Is he trying to turn France into a super power again?

Is he trying to turn France into a super power again?

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It's make sens to see Macron said this.
He know france is run over by islam so he can only act to please them.
France muslims hates assad, most of them are pro isis, thats why he will attack Assad, he need support of france muslims.

>USA can take a breather for once

Thank baguette.

Hm, that makes sense. France is a Muslim nation after all, and will only get more and more Muslim as the Demographics change

It's 13% Muslim now, am I right? Grown a lot in 10 years

How many shitskins are there in France? Percentage-wise

post yfw Macron bombs israel for gassing Palestinians.

If the USA won't fight for Israel in Syria, France will surely step up to the plate.

Sad to see the Jews have such a stranglehold on our nations.

I have a feeling WW3 is on the horizon.

>How many shitskins are there in France? Percentage-wise

they are growing stronger..

Huge debt, massive inlow of illegal migrants. Time to distract the voters!

This is truly depressing , how is the country still functioning?


>One Israeli F16 shot down
>One Israeli F15 hit by AA
>this week alone

Come play with the big boys frenchies

He looks like a supervillain in that poloneck jumper, especially with those eyebrows. It's a good look for him.

It's not the percentage of newborn shitskins but the evolution of that percentage, not the same thing, it's less worse

I'd say 20% of the population is shitskin

These numbers are the percentages of newborns with drepanocitosis. Those aren't the percentages of non whites or muslims in France.

>How many shitskins are there in France? Percentage-wise
They don't keep ethnic population stats, for (((some reason)))

the jew fears the syrian

too late, robespierre properly fucked up france and over 200 years later i see no evidence of things improving

Fucking hell!
That ads upp to 545,56% shitskins!

Friendly reminder that there are more Muslims in France than there are in Albania and Kosovo combined

France isn't going to be a superpower, sorry.

One the Japanese hit the French hard and kicked them out of south east Asia the French empire dwindled, as did the British empire after they were kicked out of Singapore and Hong Kong as well.

If you dream of a time where France will be an empire then I am sorry, you will die waiting. It isn't ever going to happen again.

Egypt also isn't ever going to become a powerful country in the world again either.

Lol. There are 6M shitskins in France. Muslims constitute 9-10% of their population as of 2016. Can't find a census as of 2018, but I bet it's up since then.

Albania has a population of 2M people, kosovo 1,8M. There are more Muslims in France alone than all of the Balkans combined. Now add Germany, Sweden, UK into that. It's probably 15M Muslims all across western Europe. That's a lot of people.


If Macron brought back the Empire I'd move to France

They have a kind of mini-empire in Africa still, Francophone countries are nominally independent but the French still call the economic shots in most of them and send troops in if they step out of line.

Robespierre was a genius and unfortunately most of his ideas were not implemented, there isn't much at all left of him today. You can't blame the state of France on him.

>I'd say 20% of the population is shitskin
That's so depressing

Nope, French speaking past colonies in Africa are sovereign nations.

They even have many people that scam French people, that also get into France easily.

France wastes money sending aid, that isn't an empire. That's called a resource drain.

France doesn't even control them, but just has been indebted with reparation styled treaties.

Not this stupid shit again.

Lol Europe can talk tough neocon lines all they want, but it's silly considering Russian controls your gas.

Keep talking hard faggots.

France ain't gonna do shit we all know what cowards they are, I don't understand the need to play Mr TOUGH guy. Just be like Canada do nothing be nothing be forgotten unless you really want to get involved in this war then have fun

Depressing for a racist. Not depressing for normal people.

All of that is pretty obvious. I am pretty sure the concept of nation state will not survive for much longer.
Honestly i believe making whites fight is bigger issue then dealing with these animals

You're pretty bad at baiting, you know that?

How is disposing of Assad and fighting a war in the Middle East for Israel going to turn France into a superpower anyway?

What a shock, an Australian poster knowing nothing about the subject, and on Sup Forums of all places. The French have intervened militarily in Africa more than thirty times since "independence" in 1960.çafrique

>nation state

I think the nation state will survive for a long time.

For example in China if you want to learn the language you have to remember at least 7000 Chinese symbols.

If you want to be fluent in Japanese you need to know 2000-3000 Kanji and both the Hiragana and Katakana systems.

These places have little immigration because they are fortified with complex cultures and languages which make it hard for foreigners to get ahead there.

Where as the west (especially the English speaking west) are retarded. Not only do they send their people around the world to teach English, but the English language is easier. Also they colonised past undeveloped pieces of land and gave them English, in turn allowing these people to come to the west very easily.

The reason the west gets so much immigration is the west's fault for the seeds it has sown in the past.

It is

Not really, it's our Constitution which blocks it. Every man is seen as equal, so you can't make distinctions between each other, this include ethnic stats.
Truly, they fucked up when they wrote the document, but how could they know that 300 years later shitskins would be flooding the country.


That isn't an empire, if a country is sovereign then having a base there and providing aid doesn't = you are in control and you run the place as if it's your empire.

That isn't an empire, an empire works like the Mongol horde, Roman Empire, British empire etc. It's where you have true rule and power.

These countries fromçafrique

Were once part of the French empire, but they are no longer. They gained independence.

Let me also believe in your head that we Australians are still part of your empire and that you are still an empire?

Keep lowering your definition for empire every decade, eventually just if someone trades with you, you will convince yourself they are part of your empire. lol

The constitution has been written in 1958, you can thank De Gaulle

The issue was not the colonization, but not finishing it.
China is a made up concept, they have been raped so many times there is no "chinase" anymore. Just a made up meme nation state (like most of them).

Fuck treaties, Assad needs to gas the terrorists.

Wow these replies. It’s over. Whites are done

I forgot to add: of course our government can still allow them, but it's pretty rare and it's mostly done by them.
My bad, I always mix the Déclaration des droits de l'Homme et du Citoyen with the constitution.

Actually the Chinese are a very pure people. The only countries that ever invaded them and occupied large amounts of their land were the Mongol Horde and Japan, neither of these countries truly gained control of all of China though (only parts) and both of those people are eastern Asian type people anyway.

China has never once been ruled by a western country, sorry about that.

They also are quite genetically pure, as are Koreans and Japanese (other than the native Jomon in them).

White mixture and black mixture are nearly non existent in eastern Asia.
But in Europe mixture is huge. From the Huns, Khan's, Islamic golden age, and general close vicinity to Africa.
You can literally stand on the shore of Spain and see Africa with your eyes.

Europe is very mixed.

It's called neo-colonialism, nobody has an empire in the traditional sense nowadays (maybe Russia and China exercise traditional imperial control over some territories), control is exercised through financial and commercial means, with the military there as back-up. The prime example is how the Americans run things. Australia has a neo-colonial relationship with PNG, East Timor and those shitty islands you send the refugees to. The classic article on the phenomenon is this, Kwame Nkrumah from 1965:

Sorry white supremacist, there isn't going to be another Dutch empire, French empire, British empire, Spanish empire etc.

Your time is up.

>White Supremacy
Fuck off kike

You are full of shit actually, also the only reason there are any of your "chinase" left is because the USA,the guard dog, took down the japs, they would have exterminated and colonized it whole.

There are still empires, sorry.

The US and China are the two major empires.

China oversees and owns Hong Kong, Tibet and Taiwan and even Singapore which was transformed into a third world country to a first world country in a single generation by Han Chinese ethnic people after the British were kicked out.

The US owns American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico and until recently the US also had reasonably control over south Korea as well. But after the impeachment of park and their new president wanting to rejoin, I think the US may have lost control there.
The US controls some areas in the middle east also, and aids Israel.

Sorry but there is no French empire anymore, keep living in the past. There is no British empire either, it's all gone.

Israel has been using white phosphorous for decades, it's a bit late to start complaining about countries using chemical weapons.

I posted actual scientific data. You posted a snapshot of Sup Forums posts..............retard alert.

Also Japan was not going to kill all of the Chinese people, you are just repeating ignorant propaganda. fail

Are you not aware that China and Korea and Japan have a long history of fighting each other?

Japan had invaded Korea dozens of times in history, yet they are still there.

Taiwan are ethnic Chinese people with a little native in them from the Taiwan natives.

Genetic tests on all of these people show no black admixture and no white admixture. Sorry about that.

Sorry that you are an insecure mixed white guy.

Slovakia is very mixed. Sorry

Kwame Nkrumah was Africa's great hope, but every other faggot leader of the "newly freed" African nations had no balls to pursue financial independence. He died looking over his shoulder and sleeping with one eye open.

>Portugal is 10%
From my experience, Northern Portugal is whiter than the south and even more white than some places in the South of France but alright.
Otherwise it's not an argument to let ourselves being flooded by people from Africa or the Middle-East.

>You posted a snapshot of Sup Forums posts.
Fallacy, attack the content not the character. Jew.

>how is the country still functioning?
it's simple. It doesn't.

>jacobin commie nigger had good ideas
I could only expect such stupidity to come from a stormfag.

Of course the southern parts are more mixed than the northern parts of the country. That's how mixing works, the closer geographically you are to another people, the more mixed you will be.

Southern Italians (especially Sicilians) have a lot of mixture.

Northern Italians and Northern Portuguese people can appear like regular Swedes etc.

While there is a lot of mixing, it's still far purer than the USA. The USA is the true mixing pot, many white people in the USA believe they are white and if you put them in many European countries they wouldn't even be seen as white.

A white racist in the US found out he was 14% Sub Saharan African. lol

>America owns all these small islands

What are overseas territories you retard? France and Britain have those in abundance. Hell, even Australia and New Zealand have empires if we're looking at small islands being administered by a foreign nation.

Also, America has influence in South Korea, but as we've see with the whole Moon-Kim thing going on, they down't control South Korea.

>Aids Israel
Yeah, because the yanks are the jews' bitch.

Not a fallacy, you cannot argue against actual scientific studies by snapshotting the rants of Sup Forums or stormfront people and think that's valid.


>ad hominem-> the kike is growing insecure

You realize "black admixture" and "white admixture" are nonsense term?
Thats not now it works pal.There are specific haplogroups which determine the admixtures etc.
Slovakia is cleaner then you will ever dream to be pal.

Checked for the Fuhrer, I agree about China's imperial control over Tibet and Xinjiang but to stretch that to cover Taiwan, which doesn't even have diplomatic relations with China, and Singapore is ridiculous. The US overseas territories are tiny, citing them as examples of empire is like saying Britain still has an empire because of the Falklands and Ascension Island, the American imperial project works through neo-colonialism. If you think the only way to run an empire is by exerting direct central control over everything, it's you who is living in the past. Australia, for example, remained within the Empire even after federation in 1901. It hasn't had a neo-colonial relationship with Britain for a long time though, maybe not since the war, certainly not since the early 1970s.

>neither of these countries gained control of all of China
The Mongols did multiple times.

If you cant attack the content of his posts you lose, making attacks about ones character does not mean you win.

The countries in the middle east are not small Islands. SK isn't a small Island.

Tibet isn't a small Island, Taiwan isn't a small Island, Hong Kong is geographically small but contains 7.5 million people and is economically powerful.

Keep trying to tell yourself these are tiny Islands with no substance. Fail

You're not taking into account the history of the place, Northern Portugal defended itself far longer, enough for the south to have it's population change.
I don't see your point about the US, I never brought it up.

China is less homogeneous than eastern European countries.

Debt and media illusion.

Everything is crumbling and falling apart.

Yes, go and tell the scientists how to do their work. Sup Forums expert.

BTW specific gene mutations are a result of mixture and exist in different population.
A haplotype is a set of different mutations and a haplogroup is a group of haplotypes that share a common ancestor.

This is used to determine genetic mixture, sorry if you are incapable of accepting this and accepting the data.

Keep crying and calling yourself pure, all of the data shows otherwise. Poor little crybaby.

J u p i t e r A s c e n d i n g

The Americans don't own shit in the middle east. The Saudis and their allies are Anglo-American allies, sure, but we don't own them.

Plus, Iraq and Syria have gone against the yanks since they've been invaded. The yanks have no influence there, except with their Saudi allies.

Never said China wasn't an empire too.

He is correct there is no such thing as white and black race. There is a Caucasian race and they have Haplogroups and the Haplogroups can be broken down into Ethnicity.

You know the flaw in your logic here?

It's the geographical size of China. Have you ever seen the people in Xinjiang (far western China). They don't look very oriental, and are mixed with central Asian and Arabic type people.
This is proving my point once again, that the closer you get geographically to another group, generally the more mixture you will notice.

But you mention 91.6% Han, Zhuang 1.3% and the other groups making 7.1%. Are you not aware that these groups are all native to China? They are not black people or white people.

The only Chinese mixture in China is far western China like in Xinjiang which has some mixture with central Asian/Arabic type people. And far southern Chinese who look faintly darker and have slight mixture with Indo Chinese people which have in turn some Negrito (the most Negrito is in the Philippines and Indonesian).

Why do you underline religion?
Religion isn't a race, WTF.

I'm a bit confused as to why you include Singapore and Taiwan in your posited Chinese Empire. Is it because the ruling classes there are ethnically Chinese, and speak Chinese?

Why are you in denial honey? You hate the data and desperately don't want to accept it?

You can't accept that Sicilians and many southern Europeans have mixed with African people who are so geographically close?

You poor mental midget.

If you have these haplogroups in your population, you are mixed. Sorry about that, it also correlates with history. The invasion of the Mongol horde correlates with the east Asian admixture.

The direction of mixture also correlations with the geography of where these groups are.

You just desperately cannot accept that you have mixture. It's very hilarious and sad. You were even invaded by middle eastern people during the Islamic golden age. Sorry if you can't accept history.

You are mixed mitts.

The most pure European people are in north western Europe, also the most far away geographically from other groups in the world.

yes goy, attack our enemies

Singapore isn't a good example, since there is no dispute over it. But they do side with China first as they are a majority Han Chinese ethnic country.

Taiwan though is still land that China insist that is part of China. No treaty for it's recognition of independence has ever been signed by China.

Japan was the main country that helped Taiwan gain pseudo independence from China. Japan invaded Taiwan and stopped the foot binding there that the Chinese were trying to spread. lol

Looks like you are getting triggered.

>You know the flaw in your logic here?
No, i knew you reply this way and now i can point out the flaw in yours when you say there aren't 99% European countries.
Religion also shows that there has been western infiltration into your culture.
Here in this post you posted the following >These places have little immigration because they are fortified with complex cultures and languages which make it hard for foreigners to get ahead there.
Clearly you are wrong as shown by the penetration of Chinese culture by foreign religions. This is only going to get worse as more Chinese return to China carrying western ideas with them. If this is making you mad maybe you should go browse reddit instead.

Around 15% if by shitskins you include blacks and arabs together.

Far too many.

It never left this status. He's making it bigger.


Are you not aware that Islam comes from the middle east? This is how it got into western China. It was not from European people, sorry that you are ignorant of history.

Also Christianity didn't just spread from the middle east to China, it did try to spread into the east and Africa as well.

Christianity is middle eastern in origin, you do know this right?
Also China is ethnically pure, with nearly all people coming from native people of the land (even if some are of slightly different native groups).
Where as in Europe you literally have a lot of African and east Asian and red sea mixture.
Sorry about this.

Southern Europeans and eastern Europeans are all quite mixed.

Are you aware that even most Russians are up to 15% east Asian? This is what happens when you are right next to China and Mongolia. Russia mainly gained mixture also from mixing in with the Siberian natives when taking over the land.

Even though the Siberian natives were more primitive, they share the vast majority of their DNA with east Asian people, they are just like a less successful variant basically.

Australia's ruling class are mainly of British descent and speak English. They also usually side with Britain and the US in disputes (it's the same thing 99% of the time). None of this makes Australia part of anybody's empire.

China do insist that Taiwan is their clay, but ROC also maintain that mainland China is theirs. I think part of the reason HK has been allowed to keep the British system (apart from as a cash cow) is to show Taiwan that it would be safe to reunify on terms. There are already substantial commercial relations.

Assad will be dead soon and Greater Israel will be formed

Eretz Israel!

Who told you it does?

Triggered Sup Forums kids can't accept mixtures in Europe. Instead cry and try to convince each other they are pure, hilarious.

this is just a meme-map

>Are you not aware that Islam comes from the middle east? This is how it got into western China. It was not from European people, sorry that you are ignorant of history.
I never said Islam was Western you did so you just btfo yourself.
>Also Christianity didn't just spread from the middle east to China, it did try to spread into the east and Africa as well.
I don't care about the spread of Christianity to Africa it is irrelevant unless you are going to tell me Africans spread it to China.
>Christianity is middle eastern in origin, you do know this right?
What does this have to do with the spread of Christianity to China
>Southern Europeans and eastern Europeans are all quite mixed.
Mixed with what? Other Caucasians?
>Are you aware that even most Russians are up to 15% east Asian?
I am aware Russia conquered large swaths of Asia and fucked their women.

china=pure ubermensch
europe=mixed monkeys

Australia isn't loyal to England. Sorry

Also we have a lot of immigration from Europe, not everyone from here is from some British convict. You are as ignorant of Australian history as are the yanks.

Have you ever heard of the white Australia policy?

36% of Australians identify some British ancestry. The rest are from other parts of Europe.

My ancestors for example are from Belgium, my friend's are from Germany.

Sorry about that.

>France will strike

no shit

Find me an Australian PM who hasn't had British ancestry, TinTin

>France muslims hates assad

wrong, they support him, they're too dumb to understand it all, they only see an arab country getting attacked by imperialistic whites

>Religion also shows that there has been western infiltration into your culture.

Maybe you should learn to read you own posts you silly fool.

You literally did claim that. You claimed that Islam and Christianity in China prove western infiltration.

Totally ignorant of Chinese history and the fact that these religions both originate in the middle east and have been in China for a very long time and came from the middle east to China.
Just stop trying, you are just digging yourself deeper and deeper into your autistic hole. Another low IQ Sup Forums loser with no historical education in regards to the countries he tries to talk shit about.

No wonder you are a low IQ white supremacist.

just like Libya and Qaddafi right?

no white kids have this shit.
it clearly shows what it shows, the percentage of new born who have non white blood

>Maybe you should learn to read you own posts you silly fool.
Which posts provide example or you just btfo yourself again.

please numbers, let it be so.

You doesn't speak french, do you ?