Why haven't you gotten your flue shot yet Sup Forums?

Why haven't you gotten your flue shot yet Sup Forums?

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Fuck off, kike


If you restrict your children from getting vaccines because you're scared of autism, you're not only an idiot you're also a scumbag.

Lol, yea right!

I'm coming for ya, globalist! Ahhhhhhh!

I rarely leave the house anymore, and when I do, I always bring hand sanitizer.

You clearly got yours, so don't worry about me and my family.

You're protected, I'm sure there's a bunch of nice goodies in there to help you grow nice and strong.

My immune system isn't shit.

(((flu shot)))

What about the Amish?
They don't use vaccines, have little to no autism and yet, for some reason, have survived it all...

In fact, the Amish communities have autism levels well below pre MMR multi shot levels...
Therefore, Vaccines are not essential to survival. They didn't go through the polio epidemic of old.
Really makes you think. You should see vaxxed, you might learn a thing or two,

I presume that you are also not a big sweet tooth and don't eat much sugar.

>Autists on Sup Forums worrying about getting autism

ye, but why ask that question in particular?

Vaccines are a method of population control.

You see, downies don't have kids. Autists are less likely to reproduce as well.

Just one of many, when combined, are part of a plan to drastically reduce world populations. By itself, globalist tools will tell you you're a tinfoil. Now ask yourself, if everyone else is vaxxed, why do they care so much if your kid isn't? Clearly they have nothing to worry about if your kid is sick and their kid is immune, yet why the knee jerk reaction to your kid being unvaxxed?

They've been programmed to oppose anyone who thinks for themselves, and have no real reason to oppose anti vax since they and their kids have been immunized.

its called super autism

Because I caught the flu once. My body has battled a real, live flu virus and prevailed. I've earned immunity. I'm sorry your immune system is so weak you need it to beat up on poor crippled viruses for practice. I'm immunized until the flu mutates into an organism that can no longer be classified as the flu. Virgin vaccines vs Chad natural immunity.

>tfw you didn't vaccinate your kids and they'll never get autism and grow up to be wizards

Because I never got one in all the years before they started being free at the grocery store, and never had a problem with it.

That and the science behind it is shitty, which I only learned was a thing after the H1N1 hoax. Thanks, Jews! I never would have known it was such a sham if not for the H1N1 hoax!

Is that like Super Aids?

i just stay away from sick people and quarantine anyone that comes near my office with a cold. my immune system isn't compromised either, so i figure i dont need one, someone else more exposed to the public could use that dose.

Cause I worked with the Brazilian government, specifically with tribes that have little to no contact with the outside world. These people have no issues with chronic diseases and don't have a need for vaccines of any kind.

Then Nestle started using barges on the Amazon and exposed some of these more isolated people to refined sugar. Said peoples started developing tooth decay, viral infections and started getting the ...their immune system started going to shit. When I explained to them that they should avoid there refined products, the health of the community went back to pre-refined sugar status.

I tried publishing the results and my observations and was basically told to fuck right off.

Refined sugar is the devil....funny how I knew you were not a sugar bug...

yeah boi
I flayed my thumb open and had to get like nine stitches.
They stuck me with the flu shot right after.

See, look at this gigantic faggot. Every other word is scumbag, autist, idiot, and now we're "restricting" our kids? Look motherfucker, if I bring a little bastard into this world I decide what goes in and out of him. Fuck off with your need to control other people.

This post best post

lol, flu shot is stupid, but the people who think vaccines cause autism are total fucking retards

The kid's going to die from hepatitis because you were scared of them having a psychological disorder, but if you're that much of a sociopath then that's your shit.

It is not as far fetched as you may believe. The FDA had a link to a PDF for a tetanus vaccine that listed SIDS and Autism as reported symptoms. The PDF is gone but you can still find the OG document on the net, cached. I downloaded it for posterity. The numbers listed at the top do coincide with the official documents of the company that manufactures said vaccine.



Now be curious why this happened beforehand


>crystal ball says blah blah you're a sociopath if you don't believe my bullshit predictions
>"psychological disorder"

Down syndrome and autism aren't just psychological disorders, faggot. Please, give us more scare tactics and asshole predictions about what you think happens when someone doesn't get vaxxed, nigger.

I also think a problem with the whole vaccine shit is people haven't met anyone that has actually survived some horrific shit that is basically extinct today.
My step-dad had polio as a child in the 40s and the stories are fucking terrible.
He lost years of his young life to a crippling disease that we basically just pretend doesn't exist anymore.

There are some things that don't really needed to be vaccined for, like the flu only old people die from the the flu

Whoa. I've had an aversion to sugar ever since I was a kid and had several cavities at once due to loving candy. I try to tell as many people as I can that refined sugar is awful for your health and to avoid it but I can only convince so many with mostly anecdotal evidence.

If I recognize that Hue correctly, he's rather well educated on a scope of topics and well worth conversing with.

yet the Amish have never used vaccines and they were not affected by the polio epidemic. The levels of Autism and CIDS are practically non existent. This is also true in native Brazilian populations, especially those that had open access to modern day people.

Really fries the almonds in the wok

Furthermore, the documentary Vaxxed, although not anti-vaccine at all, documents several cases of gross negligence and corruption. An interesting watch for those that want to see the reality of the money making machine that is big pharma

You are correct and this is far from anecdotal. I am working on translating some of my finds with native peoples here in Brazil as well as some scientific papers that seem to vanish but remain in cache on the net. We are talking about pre-nestle sugar barges...maybe 10-15 communities that suddenly had access to sugar and were deemed at risk and forced to take vaccines.

You are on the right path my friend

Because Jews are against the ropes and if they didn't poison the last sites they sure as fuck poisoned this one

This is pretty interesting stuff, I will definitely read/watch anything that is recommended on the topic of vaccines, the immune system or sugar when I get the chance. I would now but class is soon.

Certain areas dont give hit hard by certain epidemics and its usually just blind luck.
Certain major cities in 1918 only had like less then 0.5% of the pop die from the Spainish flu, but other cities had like fucking 20% die.

If I had a 15% chance of dieing from some random disease, but I could take a shot to make it a .001% chance then yea I'm gunna do it.
Using natives is also a pretty bad arguement because historically, those people got fucking annihilated by disease, lots of disease they could have been prevented with modern vaccines.

The natives left in Brazil are basically extinction level event survivors, not really a prime example.

>vaccines protect your kids
>but you not giving your kid a vaccine endangers the other kids, even though they're already vaccinated
Always found that weird, not even a anti vaxxer

Thanks for the compliment. I am just a normal dude that has seen some shit. Not a very popular person within my field of work but can tell you for sure that this is not isolated cases. This is an epidemic.

Very worrisome actually....and so easy to test. Ban all refined foods, especially sugar and all of a sudden you see weight loss, normal metabolism, resistance to infection and especially a buffer against contamination.
The sugar industry is all powerful however and will not go in silence.
One interesting link I found for example is the presence of refined corn syrup in the USA and a sudden drop in intelligence, especially when it comes to young people.

I got so fucking scared that I banned refined sugar in my house over 10 years ago...never have had a single flu or serious infection since then.

Very interesting

because not getting one makes normies pissed off for some reason
>muh need for vaccines!

This nigger knows what’s up

You’re a huge faggot dude

Check out vaxxed and or some shit...It freaked me the fuck out cause my work with native communities was an eye opener...but after checking out those documentaries, I knew I was onto something.

They still refuse to publish my findings with dozens of native communities here in Brazil. I do have close friendships with many tribal chiefs and those that headed my warning are fine and healthy, those that did not are facing obesity epidemics and a plethora of modern day diseases, including the flu and resistant bacterial infections.

It seems that refined sugar is the culprit, turns the body into some type of petri dish. PH imbalance?

The sugar thing is becoming increasingly talked-about, just judging by the variety of independent talk radio I keep up with, and by people with real medical backgrounds. It's nice to see at least that people are interested to consider ideas that are not the official orthodoxy, even if not all of them are good ideas.

That picture shows down syndrome, a birth defect. Not autism


I respectfully disagree.

The native communities I work with do have some contact (some more than others) with modern society. Those that have been affected by the Nestle sugar barges on the Amazon are the ones that started showing symptoms. Those that headed my warning and prevented their people from eating that garbage have made full recoveries.

It goes like this: Semi-isolated, still buy some supplies, especially rice and T-shirts...when the barge comes along and these people use the little money they have to purchase trash (ice cream, cookies)...the symptoms appear, especially in the young people. Tooth decay, then the flu...those that get addicted to sugar and start purchasing bags of refined sugar to add to their food are the hardest hit. This is not an isolated incident either, we are talking about 10-15 communities along the amazon and always correlate with the nestle barge.

You can also see this link if you start researching papers on native Australian communities. That sugar movie actually gets into the topic. Fucking creepy

Thanks, I guess LOL

Im not debating that the modern shit we produce is fucking them up.
Im saying, your talking about a people that survived a 90-95% annihilation of the original population.

We haven't had a Spainish Flu in 100 years, so people think diseases like that are done for good. We may have already beat some of those diseases or it may be coming eventually no one really knows.

Creating a culture of anti Vax makes it so that when shit really shits the fan, a lot more people are going to die then needed.
In WW1 there was so much extra death because the news outlets tried to cover it up instead of warning people.

So why do you hate black people? Or do you just think they're liars?

made in 2014 was what made me see that the same pattern can be found in australia and rural american regions.
I have seen it in Brazil...then this guy goes to inspect other isolated communities....The sugar phenom can now be seen in most if not all native areas.

As illustrated in that movie = Pop companies like coca cola and pepsi actually pay doctors to do research for them....so fucking unethical.

I got particularly worried because once I started seeing the isolated natives getting modern diseases....the only link I could see was Nestle and their fucking amazon boats, bringing sweets to isolated communities.

That's like the MUH RUSSIA thing. If we can't trust the people who are supposed to be in charge then we'll doubtless miss that time when they cry wolf and we should trust them.

Its more about trusting science then the govt.
I personally dont do any seasonal vaccines or any of that shit, but I got a shit ton of different ones when I was in the Army.

I also survived a burst appendix for over 3 weeks, which the mortality rate for is insanely high.
History teaches us a lot of valuable lessons but people seem to forget it too quick.
The horrors of disease are basically non-existent compared to years past so people think its done or its over.

>Why haven't you gotten your flue shot yet Sup Forums?

I could have sworn I read that as "OY VEY GIVE SHECKELS!"

because I don't wanna die yet

My man, majority of workplaces give it out for free.
How out of touch are you.

Being a professional research scientist has given me a healthy distrust of science in general (it is actually the art of doubt in the first place). When I took a survey of the easily-available evidence during the H1N1 scandal, it very quickly turned out to be something so shrouded in mystery and outright lies that I concluded I simply didn't have the time to research it properly.

It is not about making people anti-vax, not at all. it is about bringing light to a corrupt industry that is more interested in profit than it is with healing or preventing disease.

The documentary vaxxed for example NEVER says to avoid vaccines, it simply highlights some of the mega scandals and ill practices of said manufacturers.

The opening of the movie is about a vaccine that was known to be debilitating. It was pushed on several countries, First the Uk...the doctors there saw a problem....too many cases of meningitis....they then re-branded the faulty vaccine, pushed it on Canada. The main medical body of Canada saw an increase in administration of the tainted vaccines (caused meningitis, same as the UK)...rather than destroy the stock, they sold their stock to Brazil and it led to an entire generation of brain damaged children...a literal epidemic

The movie then goes on to highlight that the MMR as a multi-shot is associated with an explosion of Autism cases in first world countries....something that was not seen back in the days when the MMR vaccine was 3 separate vaccines administered over a longer time period.

The movie only questions the profit vs rick factor of now injecting younger and younger children to something that has shown disturbing amounts of side effects.

The company that created the combined MMR pushed out the 3 separate companies that used to make the individual vaccines.

I'm in my 30's and I have never had a flu-shot in my life. I only get a flu once a year and it generally goes away within a week.

fuck flu-shots.

I kind of agree with you, I'm not one of those guys that just blindly follows scientific progress and what not.
Modern technology is just more advanced tools, it really depends on how the people use them.

Communicating and learning from people halfway around the world vs watching snakes biting people on youtube

Interestingly, just the other day there was a warning put out where I live about a case of measles in a fully-vaccinated person. That's not an adequate counterexample for the efficacy of the MMR, but it would indeed be alarming to see a trend develop, and obviously the local authorities are spooked enough by it to put out a warning instead of waiting for a trend.

Science would tell you not to vax absolutely everything because it will lead to forced mutations, even if the shots had zero side effects.

I never trust corporations or think they even remotely give a shit about us.
But the problem is, the average person is not pragmatic enough to realize how fucked up shit is, but still realize you dont wanna die from Polio or Measles.

Majority of people tend to go to extremes with opinions, either completely for something or completely against it.

>My man, majority of workplaces give it out for free.

So, who pays for it if it's free?

And why exactly would the pharmejewtical companies ever give something to the goyim for free?

oh, that's right, it's poison.

t. Never had a flu shot, never had the flu.

>never go to doctor
>never be diagnosed with autism


You get flu once a year? I think you might be confusing the flu with a cold.

My company pays for it.... it doesn't cost very much.
There a tons and tons of real shit the Drug and Medicine industry is doing to fuck us over and make money, but my company paying for everyone to get an optional flu shot is not one.

Indeed, it seems that the fully vaccinated people are the ones that not only develop symptoms but infect the healthy.
Some doctors back in the says even noted that polio deaths were greater after the inoculations started taking place than prior.
The number of people dying from the flu actually seems to have increased after the intro of flu vaccines.

More and more people are seeing that vaccinations cause more deaths than the disease itself. As they push it out on the general pop, it seems those with a fucked up immune system have more issues with the vaccine.

Im going watch Vaxxed any other suggestions??

As with anything medical, folks would be well advised to discuss the available options with their doctor, and even seek second opinions as appropriate. In this day and age especially, it is no longer sensible to have a "the doctor is always right" mindset. The system is predicated on informed consent.

Fortunately my local doc was pretty open about discussing the potential costs and benefits of some recommended vaccines for travel purposes. If more people were to take the time to ask, perhaps doctors on the whole would be more comfortable to talk and operate less like robots. Doctors cost enough that you'd be stupid not to get your money's worth anyhow.

The flu shot is giving secondary people the flu, this is why there is flue seasons, this is why it mutates so often, they're creating an industry with the "cure"

yea you are factually wrong on that. by a large margin


true, so many variations of the flu, the vaccines is pointless

i eat way too much sugar and yet i am very healthy. I have a huge sweet tooth and like alcohol and yet I haven't had the flu in years. Tide goes in, tide goes out. You can't explain that. Vaccines are poison and I feel terrible for all the kids and parents who have to deal with the side effects. Big pharma poison and so many people just gobble it up like Obama and the closest dick he can find.

Because your immune system gets weakened fighting a dead virus the same it would as if it were an alive virus.

So now your immune system is over worked and you are vulnerable to real diseases.

Yep, you are one of those pragmatic people I was talking about.
But myself, I dont even go to the doctor or take medicine almost ever.
I have an insanely good immune system that i put a lot of faith into (maybe incorrectly but fuck it)

I think that people should have a right to know what the potential side effects of any treatment entail.
Everybody should have a right to decide if they do or don't want to inject their family. Especially when it involves a company that makes profit.

The new bullshit now is: if you don't vaccinate your kid, they will be the vectors of the disease in others...that is hog wash. If you are unvaccinated and other people are fully vaccinated, the unvacinated person can't spread the disease to you. The contrary is starting to happen. The vaccinated people are now dying or infecting others, although they have had all the shots.

This seems more plausible as they are releasing new vaccines each year, without proper testing protocol and now even tell pregnant women that they should get vaccinated.....back in the days, you would NEVER vaccinate a pregnant woman

What was interesting to me is that they bothered to mention that the person was vaccinated. In this day and age of not only global travel but now unchecked immigration from third world shitholes, it's only a matter of time before the epidemiologists start pointing out the obvious consequences.

Folks in the US can go to the state department's website and look around other parts of the world to see how prevalent horrible diseases are that we don't generally worry about in places like the US.

I watched it a couple weeks before my wife gave birth to our newborn. We made sure they didn't give our baby any shots.

They wanted to give her a hep b shot literally seconds after she came out of the womb

Sadly my friend, I have seen the total opposite. Call it anecdotal but it is far from the case. Funny how any stupid paper can be published but my findings and although scientifically sound, will never be published

That is a red flag to me.

Jewish conspiracy to normalize injections and sheep mentality.


>but user, that would never happen here.
>More than 98 million Americans received one or more doses of polio vaccine from 1955 to 1963 when a proportion of vaccine was contaminated with SV40;

Lol you haven't see the new drug commercials?
IDK if its prevelant in Brazil but in USA there are drug commericals where they spend like 50 seconds listing the side effects, and a lot of people have noticed it has gotten much longer in recent years.

Well my shit is from the CDC for stats about America, and DESU i dont really give a fuck about non American countries.
So it may be different in other countries

Not everybody is the same, you do have outliers,but you can be sure that at some point, you will be more likely to suffer from cancer or diabetes or a wide range of diseases.

You can actually see the epidemic for yourself...look at the history of sugar...its availability to the rich and wealthy Brits first and then the epidemic in England. See especially what used to be referred to as that later became common place in regular british society when sugar became available to the masses.

Because I'm a /fit/, healthy individual and my body has successfully handled worse before.

If you manage to die to the flu, good riddance. The less undesirable genetics on this earth, the more chance we as a species won't need immunizations in the future.

What's even better is when people who don't watch US TV tune in for just a few commercial breaks during prime time programming. People who do watch it regularly tend to be desensitized to just how many commercials are just pushing drugs.

>I think you might be confusing the flu with a cold.

Yeah, i am.

Vaxxed is very good.
Does anyone here know about how some of the first vaccines were made in the kidneys of monkeys or some shit, and those vaccines were all infected with a virus that causes cancer? And they gave all those vaccines to boomers. lol. Well that is maybe one good thing that the gov did for the rest of us. Look up Dr. Mary's Monkey. Pretty wild stuff.

Used to get sick all the time as a kid. Stopped getting vaccines 3 years ago and I've been there healthiest I've ever been. I only feel sick after eating sugary or fried food. Inb4 Chad immune system

Yea, and desu at this stage of the game I think companies are just wasting their money with commercials. No one really pays attention to that shit.

Besides like pizza places or fast food joints with new deals or w.e

Keep trusting ur cdc goy

CDC Scientist Whistleblower admits vaccine & autism data was trashed youtube.com/watch?v=m2jldhp7GGU


Having autism or dieing from polio at the age of 2...

Why would the CDC make shit up about something fucking 80 years ago? You Nazi fags really need to get your shit together

>Why haven't you gotten your flue shot yet Sup Forums?
Because I've never had the flue and don't like funding the jew

It is true that many third world countries will bring a rare disease, often eradicated in the first world back to a place where it should not exist. I don't deny that you have some fucked up diseased in tropical regions.
However: See the bullshit and look at vaccination programs by NGOs in said shitholes.

I work with many of these asshole groups and see some alarming links to mass vaccination campaign and the emergence of epidemics. Do some research regarding the ebola outbreak in Africa and the vaccine campaigns in the affected regions.

We all know that the mass migration crisis was not an accident at all. Gaddafi warned the western world that this shit would happen to Europe and the rest of the world ...this campaign to get rid of him was pushed by Hillary....

You may call me a conspiracy nut but it seems pretty convenient that third world diseases have emerged in places that just got NGO campaigns and then these people are made to mass migrate to places in the third world.

Some day... The anti-vaxxers will inherit the Earth...

2 healthy for flu

I have not owned a TV in more than 15 years but yes, my friends all come to me and ask if X is right for them.

Fucking weird when a person asks you to give them / prescribe a brand name of medication outside the gate....

I think libitor is right for me HAHAHAHAH

WTF....and the pharma rep just happens to give doctors sample of said medication....

You ever listen to William Cooper? I usually dont believe in conspiracies but he was taliking about a lot of this shit back in 92

Yeah i expect sugar to fuck me good one day. I am trying to stop because I know that it is very bad. i just wanted to oreilly meme. I think that sugar contributes to cancer development, or maybe just tumor growth. Either way it is very bad for us.