Mike Enoch just said on the newest Strike and Mike that he's representing himself in court because he's "a smart guy."

Mike Enoch just said on the newest Strike and Mike that he's representing himself in court because he's "a smart guy."

The Jews are going to absolutely butt rape him.

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What's he going to court for ?

nobody gives a fuck

Dear Lord

Whoever that guy is I hope he has enough money left afterward for the funeral

He is smart enough to be his own lawyer

If we're talking about the Virginia case, then Richard Spencer is representing himself as well (nobody wanted to represent them).

From what I've read it seems like they're up against a pretty weak conspiracy charge. I'm not really worried.

My condolences.

He's a Jew and his Jewess wife is about to shake him down

But he isn't though. He has zero experience as one. He's probably seen more lawyers on tv than he's seen in real life

He'll be fine he knows about admiralty law.

For Charlottesville violence thing ?

yeah, i heard that. sounds like a stupid idea.

Probably because, like Christopher Cantwell, he can't get a lawyer to represent him.

Why are they getting sued to begin with? They were stalked and beaten.

Yeah, all the leaders involved are being charged with conspiracy charges. The lawyer (who is in New York) pushing it said she got the idea from the Nuremberg trials.

That's not what he said

Some Jews are trying to sue TRS by claiming they're responsible for Jabba the Slut dying in CVille.
They tried to subpoena every digital communication, a list of names of every single person on the TRS server, all kinds of insane shit they had no right to claim.
The case will likely get dismissed during first hearing. Its just a harassment attempt.

>(nobody wanted to represent them)
Spencer actually has a team of lawyers on retainer.
The notion that they're actually representing themselves completely is a bit misleading. So far they've written legal briefs because they're dealing with a fluff case.

That's not what he said at all.
He said he wrote his own the proposal document for why the case should be thrown out.


Is it possible they end up with a corrupt judge who wants to see the case go through?

Any lawyer who doesn't take the case is losing their chance for easy money. Apparently, the lawsuits are conducted so Jews can determine the source of money. They want to make right wingers poor.

I was just going off a few articles written about it, but I also thought he didn't have any VA lawyers yet.

I can't wait for bitcoin to make racists rich

>Nuremberg trials
My sides.
I bet (((she))) did I also bet she isnt charging Antifa leaders with the same "crime".

Read up on your Gordon Hall bucko

>they're trying to get the list of names of people who are behind the paywall

are we fugged?

This is a trumped up civil court case. Just the kind of low stakes thing some of these people need to practice some of this legal stuff.

It'd turn into a landmark supreme court case if this proceeded. The TRS guys explicitly advocated nonviolence, and all they did was get people in touch with event organizers. Given that we had a permit to protest, it was a legal gathering, they can't infer any criminal intent in telling people who to participate in a legal protest.
This is a group of Jews trying to violate the law to dox white people. They were probably expecting everyone to fold in the face of legal opposition. This is just some low level smug kike who bit off more than they could chew.

It isn't even about the money trail. These Jews want to make people's info matter of a public court record so it could go right into the hands of the media and Antifa. They're just trying to intimidate and harass.

Spencer's WASP money affords him the ability to get more representation than your typical gentile.
There was a bit about him finding representation intimately familiar with VA state law specifically, not that no one would represent him.

No, everyone is covered. Weev is an over seas dissident thats covering our asses and he has absolutely no problem doing whatever is necessary to slight the kikes.

>Subpoena the lit
>Fuck it hand it over
>It's a list of 25,000 Jewish meme names

This is honestly a good opportunity

Nobody is touching the counter protest leaders as far as I know. Pic related she's a confirmed jew (not that it wasn't obvious).

When it comes to Mike v.s. Jews, I put my money on Mike every fucking time faggots.

Another thing he said in Strike and Mike, is that the kikes try to sew discord by getting white nationalists to attack eachother. They create circumstances where Spencer might look silly, or where Enoch might say something arrogant, and they'll post them all over the place encouraging our more cynical types to join in on the bashing.

If you're wasting time attacking the people who've put their lives on the line for your sake, and ignoring the jew, then you're a golem, plain and simple.

That should go without saying that only kikes and shills attack white people actually trying to accomplish something.

Every fucking time.
If anyone on /ourside/ try to pull off the same shit and there would be smear campaign in media calling us SJW level retarded.
I dont think they have any chance of pinning it to them. They can probably pin something to Vandals tho.

Tonight we will see mike vs a knowledgeable jew. We will see how good mike is.

Under Marxist and kikes, there are no human rights.

I knew that TRS would either get (((hacked))) or (((subpoenaed))) to reveal the names of donors.


Mike "Sovereign Citizen" Enoch

Spencer doesn't have a lawyer. Go luck at Evan's tweets