CANADA YES! Trudeau demands unconscious anti-black racism be criminalized


>Two weeks ago, Trudeau announced that Canada is officially recognizing the United Nations' International Decade for People of African Descent, which emphasizes the need for research and data collection to better understand the challenges facing black communities around the globe.
>Canada is officially recognizing the United Nations' International Decade for People of African Descent
>International Decade for People of African Descent
>The Decade of Niggers

Not a day, a week or a month, or even a year, but a fucking DECADE.

Leafs need to be genocided.

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>Trudeau also said it's time the House of Commons — "the heart of our democracy" — looked more like the composition of Canadian society, including more black MPs.

Trudeau revealed his grand plan, to turn Rhodesia Canada into Zimbabwe.

(((They))) won't recognise that negroids (blacks) evolved differently and thus preform worse on math and in other areas that help on to succeed in modern society.

This is why bastards can't be king. Fidel Snow has got to go.

oh believe me they realize.
Have you seen israel, they barely let any black person within 50 miles of the place

>Classifying niggers as homosapiens
>Not knowing niggers are literal apes

>inb4 they share 99% of whites DNA
guess what, a banana shares 99% DNA with whites too.

but what's good for Canada, it's bad for Israel.

Israel is literally putting them in jail (cages) like zoo animals or deporting them to random countries for lulz. Imagine tens of thousands of niggers arriving randomly in Japan courtesy of Israel

Fucking hell.

The more they push this kind of shit the more I hate these monkeys.

They are genetically similar but a different species I guess.

What are you doing to prep for the nigger decade?

Seriously what the fuck is wrong with Canada? If you just worked your asses off, properly used your resources and only let in White immigrants that are highly skilled, you could be the wealthiest nation on earth.

Instead you are on the verge of societal collapse. 7/10 kids born in Canada are non-white. Living standards dropping year by year. You have 13 million violent shitskins. You are ruled over by Soros. Your natural resource wealth is cucked from you by international companies. You White Canadians let yourselves be genocided and are proud of it.

What in the fuck, I'm going to eat some pierogi now



Trudeau will be completely voted out in the next election, and were doing far better than the states per capita in many categories.

You let Sup Forums rot your brain.

digits will confirm that trudeau will hang

If Canada does, by some miracle, adopt identitarianism, they should allow honorary Aryans to stay.


Literally can't even be racist in your dreams

People will not see this as a warning sign
Canadians don't know shit about Rhodesia

Auto-erotic asphyxiation is a bitch

>be criminalized
Nothing you sourced or wrote says that

Actually, you are so deluded in this collective psychosis that seems to have taken over Canada that you fail to realize Trudeau will rule until 2030+. You have no term limits, so Trudeau can keep destroying Canada as long as he keeps genociding Whites and encouraging shitskins and brainwashing kids (which already begins in Kindergarten with LGBTQ+ sex ed). You have 13 million shitskins. Virtually all will vote Liberal as his election campaign will be simple: Vote Lib so racist whiteys can't win, oh and I'm giving you more gibs. Then you have women, who predominantly vote Liberal because of >muh hair and the $10,000/year/kid benefit. Then you also have a significant portion of the White male population cucked so hard they couldn't live with the guilt of not voting Liberal and not actively ensuring their genes die out.

So you see, Canada is fucked. And given that 99% of your 400K/year in immigration is shitskin Liberal voters that gain citizenship now in just 3 years after stepping on Canadian soil (they don't even have to know any English or French, or take the citizenship test if they are under 18 or 55 now thanks to Trudeau's Bill C-6), and that nearly 80% of Births are shitskin, and the backroom route to citizenship known as Temporary Immigration that allows shitskins to have 10 year work/live VISAs that lets in 1.2 million shitskins a year, your shitskin population is going to grow to 16M by 2019, 21M by 2023 and 25M by 2027 (Whites will have declined to below 24M), Trudeau will ultimately WIN as if you kill your race, you win.

> this much of a thinly veiled false dichotomy

how can anyone be so fucking stupid?

>being black > personal qualities and achievements
maybe the west deserves the future it chose ...

>not a century

What a racist

>temporary immigration
Thanks Harper.
Everything you said can be blamed on all parties.
>term limits
Hi amerimutt

(((unconscious racism))) is actually just evolutionary in-group preference. This is universally found in primates. no need to try to make it a religious or moral thing.

Smart Canadians are considering moving to Poland.

>A trying to insult a Pole

JUST a friendly, daily reminder to kill yourself before Trudeau does.

Buying stock in bicycle insurance and bike locks

He should be charged with it then, because he believes that niggers cannot defend themselves against harshness and thus he is contributing to soft-racism.

There's one working at my office already.

Canada just got BLACKED

Canada is America-lite in everything except hockey.

Nice try amerimutt.
Just because your grandpa came from the old country doesn’t make you white.

Is he a Chinese/Indian hybrid?


God, so sick of hearing about niggers all the fucking time. Niggers never did shit and they still don't do shit, they're lazy, steal everything and they're faggot niggers

no, euro

only because of how dumb and violent they are. fucking retard trudeau.

> Seriously what the fuck is wrong with Canada?

Feminists got bored, broke up with the PM that made the Canadian dollar worth more than the US dollar, and elected a PM that promised to rape the economy.

I’m all for tar and feathering Trudeau but my countryman are all ZOGGED out cucks

We've got this shit going on yet we still manage to do better than Sweden and Germany
Can someone explain?

anything to have less white males.

>t. Circumsized Ezekiel Mohammed Wang El-Abidi

Are you literally fucking retarded?
>pic related average pole

He will be voted out and replaced with a neocon. Fucking yahoo cannot contain my excitement. Let’s get a nationalist party in fuck these kikes that’s where my ZOG vote is going


try subversive

>pic related
Average White Male Leaf

keep dreaming slav subhuman
clean toilet now

This stupid faggot is just making Canada more racist. That's obviously what his Globalist handlers want him to do.

Actually, humans share around 50% of their DNA with bananas. You should consider reading/lurking more

I dunno guy, this place is pretty bad. Where I live, you can't go out of your house without seeing a nigger, poo or mudslime walking around. Every morning I'm put into a bad mood on my way to work, just from seeing them. The place I work at mostly just has mudslimes, poos and niggers coming in to use the facilities. A few years ago, when I went to renew my health card, I took a peak into the welfare office and I shot you not, it was all mudslimes and niggers. There were maybe 5 whites in there.

There's no hope for Canada man, unless god throws a total curve ball, and we follow in the footsteps of the US. I doubt it though, my city is literally all shit skins. Not even 3 years ago, you really didn't see many foreign animals roaming around. Now, they are literally on every street corner. I'm really getting sick of it, I've bee fighting the urge to just run them down with my car, and going on a shooting spree

>United Nations' International Decade for People of African Descent, which emphasizes the need for research and data collection to better understand the challenges facing black communities around the globe.

I wonder what their research has uncovered?

>my princess boy
>Daddy's roommate
These look like the title of some creepy gay porn movie
Btw is "daddy's roommate" some hobo or is the dad in the story actually gay ?

When will white people understand nothing they ever do will be good enough? The line will keep getting re-drawn until you have nothing, are nothing, and believe in nothing.

The Ukrops clean our toilets now.

Why are you following Canada's lead?

Tell me about it bro. I saw a horde of niggers walking around and literally had to fight off the urge to run them over.

Japs and that's it.



Rip Fidel Castro son

>use their resources to drop redpills
be the jew.


>IQ just south of retarded
>challenges facing black communities

James Watson tried to explain this and he was gutted.

>Unconcious anti-black racism
u wot m8?


Has this cuck done literally anything besides virtue signal?

You have no nationalist party, the Chinks own your country and the Jews flood it with niggers. If one of you had half a testicle they'd die for the cause and end Trudeau.

In Canada, you can eat at a restaurant where only HIV+/AIDS patients work.

>errmegerrd thanks harper.
Not the point you fucking retard.
KYS faggot.

Legalise weed?

>trump wins
>canada immediately does nothing but double down on stupid for the ensuing 1+ year

Half the US is going to be legal by the time they actually pass that.

They've put themselves in such an incredibly retarded position by not accepting the IQ disparities.

With the methods they're using now they will quite literally never fix Black communities. How many decades or centuries of dysfunction are they going to artificially enable

Leave some pierogies for me. I can see the writings on the wall and I'm leaving this sinking boat.

Wait it's not legal?


>Unconscious anti black racism.
Hear that white girls. If you don't want to fuck Africans. YOU ARE (((RACISTS)))!

Hear that white boys? Same applies to you.

thats fucking hot.

I'd nope out so fucking fast.

>theres such thing as a million black "canadians"

>Leafs need to be genocided.
Right, because every single one of us agrees with that idiot, you DUMB FUCKING POLACK. Go fuck yourself.

It's sad having a leader that cares more about gender pronouns and affirmative action than actually running the fucking country. Our economy is getting killed.

Did Canada ever have black slaves, could someone tell me since I dont know much of their history during colonial times.

ok, this motherfucker is getting scarier by the minute.
next he will import his fathers ashes to his secret guatemalan cocaine shrine of satan

I don't know how cucked Canada's senate is, but that's where the bill's sitting right now.

Ugh dude seriously, she's drinking horse jizz?

You fuckers on this site are so disgusting sometimes

are there niggers canadians? i tough they were drown on rice and kebab

Trudeau wanted to replace Sir John A McDonald with a Black Woman on the leaf $10 bill

wait, was castro from cuba or guatemala?

t. 160 IQ

>tfw that's my city

Except when it works for their agenda.

webm very related. The JIDF.

>Hey goyim! Support Israel and get a African Jewess with blue eyes and defend Israel together ;^)

Luciferian agenda

Isn't anti-black racism just racism that's against everyone who's not black? Alt-right need to get behind it and re-interpret Mr trudeau like paedos re-interpret the Quran and bam. New meme.

JP knows what's up

>tfw no canadian death camps

Slavery was outlawed in 1831, well before Canada gained independence. Any nigger who wants muh reparations needs to go crying to cuck island.

> drinking horse jizz in a Bottle
Yeah, why to put it in plastic when she could just use her mouth

Yeah, I was walking downtown back in the summer with my friends, and a car full of them drove by and did a simulated drive by.

Another time, I was at the casino, and this nigger lunged at me, for no reason. These aren't people, but animals. I blame Hollywood, and boomers for brainwashing people into thinking niggers are people too.