Would Sup Forums accept g-rated, family friendly, gay pride parades?

If most gays were part of same-sex families, would that even change your opinion of gay people?


Organizers with the progressive group Indivisible Aurora said the parade will be "G-rated" and "family-friendly" as it affirms the identity of those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning.

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No. It's a mental disorder and should not be celebrated. Accept that there are those who have it, can't be helped otherwise and move on.


[citation needed]

depends, would the pride parades accept pressure cookers

No, why are you even asking such a stupid question.

if pride parades were gay people not being degenerates then it wouldnt be a problem

>gay pride
>family friendly

No parades celebrating something as base as your sexuality. Keep it to yourself. Your sexuality is not worthy of attention.

homosexuality is a mental illness or the results of such fucked up genes that it chose to fucking end its own bloodline


Wonder how hemsworth feels knowing theres 13yo boys jerking off over him.

only fags and weak minded leftist perverts would celebrate aberration and genetic inferiority


Christian America will shove your ass back into the closet where it belongs

And I'm going to help

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Not possible.

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Entirely possible.



The lgbt hates mentally ill people and exploits people with mental illness for their own narrative. It adds to stigma in the mental health community and the people they've pulled from the mental health community are not received well because they are forced into society to be accepted as "normal". It's okay not to be normal, and it's okay to be mentally ill.
It's not okay to convince people who are vulnerable that they are normal when they have a 40% suicide attempt rate higher than some other mental illness. Suicide is not caused by bullying, suicide is caused by mental illness.

>Suicide is not caused by bullying, suicide is caused by mental illness

[citation needed]


>Would Sup Forums accept g-rated, family friendly, gay pride parades
They can be as degenerate as they want at their own risk, the only problem is that they're being protected by the state when they do it.

What's acceptable to a community is something people have to negotiate with the community itself. The government should only be there to keep the peace not to mandate social norms.

Put it this way, kid in public school will typically learn not to be a complete asshole and bother everyone else because people will push back if they think he or she has crossed a line. But if the school board protects that kid for every dump he takes on the teacher's desk, that's tyranny.

To put it another way, take some hell's angel biker guy and some leather daddy faggot, both of them exposing themselves in public. The biker might get arrested, people might even fight him. He knows he's being a dick and he's prepared to fight back. The police might even arrest him. That's why based biker dudes are rare in modern society, society pushes back. They say "no mister biker, you may not wave your pee pee in public, that is too damn far"

The leather daddy does the same thing but he's protected by hate crime legislation. If people fight him, THEY might go to jail. Society tries to push back, and the government prevents it. This is the problem with special protections.

If you are a man or women who is proud to be gay, your worldview is even more degenerate than your lifestyle.

Gay people are the real reason to keep your sexuality to yourself, because it shows how degenerate demonstration of sexuality is.

Better but still no