Reddit deletes Egyptian complaining about blacks stealing his history

Reddit deletes Egyptian complaining about blacks stealing his history, cache:

"There is a lot of controversy revolving around this and I feel like it's hypocritical that this is becoming a white vs black thing and Egyptians are excluded from the conversation.

My history is literally written on the walls and buried in the ground of my country. If you look at the paintings and hieroglyphics in ancient tombs, you can clearly see that the majority of the people depicted are not black or white, but a coppery golden color completely separate from the other two.

We are our own people and by claiming Ancient Egypt as theirs, black and white people are erasing my history.

These people are just ignorant, and such folks will always be around. Be proud of your background and ignore their stupidity!

“Haplogroup U5b1b1 is a relatively young but widespread branch. The members of U5b1b1 trace their maternal lines back to a woman who lived only 7,000 years ago. Given this young age, the geographic spread of U5b1b1 is somewhat astounding.

In migrations that may have began in the Iberian Peninsula, women carrying U5b1b1 crossed the Mediterranean Sea from either Spain or Italy into northern Africa, where their descendants can now be found in Morocco among the indigenous Berbers and their descendants. Others moved north and east instead, moving all the way to eastern Scandinavia by about 6,000 years ago, where it can be found in the Saami, or Lapps, of northern Finland.”

Stop trying to divide our species and causing hatred, discrimination and conflict. You are helping absolutely nobody and you're just continuing the vicious circle of misery and suffering for every human being on this planet.

Edit: Instead of downvoting me, why don't you tell me why you disagree and we can discuss this like rational human beings?"

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>Rationally discuss anything
>With liberals
>On the liberal home ground
Ha, fat chance

i wish all egyptians were deleted

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I did it during the election cycle. Then I realized I was arguing with literal faggots and brown people.

Join us in our mutual hatred for niggers
Egyptbro, lets make them slaves again!

>legit complaints about theft and deletion of truth
>deletes account
wow surprising

Ironically, thats the biggest red pill one can take... Egyptian mumbo jumbo lies at the core of all of our problems.

>when the left destroys itself, Chapter 6789

I will never get tired of this

Whoever created the lie that niggers were Egyptians needs to be shot.

Of course. The only alternative is to admit they have no history other than being savages. It's like in school when the poor kid only has a slice of bread in his lunch box, and all the rich kids are comparing their feasts.

Babylon, not Egypt.

>modern Egyptian Arabs claiming ancient Egyptian history.
The Copts there may have some connection, Arabs certainly don't.

And Coptics are an extremely small % of the population IIRC.

Modern Egyptians are mostly ARABS. Regardless of the race of the ancient Egyptians, they weren't Arabs.

you get tired walking up the steps

regardless of black people claiming to be egyptian, why not let them. nice pyramids, what have you done since then, nothing? shit at least china is doing shit, it makes their bitching about 10,000 years of history more bearable.

too bad, egyptians. 20 years from now you're gonna be genocided by americans/UN so black americans can reclaim their royal birthhomel like how israel was formed, you'll be the next palestine basically.

Cleopatra was greek. Thats the most nonsense part of this tug-o-wuz

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>Stop trying to divide our species
>we are our own people
Are egyptians retarded?

Sounds like Sup Forums.

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It was conclusively proven by the People’s University of Beijing that ancient Egyptians were Han Chinese traders
This was backed up by broken pottery found on the Sinai Peninsula

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finding it hard to care

I'll let you guess who

kind of ironic considering most Egyptians are just Berber/Arab mutts who stole Coptic heritage and history.

I stand corrected. True.

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>arabs complaining about nigs stealing egyptian heritage

thats already happening. Ethopia cut the nile water to egypt, egypt will have no water in the future and the nile is only source. There is threat of war between the two, but Israel is on Ethopia side and Egypt military are puppet of israel.

>Cut the Nile Water to Egypt
Is that legal?

Only Americans are stupid enough to think that Egyptians were black

Not just any American just Niggers

Redded is under full control, same as twatter, facerecognitionbook basically what (they) want with 4chins as well (and partly already have due to some very shady investigation bureaus, to be completely honest).

Be very careful on there if you don't agree with the global devide et empera / enslavement strategy that is killing our nation(s) and sucking money out of the energy of your unborn children.

((They)) are fucking nuts and (they) and (their anti freedom traitors) are behind that stage now.

Everything looks nice on a first glance, but you have been fucking warned. More careful there than posting here on fucking 4checks.

if israel is doing it (israel deal with ethopia), can it not be legal?

Not really, actually the modern Egyptians are more race mixed with the Africans than the Ancien Egyptians,the closest people to ancient Egyptians right now are Copts and Palestenians

lel, where do you find this shit

They do it to everyone Egyptbro

Being baleeted is all part and parcel of having an open conversation on plebbit goy. But seriously, who is surprised by this?

>the moderator is a cuck

So what?

>implying Republicans are smarter

dude, Weeeeed.

>implying anglos are the same species as Germanics

Whites are not trying to claim Egyptian history


It's E31b1b1.....

>only sees democrats and republicans
>not even american
fuck off back to your cuck shed

Huh? Why would we be on your side and u need to deal with Ethiopia not us, beta mentality

Same thing happened yesterday on r/Italy where cuck mods deleted comments on the news of a 31-year-old senegalese man who raped a 75-year-old homeless German woman on the street in Rome.
>Solo commenti razzisti. Rimosso tutto, thread chiuso.
>Only racist comments. Removed everything, thread closed.

Fuck reddit, where is the free speech?


> tfw they're just like you.

>complaining about politics on reddit
>bringing rational arguments on reddit
>surprised when you get banned
Castrate yoursel

there is no sides, just one side, because all three, egypt dictator, israel and ethopia are on the same side. Its all just posturing and facades, the nile is cut, another lever for israel to control egyptian people long past the day they get rid of dictator puppets of israel.

Its impressive the building didnt collapse
Only American buildings collapse when they fall
Everyone else just needs to be righted

>Meme flag
>Beta mentality

I don't care what they're like in real life or how many good people would mourn them, I want to turn off every single goddamn brain that thinks like that.

I've met copts before and they do have a distinct look. Unfortunately not many of them due to displacement via islam.

Shortest month of the year and they have to steal other peoples cultures and inv entions tonfill it.

So basically you want to have degenerate president Morsi back? Better order your wife a burka before

Bahahahha based ethyiopians the real jews and Egyptians

Why do white liberals put such protection over blacks? It’s so cringe worthy!

You made this happen masri, should have never let sisi gain power.

Why am I not surprised. It's not like Egyptians are not Saharan Africans or anything.

copts look different from rest of egyptians, they make like 20% of population. not displacement, where did they go? lol. just many of them at some point switched to islam for benefits. Copts are too religious (anti-gay, etc) imo to fit in western society from what i saw.

10% is a sizable minority.

Who wants to control your 100 million hungry useless savage people? the egyptian corrution and mentality is yours and yours alone to deal with.

Lol yeah etiopeans are truly based and bros now

I cut off my friends for supporting the coup, im not an idiot, i can see the zionist hands at work. but then again i didnt want mubarak to go either, but wasnt going to stop peoples wish for democracy which is good long term. That didnt happen

Most Arabs in Egypt are from local stock like the copts and are just culturally arabic.

These are not made for each other, desu.

There was a community around where I grew up and they seemed to fit in fine there. They are very religious, but it seemed less overbearing than the baptists here. They marry among themselves as there's a lot of pressure to do so (there aren't many of them left sonit makes sense). Very nice people from my experience. They are definitely not westerners but they seem to have similar values to us. I hope they reclaim their country in the future. They do not like the arabs.

It is the liberal home ground isn't it.

yeah, if you look at the columns of prisoners below the feet of the staues at abu simbel (intending to depict the peoples ramesses ii ruled over) you can tell nubians by their huge lips, assyrians by their hair, and can only tell egyptians and libyans apart by their beard style


Yeah I have no idea as to their composition as a whole, but the community I interacted with was not arab looking. They looked unlike any other group of people I've seen before.

>All rival factions blame each other for being zionist
Just blame each other for being a no-good arab. At least then you will have truth to grasp on.

>Fuck reddit, where is the free speech?
free speech is hate speech

I beg to differ. We lost the war with israel, we agreed to a deal where for recognizing israel, US gives our military US aid in the billions each year. The military that controls us, is proped up by US and israel. Over the year they became so bloated the natural course of action for them was to simply take over. This is who US and Israel choose to represent egypt. When morsi happened he lasted 6 months.

so blacks steal even history now?



look how BLACK they are

mate your average IQ is 85 nobody gives a shit about you as long as you don't chimp out too hard and stay in your shithole

I love how my fellow Kikes have the chutzpah to tell countries they had a hand in destructing to deal with it.

Changing the statuesque in the region then keeping it in a state of total war to better their own hypocritical people is just purely Talmudic, and just plain evil.

I'm not a religious person but, if I had guess who the children of Lucifer I wouldn't have to look far.


>if the leader is not primitive islamic idiot he must be jewish puppet.
>if the leader is islamic idiot he must be jewish puppet.
Arab mentality 101, the problem is always external, no introspection and self criticism and then ur suprised why you are backwards

We could use a lot more Egyptian people speaking up against niggers stealing their history, and I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often.

palestinians are descended from arabs (actual arabian peninsular arabs) or at least closely related to them, and bedouins

nice id, makes me want to take a nap


You whine like a middleaged divorced woman.

egypt is the most populous arab country, if we are free, we build pan-arabism, pan islamism, we take over the region in a way saudi arabia only dreams about. But we just want democracy, israel aint stupid, it rather deal with a dictator bought and paid for, reliable weak puppet who is after shiekls, than deal with 100 million muslims.

Dude let me tell you, there was no such thing as sunni and shia before israel was created. No such thing. It was ancient history. But all of a sudden after israel, pandoras box of chaos opened up.

>we can discuss this like rational human beings
>on Rebbit

yes because israel is not a super power in the region, the only nuclear power and one behind every war in the region, no not at all.

who the fuck wants to deal with 100 million muslims?
retarded low iq subhumans who's only bragging rights consists of having a high population

so you agree with me, israel is de facto ruler of egypt. Thank you for your honesty.