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i hope it's an old video from the late 80's when she was still fucculent, not some modern granny lesbo shit.

Show me.

What is in the video

Whats her burger look like we talking full arbys or krystal pup?

talking dust and maybe even bats

russia knows about krystal?


Hey faggot would you like to produce something more than "it's happening!" And no source material for whatever the fuck it is your talking about

It's a fucking joke you faggot

It's one of those clickbait ads boomers click on


Fake and gay


Okay.. so she way pissing on Donald?..that was my guess.

>hillary clinton sex tape

looks like cancer

I remember during the elections I had a dream about her. It lead me to believe my mind is beyond salvation. tl;dr version of is that I was trying to have sex with current Hilldawg before police broke in to arrest her and I had to tag along her escape cause I wanted to keep fucking.

I wondered how long before people were making deep fakes with politicians. CNN would believe any trump video, regardless of quality

Anyone know if you can block an IP address on a specific cell tower? I can view but not post to pol within range of a specific cell tower... move away from the zone and I can post here. It gives me a ban message, but only in that zone. I do know a some cia people living within this zone... my dad knows the people.

>muh deep fake

I've had similar issues. Not sure what the deal is.

He probably posted it. Lol

For me it’s the downtown cell zone, the local cable company set up a WiFi network down the for free... everyone complains about it. I wonder if it’s throttled also. The cable company says it’s wide open (I know someone there) but on the ground, it’s not. Maybe it goes through a filter..

yeah. She looked good.

You must wait for super secret dossier, friend. They say it's pretty bad.

Will the AI like Hillary's wrinkled clit??

sweet, delicious cancer

I hope it's an old video from the 50s when she was a loli

not this horseshit again

I’ve had that happen too. It’s weird

I want to see huma pissing into hillary's mouth

oh that's why these deepfake porn stuff suddenly exploded.