How can White People even compete?

No Cars inBlack Panther's Fictional African City

>But the most revolutionary thing aboutBlack Pantheris its city. The capital of Wakanda has skyscrapers, a monorail, sidewalks of grass, green buildings, farmers markets, and no cars. The whole idea of private transportation is foreign to this fictional society. And this is what makes the city so unfamiliar. It's big but has no suburbs. There is only the city and the country. If you are not downtown, you are in the rural area. If you are not living in a hut, you are living in a downtown apartment. It's one or the other, and either is fine. This is a radical urbanism concept indeed. If this black African capital has anything to share with the world, it's its city planning.

Nice link poo.
But this shit is really fucking pathetic desu.

Oh gee, how did we never think of this before! These people are geniuses, quick call your congressman and let them know of this discovery,


>no cars
>tfw haven't invented the wheel

No its a reference to DTLA. People in million $ homes live on the same block with niggers sleeping and smoking crack in tents.

whatever kind of lifestyle the jews are trying to condition people towards, i don't want it

>no cars
>so you are 100% dependent on state for transportation, your most basic freedom to go wherever and whenever you like removed
>leftists are fawning over it

gee how unexpected

Black people are too stupid to understand this movie is insulting to them.

The whole premise is that black people can only get ahead in life if they have a magic space rock.

I guess you can compare it to real life with them selling rocks, but they aren’t from space, and they aren’t magic.

>we waz kangs

probably seeing the numbers of bikes stolen in their history, they thought that cars around aren't a good idea

No farms? So typical of Africa.

What now, anti-socialists/anti-commies? It worked in a movie!

Capitalism BTFO

What do you expect from a city imagined by a liberal white guy

>the fictional movie has no cars that reminds me of the people trying to reduce CO2 output because of the climate jew

Don't let your dreams be dreams. Make Wakanda a reality. #blaxit #backtoafrica #comehomeblackman

>no cars because they were all stolen


the stupidity it hurts. it's a fictional place you could make it run on farts and liberal smugness doesn't mean it can translate in to reality. do they even realise what theyre saying, that a fiction is the only place their ideas work

The left really do treat them like pets, entertaining this delusion. If they had any self awareness or dignity they'd resent being treated like children to this degree

Probably banned cars after too many carjacking/murders.

>This is a radical urbanism concept indeed. If this black African capital has anything to share with the world, it's its city planning.
Has this person been somewhere outside of America?

Hey fellow kids, boomer here.

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What is the reason that people post pics of an article headline with no source? This part of pol confuses me.

This is so stupid, wakanda is fiction made by whites/Jews any seemingly good fictional idea cannot be attributed to black people wtf.

>no cars, just rims

Where I live, we have excessive city planning. It takes years to get a permit to build anything. Only the bureaucrats are happy with such system, because they have the power and bribes associated with it.

Fuck city planning.

because its easy to find if you want to - no one cares about dinduland

I don't remember not being cars in the comics, it could be a movie idea and the movie was full of blacks.


Yeah, that was the first thing I thought when I saw it. The only reason they're so technologically advanced is because they were lucky enough to live where a massive chunk of the most deus-ex machina material I've ever seen. And even then, if their first KANG hadn't gotten lucky and found a magic fucking flower, then they'd either still be fighting a massive war amongst themselves, or they'd have already killed themselves off. They got where they are solely because of luck. And then kept it all to themselves like the greedy niggers they are.

Literally mexico or and 3rd world

>muh fictional movie
How pathetic

I'm really getting tired of seeing people online basically saying "These movie characters were pretty cool so ergo fuck whitey"

This isn’t politics

>The whole idea of private transportation is foreign to this fictional society.
Because bikes get stolen the moment they leave the factory.

Hey mods, if you want to ban people, start banning these faggot OP's, send this shit back to the board it belongs

Maybe we should do a campaign to convince stupid blacks to move back to Africa you know move to the city in the movie it needs you black kings and queens

couldn't keep wheels on them long enough

>no cars
how can they live out in the suburbs away from all the niggers?

one power cut and the city doesn't have to even grind to halt.

Are there any other superheroes who's name is based on their ethnicity?

Like imagine if they made a character named "White Tiger" who was a white guy in a tiger costume?
Or what if they just repurposed existing superheroes to be black and called them "Black Superman", etc.

didnt you read? there are no suburbs even though you can clearly see them in the picture

They should make a hero called Black Thunder and be a white guy.

They don't need cars. The swing using vines in the jungle

How do they transport shit to stores? And how do they transport shit out of stores? Say you go to Costco and get a months worth of food, do they carry that shit to their monorails or is everything built around the monorail?


Furthermore how the fuck do farmers get their produce in the city in a timely fashion? This is Africa after all, I'm guessing it's 90 degrees year round, shit's probably going to spoil pretty fast if you can't drive it around in a refrigerated truck. Do nogs even into consumer logistics?

What kinda name is "Kuuuuuumar"?


>What is the reason that people post pics of an article headline with no source?

Why don't they add a third wheel so it doesn't fall over?

because that would require actual engineering or at least a special shaped piece of driftwood

No wypipo, no farms.

White people even have better fictional Marvel cities than black people. Niggers BTFO.

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Niggers need to stop cultural appropriation. Afrishits can't even manufacture simple electronics, let alone micro technology.

All using stolen bikes obviously!

Stopped reading

Absolute drivel.

>If you are not living in a hut, you are living in a downtown apartment.

Apartment living is the most depressing way to live your life.

>tiny rooms
>limited space overall
>noise from all neighbors
>wait forever for elevators if you even have them
>rarely has parking for own vehicle or friend's who visit
>no backyard for kids or dog to play
>can't sit on your lawn to watch the sunset next to your firepit

I get it if you're poor but that shit is unnecessary if you have the means to live in a house.

>The whole premise is that black people can only get ahead in life if they have a magic space rock.

like feminism movies, how strong female characters only exist in sci fi like star wars and fantasy like game of thrones. lol this is insulting i dont mind, yes women and blacks are only strong with magic and technology

>No Cars
What did they mean by this?


>not magical

A third wheel would require more material and knowledge it would also need more power to push and niggers would add more weight turning it too heavy to haul.

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No cars means no streets.. where are you going to shit pajeet?

>Everyone lives in a single city
>No need for long range transport

Yeah, no shit.

I only drive African made cars.
I only fly in African made airplanes.
I only travel by African made spaceships to the moon.
I only buy stuff at walmart made in africa.
I only eat at African fast food restaurants.

ahhh culture.......
I'll be back, my body to twerk with is up. ......

Remember kids..... Black owned business isn't black if white people work there.

At least they don't tossed the half charred carcass in to their sacred river.

Anyone got the poster where he's eating a watermelon?

Are you telling me

they ain't got no

RIMS in Wakanda? Fuck outta here, baka

Wakanda is real. Blacks belong to Wakanda

"You must hire brown people because they are brown" -Schlomo Shekelburg

>sidewalks of grass

>If this black African capital has anything to share with the world, it's its city planning.
Gee. Lets just base our entire infrastructure off a mythical city with no actual foundation in civil engineering.

someone post the statue of this they built

i found it. it's called a chukudu

>all the cars have been stolen

There’s always Klan Man

Nick Mullen as African Guy should be the leader of Wakanda

Post your best African-made cars

/n/ here. This is my wet dream. Still not watching it though.

>100% dependent on state for transportation
Wrong on multiple levels. Cars are regulated and taxed by the state, tracked by the state (plates, light cameras, possibly more), policed by the state, and allowed at the state's will (driver's license.)

Public transit is anonymous, so even if it is state controlled, it's still superior to a private vehicle. Know what is 100% not controlled by the state, not taxed, not subject to laws, not subject to licenses at their will? BIKING AND WALKING. Both of which are only possible in a dense-constructed community like wakanda, manhattan, or old english towns/cities. You can purchase a bike in cash, there is no registration or insurance or licenses, and you can go wherever the fuck you want any time day or night. Cycling and walking are the only uncucked methods of transport.

Fucking cager brainlets. "muh freedumb" as they roll around in a tagged, regulated hunk of moneysink, watched by the police state every moment of it. Retards.

Would you like to live in the traffic nightmare of ugliness and sprawl that is houston? because that's what you get without city planning.

>public transit is anonymous

wow almost as if the entire thing was a computer set made for a movie and that someone didnt put a lot if thought into filling plotholes because they know nothing about infrastructure or what happens when people walk on grass

/o/ here, no thanks

>Cycling and walking are the only uncucked methods of transport.
>t. No license

Honestly banning cars makes sense for massive cities. It gets to a point where cars aren't even useful anymore.

Getting a license isn't even hard

i think marxists have stolen any chance blacks ever had at a history or identity, and have completely killed them as a people at this point, they just wont stop

>or what happens when people walk on grass
I didn't catch the sidewalks made of grass until I read this post. Maybe they use their melanin magic to float above the sidewalks?

>/n/ here

I see, a nignog carrying the weight of the world on his marvelous invention.

>It takes years to get a permit to build anything.
Better to have a system like Brazil where the apes can throw together a shelter in their favelas using particle board and scrap metal.

>blacks only use public transport
sounds about right

No one said it is. I only implied that anyone with the opinion that
>Cycling and walking are the only uncucked methods of transport.
Most likely does not have their own car and license, nor live in a moderately sized city where the entire infrastructure is planned around you driving a car from place to place.

>Say you go to Costco and get a months worth of food
One, you don't need to. Because there's a grocery store a 10 minute walk away. Stop eating pantry food you fatass, nothing but preservatives and calories, no nutrition. "Food" is fruits, vegetables, and fresh meat. Degenerate.
>how to transport
Various types of moped-carts would be possible and /comfy/. You don't need a fleet of 500 semi trailers to bring in some vegetables every morning if the fields are only 50 miles away instead of 500. MSP related would be an ideal transit mode for inner city transit or for individually owned farms. You only need semis when the only farm around in a megafarm from monsanto delivering sterility-inducing obesity corn.

Also aethetic. Notice the lack of sprawl.

Apartments are /comfy/. Cozy, safe, easy to maintain. If you've ever lived in a house, they're creepy as fuck at night, all sorts of weird noises. Cleaning it takes forever and needs to be done weekly because it's so gigantic.
No individual cars, brainlet. If you live in a city there's no need for cars. Bike and rail are superior.
>sit on lawn to watch sunset
Your "lawn" probably has a rotten couch and three broken down vehicles on it. I'd rather use a well maintained public park, with a beautiful skyline of skyscrapers at its edge.

>Implying Negroids left to their own devices for even 100,000 years could come anywhere close to developing a civilization as advanced as this
Sweet Jesus, nice LARP nigs.

I take it you enjoy sitting next to niggers on the bus?

>how can white people even compete.

Well we made actual cities and all the other technology.
It isnt like a movie, that is how we compete I guess?