Vagina Beer Containing Real Vagina. Why?

Soyboys, rejoice. Now you can buy a feminine beer that contains real vagina. Why is society trying to make you a bitch?

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Gotta put the pussy on a pedestal.

just because you can doesn’t mean you should

that's like making dickcheese dole dippers

of course the panties are XXL parachute, not an XS thong

anyone another failed business, because not even radial femnazis will buy this disgusting shit. They will sell like 1 crate max, and then call market racist, sexist and patriarchal

Fake and Sage

What the fuck is wrong with this world


You wish it was fake.


That’s fucking gross



Talk about taking the piss

That would go great with my crusty foreskin and ball sweat pork rinds.

Pint of cunt juice, please. Lip Smacking



More like virgin betas, soyboys don't like women

Why would they do this?
Why would they make STD beer?

I can't believe this is true.
Please, someone wake me up.
Get me out of this nightmare.

>roastie toasties


No cab do, Bruh. Like they say, the ride never ends.

If this stuff is real, it'll be the closest the drinkers will ever come to a real pussy.

No can do.


It will be probably a really big hit among the male teens. They will film themselves drinking it and upload that shit on social media.

i can finaly counter those chads shaming me by saying:
>you probably never tasted a vagina in your life

> (OP)
>Fake and Sage

Real but didn't get enough funds:

They also chose some nice chicks to sample the pussy. Too bad they didn't make it. I love eating passy, would have loved to drink it!


make it real user, in this day and age you could be a millionaire before the year is out