This is how my ideal bf looks like. Your thoughts?

This is how my ideal bf looks like. Your thoughts?

Post a picture of his wallet, then we'll talk.

trap bf is better than bara bf

Only ideal man is TURK man. W*ites get out

Good luck finding someone with those looks that would fuck you you fat slut

>Your thoughts?
I think you have autism cause you post the same thread over and over again.

Turks are soyboys

Lol, I'm 175 cm 60 kg

I'm barely even otter mode 6'6'' and I never have a problem taking down muscle men. On the ground they are even less able.
Of course the weight difference forces you to use different techniques but I just can't see the benefit of having a good looking body, the amount of strength they gained just doesn't benefit them in hand to hand.

you're a man whose gay. those are my thoughts.

Dude needs to slim down his waist.

Fat lying cunt slut

I beat the shit out of an otterfaggot by picking him up and inserting him underneath my legs and then sitting on him.

>your thoughts
You're a faggot

you're a slut anyway

Looks like he's been cycling steroids for at least five years. If getting banged by a gorilla is your thing then more power to you. However, if you're a roastie, his shriveled little peanuts aren't going to put a baby in you. Also he's probably going to die from a heart attack in the next decade.

sage because bait, but still roids have consequences that aren't talked about enough.


>Only ideal man is TURK woman

Fixed you hairy bitch

It’s clear that you’re a gay man and not a woman. You know that faggots will burn in hell, right?

Baboon philosophy.

Yeah, but who gives a fuck about what females want?

it's an altered chart anyway

Tits or GTFO slut

Tits or gtfo


E = Locked in chastity

Bullshit ass made up chart. The average enjoyable average was like 7 inches. You really can't fit 11-12-13 inches in you retarded nigger mong with a 'totally' "Authentic Chart 2018"
>t. I have an 8" CoCk po53r and my girl LOVESSSSSSSSS it.

I think this probably has more to do with people not knowing how big an inch actually is than women actually wanting gigantic cocks. The "ideal" in this image is bigger around than a 12oz coke can's major diameter, and longer than 2 coke cans stacked on top of each other. So if you're not big enough to satisfy her better attach 2 coke cans and see if you can fit them inside her.

Understandable, have a nice day!

See, I like chastity concepts as much as the next guy, but you can't say that E means getting locked.

Imagine being the guy with the fifteen inch dick and suddenly it's like "well you gotta lock up", where the fuck are you even going to get a cage for that spaghetti-noodle? You can't fit that into a CB-X Curve, that's for sure.

I know
And I thought about that as I posted
But let's be honest, most bois will fall into that 6x6 range. The greater than 14" will know that chastity is not an option.
Let me ask you comrade, do you have the penis of a bourgeoisie? Or do you have a proper penis? The penis of the proletariat? The worker's penis. A penis of less than 8.5"?

It's a made up chart meant to create butthurt. You're taking it too damn seriously.