> Netflix "dude WEED" sitcom
> Main character (pic related) is a left-wing hippy progressive pot deregulation activist
> Is also Jewish, which is referenced incessantly
> Has son who is black and has an MBA
> No father present (surprise surprise)
> Other cast of characters include a black veteran, white male hippy whos the dumb character, generic white woman, stoner asian woman, and then an interracial black male white female stoner couple as secondary characters
> In total there are three interracial couplings, all three include the black males
> First episode the Jew mom is bizarrely involved with trying to get her black son and the generic white woman to have sex
> The white male hippy talks to plants

Check it out for yourself, they're not even trying to hide it anymore


I've seen it, it sucked just as bad as every other laugh track sitcom they're still making. That stuff was out of style in the 90s.

The netflix open relationship commercial was as blatant as you could get.

What am I supposed to do with this

no need to. wont give these faggots my view. wouldnt have watched it no matyter what. weed sitcoms are fucking GAY AS FUCK

And another advertisement for nextlix on Sup Forums
Fuck of shill cunt

why would you watch this at all though

I hate dude weed flicks and that degeneracy, but this was somehow worse than the Seth Rogen James Franco shit. I thought it was impossible

Then don't watch it and take my word for it. It's a blatant interracial advertisement

Can we make an alternate marijuana culture please?

Jews can't get enough black dick in their entertainment.

Can it be as bad as Grace and Frankie? Literally had a dildo for its advertising image for a while. Six year old son kept asking “what is that, Daddy?” Now it has the more subtle gay husbands holding hands. Fuck this gay Earth. We need a fucking war desperately.

Love it

Netflix can hit every demographic except the Trump voter. 200 original shows and can't make shit I'm interested in. "Bright" was supposedly good but I couldn't make it past Will Smiff's white wife in the first minute.

>don’t watch it
>but lemmee tell everyone where they can see it otherwise they may miss it
>but don’t watch it
(You) + shit thread = Free advertising

You’re such a kike I can smell your knish breath from here kippa bitch

What's an alternative marijuana culture? Hedonism without black cocks?

Idk what to say man, I'm just pointing out something I saw.

Weed cures cancer
Weed cures Hub
Weed cures Depression
Weed cures arthritis
Weed cures Ptsd
Weed cures Hodgkins lymphoma
Weed transmutes lead into gold
Weed cures death
Consciousness is weed
The multiverse is weed
The Absolute is weed

l m a o

Watch the movie Alien Nation instead

Bright was supposedly good? I've heard the exact opposite, I heard it flopped hard

I smoke weed yet I agree weed sitcoms suck ass.

Shows like this would be great if they culminated in all the characters joining a cult and committing ritual suicide in the end.

The Punisher was actually not too bad.


Hes not wrong

We here in Illinois are constantly bombarded with (((JB Pritzker))) ads to legalize weed. Of course he is a billionaire Jew, so jews will get a monopoly on weed.

I'm pretty sure only like 6 people total have watched this, it looks especially bad, even for netflix

slowpoke is an old meme. it means your talking about old news.

what a fucking terrible show
t. pothead

>from the creators of two and a half men and the big bang theory

>discussing (((chickflix)))

fuck off right back to red dit pablo

Don't worry. The wife doesn't appear in the rest of the film at all.