You just woke up and you turn on the news while you cook breakfast...

You just woke up and you turn on the news while you cook breakfast. Breaking news - the race war started over night and the fight has spread to your city. What song starts playing?

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Prodigy Smack my Bitch Up or Firestarter. Followed by some inkspots

With the biggest shit-eating grin on my face.
Without a doubt. Imagine seeing the destruction to this song.

Moonman - Notorious KKK
Crusade anyone?

How long would it take for American culture to return to this after we genocide all the blacks/jews?

10-20 minutes

Here is the best song for the RACE WAR.

Killing cause I'm HUNGRY

You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.

Haven't heard this before, it's good

Was this used in Kick Ass? Either way bretty good

Kill Baby Kill - My Name is HATE

Does nobody listen to Hatecore/RAC music anymore?

Holy shit. Never bothered listening to this until now. It’s the gayest thing ive ever heard.

Cowboys from hell - panterA

>Who are you to change the world?
>Silly boy

Strategical retreat to the mountains...

>baka not listening to Right Wing Death squad song's from Hungary

I think it was, or at least a version of it. Every time I listen to this song I think about kick ass.
Until its done

Romania whatever

Ah I see you're a man of culture as well

D666 - Shadow

Manowar - Hand of Doom

Fuck yeah mein guy

Dig- mudvayne

Bye bye, Hajji

I'd listen to this, it's motivating

Wonder when the fuck I moved to a city

What do you mean "my city"? I live back in the woods, one way in and out that's obvious, one that's hidden but you have to get by the alligators. No songs playing, but I monitor the ham bands for intel.


This song is good too

Soldier up

I live in central mass, so it'd mostly be the inner cities versus the suburbs.

>not posting this

"Wake me up before you go-go" by wham!
>tfw you keep the glock ready for murder time

mein nigga

those brown bastards are gonna pay for busting up my ride

we have three black families and a mexican family.
itll be over before i finish my morning shit.

but, Demonica-Kill all the faggots(Deathsquad Anthem)

>tfw not shooting nigs to Crybaby OST

Good choice desu.

kek that ad, took me a minute to realize the gun was sideways in the close ups

Very nice.


Fuck this might get my vote


wow I love roleplaying threads

>I love roleplaying threads
This is your chance to pretend to be a man.

checked and keked

the same song that started playing the first time I flew into Iraq from Kuwait.


Every god damn platoon video i have ever seen this and bombs over bagdad

Ah. Now we can finally understand Trumps win.

All of this

Time is Tight
Booker T and the MGs

Can't Stop Me Now

Psychopathic murder music

my neger

>your city.
living in a city

Time to get rid of the roaches and leeches