's all fun and games till she cuts your dick off or murders you in your sleep to collect life insurance

2 sadd!!!! pleas delet

I remember being in the original Sup Forums threads when this happened.

We tracked this bitch down.


Unfortunately she got away with it and didn't face any charges.

IKR, next thing she'll be eating meat at dinner instead of soy.

I really don't give a fuck about puppies. Maybe she's drowning them so she can continue to afford food for her kids.

I would drown that bitch. What a fucked up cunt.

If that was my GF, I'd murder her on the spot.

break her legs and kick her in

Cruelty, or country sensibility?
Longtime Collin County farmers say that method of getting rid of unwanted animals was commonplace to some of the older generation. By today's standards, many consider the act barbaric, even criminal.

On Tuesday, a Fannin County man was arrested on an animal cruelty charge in connection with the drowning of four kittens in a northeast Collin County creek. Prosecution of such cases is rare because witnesses don't usually come forward.

Earl Rutledge, 62, of Trenton was charged after a bystander said she saw a man chuck a box full of kittens over a bridge and took down his license plate number.

If convicted, Mr. Rutledge, who owns a machine shop in McKinney, could face a maximum penalty of two years in jail and a $10,000 fine. Out on bail, Mr. Rutledge could not be reached for comment.

The case has raised the ire of animal welfare activists, but some wonder whether he was caught in changing mores.

Robert "Mike" Black, 55, a Collin County farmer who lives between McKinney and Melissa, said drowning cats was not unusual in the past.

"A lot of people did drown them because they had so many," he said. "They'd put them in a sack and throw some bricks in there and throw them in the tank or whatever."

He said barn cats were a popular way to chase rats away. But when the number of cats grew too large, people didn't know what else to do with them.

There was "no such thing as the SPCA in the country" and sterilizing a cat or dog "was unheard of," he said.

So the animals were destroyed.

"I've seen a lot of people do it, but I just let ... [the wild cats] go," Mr. Black said.

if its a remote location beat her unconscious and throw her into the river as well

>all these newfags
farmers drown kittens all the time btw

No, it's just how white people act if we're not socialized not to by disney movies and feminists and free from having ideas such as animal rights planted in our heads for further consideration.

We are the most ruthless race. White people are a warrior class that makes niggers look like amateurs. Shitskins behead their criminals. We tie their entrails around trees and tell them to walk in circles. The only thing that counters this is how pliable we are. If we were less susceptible to outside influences and less prone to introspection we would make china look like a humanitarian, animal-loving paradise.

In this way, the white race is the most human of races. The world's most savage animal, yet willing and able to be something else, and do such a good job at that that you would assume we were never anything but nice.

They're puppies, retard.

She is normal for a eastern euro girl,its not my fault that you have weak womyin in the west.

Slide Thread.

Stop giving it bumps, faggots.

It's not our fault we're civilised unlike you actual niggers.

whats the fucking difference idiot, when did i say they were kittens you stupid nigger i was just making a point.

I would date a little girl
an evil little girl
an evil and pretty prepubescent girl

>Bucket Full of Puppies
Good name for some soyboy band. All ticket sales go directly towards the ASPCA.

I'm probably going to get shit for simply explaining what's going on, because there will be the assumption that I symphatize, but I'll still do it

She's most likely living on a farm and the work dog got knocked up. This happens from time to time, and if the offspring is low quality (mixed with an unfavorable breed), caring for it and selling it is simply a waste of time and money.
Because dog abortions aren't a thing, it's common practice in these sorts of situations to kill the litter. Some farmers crack them open with a hammer, some put them in a sack and swing it against a rock.
Apparently, some drown them.

I think it's cruel to throw them in a river, personally. I think though if there was a video of her giving them a swift death with a hammer, it would probably be just as demonized.

Bait thread.

Also, evil is subjective.

I thought they were cats. Anyway, city fags are fags. Sounds like a fucking PETA meeting in here. Drowning is better than starving, maybe. but fuck it, they got farm work to do.

I hope she gets raped by Tyrone, bonus points if she lives in a pro-life state.

That's not evil. Are you supposed to take care of 10 puppies each year?

Sterilization is an option nowadays, although there's a common sentiment that it makes the dog less motivated to work. I don't know wether this is scientifically founded or not.

Meh. Been there, done that. It’s the way she goes.

I expect nothing less from a gypoo

Evil is not subjective.


you have to do that or they multiply too fast city retards

how about just leaving them in a box in town square or something

Yes more fun

men who marry neurotic but hot women, and women who marry violent and aggressive, are literally the biggest degenerates on the planet if they have kids.

if you give your kid a fucked up and abusive parent because you're too much of a weak willed piece of shit to find someone wholesome and let your genitals make your long term decision for you, you are subhuman. you are below rapists and murderers.

*and women who marry violent and aggressive men

who the hell wants random mutt dogs
dont you think if someone wants to take them people would give them away or sell them

lol retard.
She's Russian, she was arrested some time after this was uploaded.

I don't have a problem with someone disposing of unwanted animals, but I don't think the most humane way of doing it is chucking them one at a time pop-fly style into the river is the best way to do it :/

Don't care, that's how you destroy animals in the country.

On my great grandparent's farm it was common to fill burlap sacks with a litter of kittens or puppies and throw them in the river, from what I was told. Everything served a purpose on a farm, if not it was killed.

Its like 2 years old now mate, the girl was some bosnian mudslime subhuman, both her and the boyfriend ended up in prison for 5-6 months if i member right.

kys shielded city retard

>this is somehow normal behaviour

You are no Romanian. You are a fucking gypsy.

no one cares what third worlders have to say. you don't understand what is required for civilization

And have packs of stray dogs spreading rabies and fleas?

wtf since when puppies can swim? is she retarded

literal state of spoiled western manchildren

Only soyboys cry about this

>What if we just made it someone elses problem?

Realize that if everyone did this, the town square would soon be full of dogs nobody cared for.

Incidentally, this is a reality in third world countries. It's a destructive mindset.

>you don't understand what is required for civilization

The irony of this post, retard doesn't understand how farms work

I'm sure your people would find a way to deal with the dog surplus.

best part is that literally ALL of my ancestors abused their wives and the were decend people
its only with this liberal attitude that everyone is spoiled

Yep, people on here are weak cityfag fucks, they'd probably shit their pants crying like babies if they had to actually kill their own food. Wild dogs and cats are no good for farms and (((vets))) charge an arm and a leg to euthanize them.

>hurting animals is le psychopath
90% of the population used to do this for fun 500 years ago.
I’m not even joking, killing cats via burning, turning, and bone churning was a festival in France.
Slaughtering dogs was a common occurrence in English cities with mutt problems.
>inb4 “let’s kill the American”
Folks used to gather in the town square to watch all manner of abuses.
We used to be a more violent people.

subsistence farming != civilization

goddamn, leafs are stupid

If she was killing Jewish babies that would perfectly fine, backstabbing little vermin that they are. Killing little, loyal, puppies is only something a sub human would do. She's probably die doing something self destructive, murdered by Tyrone after fucking him, drug overdose, ect.

How about sterilizing your dog? They got to eat approximately 20% less afterwards anyway so you might even save long term

>best part is that literally ALL of my ancestors abused their wives and the were decend people

And today your country is a shining beacon of civilization, technological advancement and economic success.

We all should copy you.

Selling would be better.
But if you aren’t near a town or city it’s easiest to just bury them.

>And today your country is a shining beacon of civilization, technological advancement and economic success.
back then my country was a regional economic powerand epithome of develoopment for eastern europe
my ancestors were the msot respected peopel in my shire

its now that everything fell apart because liberalism, pussyness and citycuckery

Why not just shoot them? A bullet to the brain is much more humane than fucking drowning them.

Haha wow. The only thing hitting that water would be this bitch with a snapped neck.

You're supposed to go into town and give away the puppies/kittens for free holy shit I swear to god no one on here has any experience with rural living and just LARPs.



1. bullets cost money
2. shooting bothers neighbours

but you can do that too

Ya but you could euthanize them with a bullet humanely or go the extra effort and look for an adoption. You don’t need to be a fucking nigger throwing them into a sack to drown in a river. What the fuck kind of sociopathic shit is that. I grew up on a ranch and ya we killed animals but we weren’t sadist about it. Lack of empathy like that is a key defining trait of being a non-white nigger or gook. Gas yourself.

Shut up Germany, right now your great "civilization" is suiciding itself under the heel of radical Islam because you are weak, feckless and lost the will to fight, you Eloi motherfuckers. Enjoy the decline.

So your girlfriend is the same chick who was arrested years ago after that video originally came out. Sure dude

go back to redit fat out of touch fagot

Please tell me about how evil Serbia is, I'm sure WE ALL will feel sorry for you little victim.

butthurt croat lmaoing at your impoverished life

Yeah, it's an old fashioned thing here for farmers to turn their dogs into dried meat when they reach old age.

I don't really see why this is worth ridiculing.

what does serbia have to do with anything?
you people really dont know anything to talk about southeastern europe except le croatia serbia rivalry

heres a hint: real people who live here except braindead ptsd war veterans dont give a single shit about le ebil serb meme


>weak, feckless and lost the will to fight

But enough about your performance in Vietnam!

I have done a lot of fishing, and confirm that berleying is not uncommon

id rather be poor then lack a fucking brain and be a spoiled bitch out of touch with life outside your
apartment block


Tell me about what she was like, how the relationship went (assuming I'm understanding what you're getting at)

>he doesn't remember that Vietnam was a french-

ooooh wait I almost fell for it haha well played

probably kick her in the head

doesn't germany have/had animal brothels tho

Nobody was buying mutt dogs and cats in the late 1800s lmao
I used to keep gerbils as a kid and those horny fucks would go at it 24/7. In the beginning the local pet shops would give me some free gerbil food for the babies, then they wouldn't even take them for free. I'd just release them in the backyard and the cats would pretty much be waiting for them, like the baby sea turtles trying to make it to the water before the birds get them.

Yeah, we should have invited them to come live our country instead, you fucking retard.

>doesn't germany have/had animal brothels tho

Thanks to Swiss immigration.

>your slide is stale jew
>87 replies later

What's wrong with white people?

>we should have invited them to come live our country instead

So they could kick your asses on your home turf too?


Never give your animals away for free.
Dog fighters get women to dress up nice and come fetch these animals to take to them to a "safe new home."
Then they use these animals, especially small dogs, weak dogs and cats, as bait to train their pittbulls.

>what does serbia have to do with anything?

Its has to do with you sub human Slav niggers constantly begging for pity points from outsiders "like in the weekly Yugoslav shit flinging thread" while committing and defending the most heinous of acts, those who offer no mercy "especially to little loyal puppies" should except none.

>you people really dont know anything to talk about southeastern europe except le croatia serbia rivalry

Because otherwise you're irrelevant.

life isnt precious get over yourselves

I was horrified until this post. I see the brutal but wise thought put into this now.

Ach du dickes Ei - that's the German "model for a successful civilization", haven't you heard?

fuck I was expecting a knife. That's definitely a new way to prepare your meat.