What is so attractive about this?

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Looks bad, doesn't work.
People who support communism are the people who feel mistreated by society, basically anyone who enrolled in humanities is a perfect candidate.

It's a utopia or dystopia; aspiring towards perfect society.

Communism is attractive because it appeals to the emotions of those with the lowest IQ. It gives them a scapegoat for their failures and misfortunes, promises a way out and a utopia as a reward

If you lack the intelligence necessary to do well in society, here is an ideology that promises equal returns, regardless of ability

It is intended to be an utopia.
The sad truth is that humans are flawed and it will never work.
Thats why in my opinion a socialistic capitalism is the best way to go.
Not perfect either but it tries to merge the best parts of communism and capitalism.

Capitalism can't be socialist lol. Nationalistic Social Democracy is the way. FPÖ for the win.

The FPÖ isnt very "social".
They are more ÖVP than the ÖVP imho.

Hello gomrades! XDDDD Dis general is for disgussion of margsism-lebonnism, da ideology of rebolutionary socialism and gommunism.

Gommunism is da next stage of guckery following real society.

Wat exagtly is gommunism aggording to gommies:

>Gommunism is a stage of guckery in which the produgtive infrustrugture runs away from gommie country, and no goods are produced and beeple starve. XDDDD
>Gommunism in full form is obressive, statist society dat follows maxim "gib gib gib!" :DDDD
>To achieve gommunism we must replace broduction with murderous obressive rulers liek me, fug working glass beeple. XDDDD Struggle while I liquidate you all lol. When capitalists run

away we win and I kill you all. Eventually the functions of state cease and state becomes murderous and indistinguishable from other gommies. Da state withers away liek da people.

GL uses philosphy of gib and starve, see here:

It is recommend you kill yourself so you can avoid starving.


Da sdages of gommunism.

>Sdage one
Bourgers aren't allowed to vode :DDD but otherwise da system is digtadorshib of gommies. Everything is stole by digtadors and digtadors rule all.

>Sdade two
All beeple who aren't digtador glass starve. XDDD Once glass disabears and we steal everything more beeple wither away. Bolice begome unnecessary as beeple are dead lol :DDDDD

Central blanning begomes unnecessary begause sgarcity caused starving. Money is all ours.

>Sdage three
No beeple. No food. My money. Much benis.

>Sdage four
Nod real gommunism. Move on to nexd goundry :DDDDDDD

>When was the last time Communism worked?
>How many attempts at Communism were made? If you need help, look into The Revolutions of 1989.
>Can Communism exist without rising from the corpse of a well-established nation?
>Did Communism cause a genocide? If you need help, look into Holodomor.

It basically appeals to brainlets, underage and women. Some utopian ideology that there is enough for everyone and we can all live in equality and love if we just redistributed all wealth and started to central plan everything.

Of course it doesn't work because Human nature but leftists think they're gods who can change that with enough social engineering.

It is THE Red Pill

It appeals to people who find the idea of a pure meritocracy and guaranteed human rights appealing and are convinced that the way to achieve is that is to abolish all forms of in-groups that would impede the realization of that goal. To do this, they require an all-powerful state to dismantle and destroy such groups.






just read the book dont ask pol wtf boi

All I know is if you're a communist you owe me some of your stuff cuz I don't have much

It has never succeeded. Except at starving people.

Mostly anti-whites who want to destroy structures that benefit white people

It is a sickle chopping off a dick.

>To do this, they require an all-powerful state to dismantle and destroy such groups.
Well, that isn't exactly Marxism.

The argument could be made that it requires an all powerful state to be implemented, but that is a better argument either for or against democracy/autocracy as opposed to the concept of true meritocracy.

Communism is a Jewish political movement.
On the surface, it's equality for all.
But under the surface, it's a means by which the Jew can subvert the host nation's culture and replace it with one that is more friendly to the parasite.
The "founding fathers" of communism are without exception, Jews.

and slaughtering them.

don't forget the slaughter

you get to put all the blame for your failures and short comings on someone else

>If you lack the intelligence necessary to do well in society, here is an ideology that promises equal returns, regardless of ability
I wonder ((((who))) could be behind this post?

>When was the last time Communism worked?
Today, February 14, 2018. Google "DPRK". Also google "Cuba".
>>How many attempts at Communism were made? If you need help, look into The Revolutions of 1989.
Dozens of attempts were made, only a few were successful. The "Revolutions" of 1989 were IMF coup d'etats, carried out against the will of the population. It's why 70% of Hungarians, 80% of Ukrainians, and 60% of Romanians say life was better before 1989.
>Can Communism exist without rising from the corpse of a well-established nation?
Loaded question.
>Did Communism cause a genocide? If you need help, look into Holodomor.
There was no "Holodomor". There was just "holod" - a terrible famine, primarily caused by crop disease and bad weather


Of course it was. If you weren't happy you were slaughtered.

No unhappy people, no problems.

>someone have fond memories their youth
wow, based communism!





>If you weren't happy you were slaughtered.

Do you think anyone in Russia has "fond memories" of growing up in the "democratic" 1990s?


>Be a commie
>be a good goy
>starve to death

I actually know a lot of people that are grown in Soiviet Union and prefer capitalism.


Because it goes against the very nature of humans

1st world "leftists" are mostly LARPers anyway

CIA killed 2 million people in your country


>I actually know a lot of people that are grown in Soiviet Union and prefer capitalism.
That's because you're Jewish

Lazy people find it attractive because they think they are entitled to free stuff just because they are breathing

Well, it dosesn't, but it's only the party leaders who enjoy the real communism.



Pick one

>you're Jewish
Tell me, ya commifucker.

The mostly Jewish banksters who control the world today get more "free stuff" than any other socio-economic stratum. $17 trillion was seized from US taxpayers and handed over to the banksters in the 2008 "bailout". Trillions more were pillaged from Iraq, Libya, and other victim countries.

Supporting those blood-drenched criminals makes you an enemy of the people.

Good job killing all the Communists, now your country is an impoverished backwards shithole where everything is owned by foreign corporations.

If communism is good, why is switzerland a tier 0 country?

DPRK is real Communism then?
>The "Revolutions" of 1989 were IMF coup d'etats, carried out against the will of the population.
Holy fuck don't breed.
>It's why 70% of Hungarians, 80% of Ukrainians, and 60% of Romanians say life was better before 1989.
Notice you didn't say anything about Poland, Czechoslovakia, Germany.
>Romania loved to live under Ceausescu
I guess that's why he had murder all those people and escape in a Helicopter like a faggot.


It just looks cool, and seems cool in theory, but in reality everyone is just starving and retarded

Nigger, supporting communism is ultimately the same. National Soicalism is the way.

At least it's not Venezuela


>suffered for decades
>finally get rid of failed ideology
>surprised the economy is fucked straight away
>got better over time
Ha ha but life was shit specifically in the 90s! checkmate humans!

Tbh it's still shit.

It's for losers who want everybody else to pay for their student debts and other bad life decision debts.

Source? How was this data collected?

>The Slavs are a mass of born slaves, who feel the need of a master

>The German peasant is moved by a liking for progress. He thinks of his children. The Ukrainian peasant has no notion of duty.

>The Russian space is our India. Like the English, we shall rule this empire with a handful of men.

>The Slav peoples are not destined to live a cleanly life. They know it, and we would be wrong to persuade them of the contrary. It was we who, in 1918, created the Baltic countries and the Ukraine. But nowadays we have no interest in maintaining Baltic States, any more than in creating an independent Ukraine. We must likewise prevent them from returning to Christianity. That would be a grave fault, for it would be giving them a form of organisation.

First To go into space.
Beat the nazis.
Killed fags and degenerates in general.
The list go on...

so fascism then... imgur.com/a/t4u1n

No greed society, basically
You can treat others as people and not numbers
You can make kids regards of your paycheck or social status

the no food pill*

Those damn germans were plowing the garden for my grand aunt, lol. And even, if statement is true, how do you disaprove me?

You support people who saw your family as subhuman, who wanted to enslave your race and take its land. This makes you a traitor to your nation and your race. You're no different from Black Confederate supporters.

Nothing. They tried then they tried by force. Doesn't work. Now they're butt hurt and can't get over it.


Probably ignorance of what Communism is.

Without going into what Marx said or didn't say one of the problem with current communists is that they are still capitalists at heart, they are still looking for over rationalize everything, they still think growth for the sake of growth is good, they basically still want the good things out of capitalism, and of course, what is better at capitalism than well, capitalism?

What people do I support? Are you fucking retarded? National Socialims is a personality now?
You red fuckers killed quite the amount too, btw. And made nice slaves out of the living. At least Hitler is honest about it. Tho, I honestly belive that's a bunch of bullshit. Nither in Mein Kampf nor in his speeches Hitler says any bad thing about Russians or Slavic people overall, excluding commies here.

They call themselves social homeland party now and take many inspirations from the old SPÖ. Strache even said Kreisky would vote the FPÖ nowadays.

The commie meme flag here is great. He loves his failed ideology and tells us all how stupid us bad NaziCapitalists are, and with the other breath hes calling People jews and still hates on them
Combining the Idiocy of both sides into one moron

how do you function ?

The reds and yellows remind them of mcdonalds.

turning men into commodities and women into sluts

Just because it looks good on paper doesn't mean it works.


Nothing. You’re a nigger if you think that’s attractive.


Fixed it for you.

>oh Nein! bananas and hookers! quick Hans fix that wall!

if man is a commodity in any system, he is one in communism too, much more so than in capitalism. in capitalism he can choose who to sell his labor to. in socialism the state owns him from the beginning.

It's one of those things that sounds great, but it isn't

Communism basically means total equality, everyone has a job, everyone has a house, everyone gets paid and everyone can survive, Most people think that means everyone gets a 3 bedroom 2 story house, everyone gets a nice fancy Lexus or BMW to drive, their favourite, dream job, etc.

Sounds great right? Of course it does. But here's the kicker -- It costs money, and it costs resources. Something you can't provide to everyone. So what you're left with is a 0% homeless rate, and 0% unemployment, but all the jobs are shitty jobs, the houses are shit-shacks, maybe 1 bedroom if you're lucky, your car is actually a bicycle, and on top of that everything is owned and operated by the state.

free shit

You'd have to be retarded to try it again. That being said the only reason it didn't work is because it hasn't been tried on a global scale. II bet they could kill at least three billion people if they did that.

Pick one fag.

If you're poor it promises you false riches.
If you're rich it helps ease your guilt about that Bugatti you bought at dinner parties

t. former rich commie


What’s the difference? Niggers can’t live without free gibs

It's the best

Only subs support communism



>Today, February 14, 2018
Great track record.

>Google "DPRK". Also google "Cuba".
>DPRK works because they still exist
>Cuba works because they're changing
That's what they said about the USSR.

>only a few were successful.
That's why you only named two examples?

>It's why 70% of Hungarians, 80% of Ukrainians, and 60% of Romanians say life was better before 1989.
Let's not forget why that was >Loaded question.
It isn't if you think about it. How do you think DPRK and Cuba formed? Cuba was a Spanish colony. Korea was once whole.

>There was just "holod"
But anyone can look up Holodomor.
>Not only did the famine kill millions, it took place against "a backdrop of persecution, mass execution, and incarceration clearly aimed at undermining Ukrainians as a national group"

I hope this has helped you understand the error of your ways.

fag mexico go eat burrito chicken

the expatriation of personal responsibility to an external entity. in this case its the state.


>Men aren't commodities under Communism.
You're right. Capitalists put more value on life *because* life is a commodity. Communists throw life away for next-to-nothing

>the expatriation of personal responsibility to an external entity.
That's general human nature user, not a fault of communism. It happens in our country too.

>It happens in our country too.
Because Communists, right.

Why not just stick with capitalism, let the weak get what they're owed


It's just that communism is the ideology that most enables this kind of weak minded thinking. The reason it's happening in your country is because your country is full of proto communists. Also, communists don't believe in human nature.

You don't get to use the echos, commies are the jews useful idiots. Capitalism is a white mans game. Jews are just good at it and have been fucking around with it illegally. Both of you get the rope

First post was the best post.

Look at the people that shill for communism. Unless they're politicians, they're never successful people. Poor millennials covered in expensive tattoos complaining that the system is corrupt because their bullshit degree didn't get them out of the retail meme. You'll never find anyone with a successful career that knows what income tax is complaining about capitalism. The worst part is a lot of them are well educated so they must know about the death and famine their ideology necessarily causes. It means they've justified it in their head that they deserve free things even if millions have to die to make it happen.

In short. Terrible people.

>>It happens in our country too.
>Because Communists, right.
Are you saying non-commies always take responsibility for their own actions?