What OS does Sup Forums use?

What OS does Sup Forums use?

What data mining service does OP work for?


temple os
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direct connection to the internet through telepathy

What's the benefit of using Gnome over LXDE or XFCE?

clearly the only answer

that's the right answer

install gentoo

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Temple OS


Sabilo 2.0

Anything else is pretty much a CIA backdoor.

Watch me waste my trips...

OpenPePe leaf.

Except for Sabilo 1, that's a backdoor for anyone with an IQ above 70.


They glow but he shines.

Red Star OS

W-windows 10? It's good, and shows a different pretty picture every day.

Windows 95. Most secure. Connects to nothing. Can still play Megarace.

Prettier I suppose. You can still run gnome apps on XFCE and LXDE, and they use less resources and are cleaner looking imo. I'm a fan of MATE myself.

Windows because I'm not a contrarian hipster faggot snowflake.

Qubes os

I'm currently using Solus.

windows 10 literally has features designed just to spy on you

i programmed my own OS from scratch

So? Doesn't negate the fact that it shows a different picture everyday.

- Windows 10 masterace checkin

Of course I use the only operating system.
The great leader has bestowed RedStar Linux to the people.

Why should I care when I have nothing to hide?


I use a modified version of Ubuntu gnome. I know muh Debian and muh Fedora, but Ubuntu has a lot better support documentation when weird shit happens and I need to fix it.

>win 10 for games
>debian & I3wm for programming

t. cia

I'm using Windows XP and never had issues, come at me, spook nigger

Kikedows 7


>nothing to hide.
How naive can someone be?

tpbp mit nigger cattle btfo

I use TempleOS with the internet add-on.

I use a debloated version of windows 10. It's probably using my system to mine cryptocurrency for the author.

Wow htop in a terminal, hackor wizurd

Everything is a CIA backdoor anyway.
It doesn’t matter what you install, the tech companies are in bed with the alphabet agencies and install backdoors into the hardware itself.

How naive should I be?

>hey famalam, what config your run?
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windows 10. i am not a schizo

>with the internet add-on

I tried to switch to Linux, but Windows literally gives me more control over my system.
E.g. a firewall that can let me elect exactly which programs to allow incoming, outgoing, or both, and under exactly which circumstances.

The Linux philosophy is JUST TRUST IT BRO.

I knew something was up with how hard they pushed that shit

>everyone gets a free upgrade to Windows 10! Limited time!
>hey guys, that limited time? It’s now unlimited! Get it now!
>what’s that, goy? Still haven’t upgraded? We’ll slow down your PC and remind you every 30 minutes with a pop up that interrupts what you’re doing!
>STILL not updated? We’ll just schedule one for you, don’t sweat it!

This is true, booting from a live usb in a machine without a Hdd is something I do a lot. It might not stop backdoor in my processor, but at least it makes their life just a little bit harder.

I've got an old FBI distro somewhere I might try and find it when I get home, pretty sure it's only 32bit tho

>posting own desktop
Oh boi, i just show how good is i3.

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>What data mining service does OP work for?
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"heart" OS for self reporting faggot valentinnies gay

Way less than this, I'd say about 7% naive.

The linux philosophy is PROGRAM IT YOURSELF NERD

It's a programmers OS first and foremost.

You have far more freedom with linux, you can edit the configuration of any program on your machine. Linux has the added advantage of not being full of spyware like windows, which tracks your every fucking move

Windows Wakanda, whitey wouldn’t understand. Vibranium, flyin cars and sheeit.

Fucking Megarace was the shit

Fedora, of course.

You recognize it by taytay folder and dank memes folder. Im terrified someone would find it. I couldnt live if something happend to my taytay folder.

screenfetch says it all


Red Star OS

slackware is cool! fast AF

>I tried to switch to Linux, but Windows literally gives me more control over my system



>all that windows ITT

If anyone is seriously interested in security try qubesOS the lead dev found loads of back door in Microsoft products, pretty sure they wont sell anyone out to the NSA

Get KDE you nigger

m8 they can spy on everyone? If you become a Person of Interest they tap you electricity supply to spy on you these days. And if they don't have the legal right to do so, they employ a foreign intel agency to do it and "share information".

So far Windows 10 knows:
>I'm a weeb faggot
>I buy music production vsts
>I once took out a ridiculous payday loan, like fucking once, okay?
... and that's it as far as their magic AI targetted marketing spyware cache goes. All it means is the side bar adverts all try to sell me the same three things.

And because my location is UK I occasionally get muslim dating sites flash up too. I am not making that up. It used to depress me, but now it's just hilarious.

it's like a nicer-looking version of Lubuntu and it's good for old hardware

>Windows literally gives me more control over my system.
never post again

How about tails? Still worth it?

>install gentoo, goy
definitely never going to do that now, kike


Although theoretically possible, I don't think we're capable of eavesdropping over power lines until smart meters are rolled out

>I have nothing to hide
says the conservative white male in current year

Strictly macOS. Currently posting from my new $14,000 Mac Pro meme computer. I develope smartphone apps in my spare time ;)

MacOS and iOS