The Koreans are bullying the fuck out of this poor girl...

The Koreans are bullying the fuck out of this poor girl. Their skater ended up getting disqualified for interference so this girl got bumped up to a bronze medal. The chons took out their anger on her sending death threats to her on social media.

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"Aren't you ashamed to have cheated in the last Olympic Games?"
"You're not a real athlete!"
"You know what? You should be disqualified. Shame on you!"
"If I find you, you will die."
"Retire and I hope you have a hard life."

how adaptable asian features are they can play as neanderthal as good as high class violinist

she should reply with "ching chong" and "five dollah me suckee suckee".
gooks love that shit.

Whites should not concern themselves with the bleating of Yellows , Browns, and Blacks.

Exactly, Whites should regard all inferior races with aloof indifference.





wtf is cyberbullying.jpg

Those are translations from hangul

pls stop with the s-calab bullshit, it has nothing to do with politics

The olympics are so fucking stupid and are obviously rigged from top to bottom. Why does anyone give a shit about this leftist, globalist bullshit?

Koreans being scumbags is politics.

What a bitch. Women should not be allowed to compete in sports.

it's literally probably all propagated from one source. Do you know how easy it is to make a twitter army?

thats south korea for ya. they are patriotic to the point of doing evil shit like this. remember when that amerimutt speed skater bitch fell and took out the south korean girl with her? she got even more shit for it.

this shit happens literally all the time in sports everywhere though, footballers are called monkeys and get thrown bananas on the pitch and they don't do shit. some even eat the bananas. fucking deal with it.

Why care what yellow gooks have to say?

At the end of the day, she has a medal and they have inferiority complex.

what happened to the gook skater?

Yeah, I just can't take coloreds seriously when they speak in broken nigger english.

>some even eat the bananas

>sending death threats to her
It's all in moonrunes though. Nobody can read that shit

They used the knife emoji. Why do they even have a knife emoji.

lel yet again
whites are the only naturally non-violent race
east asians are nigger tier IQ
no contributions to science
gook lovers and yellow fever fags btfo
and you get the rope too

She should just sent them back some porn so they get arrested.

LMAO, you can't bully Canadians; they get what they deserve. BAKA

>Women should not be allowed to compete in sports


Just turn off twitter.


Gook fuckers BTFO
Yellow fever BTFO

>Jews trying to play divide and conquer by making chinese bots (ain't tommorow the day a chink will insult a Canadian in Japanase, I mean that is downright silly, that would be like a nigger calling you a cotton-picking slave.)

>Korean death threats
lol koreans are no-guns, just ignore them

You drunk already Steve?

That's it, they bullied a girl on the internet, nuke em

never forget world cup 2002 and how they were cheating, fucking chinks

nice sentence

lel, get fucked gooks


I’m going to boil you alive gook

How you gonna do that after refugees fuck your ass so badly you can't walk

Wow I had no idea about this.

>chinks hurt a leaf girl's feefees

Oh they're gonna pay for it these fucking gooks, mark my words. We're gonna side with North Korea in the coming war and wipe their soulless dog-eating slope country off the map.

Lil Kim, why you people bully her?

>Those blatant kicks, grabs, and shoulder bashes
lmao, how'd they not get disqualified?

He's used to it already. Its been quite a few years....

>a Jap defending subhuman kooks
Yeah, no.

judges were paid so the chinks can qualify for nest level, you know, world cup 2002 was in korea and japan, how they can even loose on "their" world cup huh

The referees later went down for corruption and drug trafficking. They were bought and paid for.

or "ah me so horny" from 2 Live Crew. Wait that was 25 years ago before half of them were born.

Oh get over it. I checked the post and there are currently about 45 comments on there and less than 10 are koreans saying something negative. A few are even cut and pasted repeat comments of the same author. You make it seem lile the whole country bullied her...way to play victim here when not many people actually EVEN care.

Like you say about blacks, get over it and stop being sensitive when people call you names

Can you imagine if she was Japanese?


honestly I didn't even see any interference on the SK girl's part. If anything this leaf girl reached forward and started touching the SK girl so the SK girl batted her away

People on the internet are assholes oh noooo

She didn't do anything wrong, the SK skater was disqualified for interfering with another skater entirely. If anyone's giving her shit for the outcome they're morons or trolls and in either case not worth paying attention to.

PS: She's crying because she's happy, not because of trolls. Goddamn fake news. This country is absolutely horrible for spin.

If you mess with a leaf then you mess with a burger.

Gooks in charge of not acting like subhuman scum.

>never forget world cup 2002

soccer lmao

The Koreans ran the most corrupt and lawless Olympics ever.

their insults are so weird & not something you expect from humans
its adorable to be honest
whos going to get upset over these

Then it wouldn't matter.

canadians are your people as they are sensitive asians as well.

kek even that newborn hapa look like Elliot Rodger

oh boy

2002 was absolutely pathetic, South Koreans have no fucking shame apparently, and there's so much fucking corruption in international sports that it is just mind boggling, imagine 2022 in a country like Qatar. Luckily I lost interest in watching most sports long ago, what a fucking waste of time.

How can you be so fragile that some anonymous faggot talking shit on the internet causes you to break down crying.

I'll never understand how people are this thin skinned. But then again, I'll never understand why people would have a Twitter or jewbook account at all.

Japanese =/= gook korean

>literal non-existent hips

cuck they're all slant-eyed chinks

I personally don't care either, but it sounded like all of Korea was going to start raking leaves because of it

The cries of the bug people.


I'd bet money that they are paid to shill agitators. Allow me to point something out to you. Democratic National Convention. DNC. Divide & Conquer. DNC. Hiding in plain sight.

They did the same thing at the last Winter Olympics when Yuna Kim got silver instead of Gold in the skating program, she lost out to a Russian skater.

They sent a bunch of abuse to that Russian girl(Adelina Sotnikova), calling her ugly and making photoshopped images of her et cetera.

From the comments
>fuck off Korea pig . I hope one day you can go back into your mamas pussy .I remember last time your mama told me please fuck me but I was scare I will get STD so i refused .then your mama had sex with pig .one day Kim jeong–eun will throw atomic bomb in the South Korea sky then rest in peace BITCH KOREA .Korea ist scheisse.Ihr seid nur scheisse VON CHINA .Ein land ohne Ehre .Nur ein sehr gemeiner Schurke FUCK SOUTH KOREA
Wanna bet its from a japanese person?

>east asians are nigger tier IQ
>no contributions to science
You wot m8?

This reminds me of the pregame lobbies in PUBG where the chinks sperg out and inform me that "China is number one" and "fak yo matha"

nono.. it has to be korean PIGU

fucking kek

On one hand Gookniggers are retarded and constantly lash out because they know deep down they're inferior to other orientals and cultures in general. On the other hand leave it to a Canadian to not actually earn something. Watching leafs get raked is always a good time.

>Meanwhile the Korean team..

>beat Portugal

I guess it's possible for South Korea to have done it legit, still unlikely

>beat Italy

no chance without every zipperhead being on roids and cheating on the field

>beat spain

yeah no

that sport is so retarded seriously you can miss out on a medal just because someone bumps into you

I'm not sure that was intentional, but it's definitely unsafe for both people involved.

Portugal was better than Italy and Spain in 2002. It was their golden generation.

The crashes are hilarious though. Because of centrifugal force they just go flying off into the sidelines if they lose traction at all.

That's what makes it interesting. It's the reason why they have joker laps in rallycross. Otherwise, at a certain skill level, the whole thing would be determined by initial positioning.

Amazing, that Italy team is actually Italian. I can't even.

is this frieza?

Hahahahahaha gooks are ASS BLASTED. If I were her, I wouldn't give a shit at all. Id just send everyone whos talking shit a picture of the medal and say, "sorry Chang"

Korea has a retarded collective response to dealing with foreigners. They always lash out and blame them for their problems.

For example, Korean men went on a rampage and started battering and murdering their foreign wives. The country's response to this issue was to restrict foreigners ability to marry koreans - which completely sidesteps the issue - which is that 50% of korean men openly admit to beating their wives.

after the war, all the mixed babies that were had between US soldiers and korean women were shipped out of the country.

there are thousands of korean orphans doomed to grow up without parents, this is because the country decided to stop foreigners from adopting the kids and raising them in the us and abroad. all in the name of keeping them korean, and the thing is, koreans dont adopt any of them because of their strict confucian bloodline pride.

many of them even blame the US for the continued war with the north, iregardless of the fact that if the US didnt intervene theyd all be living under kim jong unbearable

korea is literally top tier actual xenophobic, yet they get away with all this shit because they are not white.

calm down bubba, all bigger conflicts from rome to ww2 have been dealt out by whites, let the koreans have their fun

>Korean men went on a rampage and started battering and murdering their foreign wives
What was the reason for that?


Why does this matter?

Social media shit talk only exists if you care or you're a faget. Lol

or... by overtaking without crushing

hilarious for a circus show, not a sport

They should kick the US mil out and deal with their own (((problems))) if they're tired of army niggers fucking their women.
Would save the US a bundle in cash.

most likely soju and stress from the retardedly competitive work environment

Dani Alves, total badass

>some people
>all koreans
KYS nigger
>some whites accepting cuckolding
>all whites are cucks

>woman gets emotional
why is this a fucking thread

Literally the NASCAR of the the winter games.

I was trying to post a Japanese girl who wasn't stacked. Obviously, pol disagrees with my taste in women.

Is this better?


So why not go postal on the people actually responsible.... like we do?

No, they should stay home, make sammiches all day and then eat them so they can become hambests.