Black Panther Petition gibsmedats

So here is the plan. This was an idea of another user here, but I will give you the basic gestalt.
We need 10 000 signatures so that Marvel can make a statement whether or not Marvel will invest 25% of its profits from the movie into black communities
>Outcome 1
Marvel caves in. Blacks get the gibsmedat and bagel people lose money (which they fucking hate) and therefore learn a lesson to never make a black empowerment movie ever again
>Outcome 2
Marvel refuses to donate gibs. Blacks get pissed, call Marvel raycis piece of garbage potentially chimp out and perhaps blacks learning about the greedy bagel people.

What are you waiting for faggots? There is only 6500 signatures out of 10 000. Sam Hyde and Roy Goyson already signed the petition. WHERE IS YOUR ENERGY. WHY ARE YOU SO FUCKING LOW IN ENERGY???? DROP THE SOY GO AND FUCKING SIGN THIS SHIT RIGHT FUCKING NOW. MEME THIS INTO REALITY

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This would only be a win-win for Disney. Stop being stupid and listen. If you get the signatures Disney could easily give money to black groups. What happens? Amazing press. Good feels all around. Then Disney uses that as a write off. Win-win. I like the idea but think it through, idiots

what happens is that blacks will continue demanding more and more gibs. Bagel people get pissed, blacks will get pissed in return, normies will start taking note of what is going on and before you know it, blacks will be demanding their own Wakanda state through gov gibs. This will be glorious. Stop being a faggot and coming up with excuses.

You are on the verge of creating a very successful marketing campaign for Disney. Don't cry when it actually increases profits

Yeah, sure. That's why blacks are demanding profits from Disney and Disney never came up with sharing their (((profits))) for blacks. You are basically saying that bagel people wouldn't crash the economy because in long term it would be good for everyone. Do you realize how stupid you sound right now?

>It will be a win for Disney.

No it won't be. The majority of non-whites are going to be put off by all this SJW bullshit.
Also this movie will tank in China.

you think they'll make BP2 if they have to give away 1/2 the profits?

A cunning plan with no drawbacks.

When does this mediocre film finally come out so it can do a ghostbusters 2016 and the fever pitch hysterical write ups can stop? I'd love to be wrong, and it be the best action movie ever, but you just know when they deploy sjw marketing the film is a plodding borefest.

The problem is that everyone here keeps signing their names like Niggerman McGibsmedat. They deleted about 400 of these types of signatures yesterday. Pol is generally too lazy and too stupid to see this kind of thing through

I took one look at the “reasons” and see a bunch of autistic Sup Forumstards at work

Pay attention to these anons. They have a right mind set.


>implying Marvel/Disney needs to respond to this petition.

I've done psyops like this before with
You basically need about 15k signatures to really get the attention of larger news corps. If you have a twitter, tweet the hashtag and get in touch with Buzzfeed writers about this preferably black writers (just look up who is posting the most during their Black History Month thing.) We got tmz we just need another push.

This, if you can't into subtilety just masquerade as SJWs. Also calling those, who use troll names and/or are trying to out us "evil nazis trying to disrupt muh campaign for social justice" might also help.

>Being this immature over a movie
>A movie that is pure fiction

I'm on it, been tweeting this hashtag at every chance Į got. Time to do some point strikes

If it gains enough traction, they will.

*hint* Buzzfeed's Murrell. We've doubled our signatures since Vivica Fox's support.

for fun

Thanks for the coordinates, user. I'm not that familliar with inner workings of Buzzfeed.

godspeed anons. Let's do this.

Signed, I am going to promote it through other means too

More fun

Anime is trash go away Faggot. Grown ups are talking

everyone should sign this, fighting jews this way is fun... but its unlikely those kykes will give up any profit...

Read the thread. Absorb. Learn

Then scenario 2 happens.

Also nice numbers, brother latvian.

This. We’re doing it to kill a shitty franchise.

This is pretty clever. Have a bump.


Guys, stop with the joke names and comments. Make it authentic because people, no matter how stupid they are, will start noticing the behavior.

HAHAHA holy shit I never really believed shills were real until now

This is actually a fucking employee of Marvel or one of their corporate masters

Holy shit do you people stand out like a sore thumb

Every year that passes movies are struggling more and more to profit, this movie is Disney trying to get the niggers into nerd culture (their last profitable demographic available) at expense of 90% of the China's box office, and it will be probably Ghostbusters 2016 again. If they loose half the profit (and subsequently piss off the distributors) they are even more fucked.

And after the Last Jedi piss off a lot of people, the future of Star Wars don't look so bright. The next move of Sup Forums should associate Star Wars with soyboyism, just like happened with Ricky and Morty, to accelerate the franchise dismissal and fuck disney even more.

Sauce? Would be interested if this was true

One problem. If I were one of the tribe and wanted to piss off 'fellow white people,' I'd have a misunderstanding, and send the cash to
(which I'll go way out on a limb with, and just assume is owned by other (((fellow white people))))

Done, now we need more people to tweet this to
>@BuzzFeedNews and @RespectThe__GAP
in order to increase our chances of success.

user, you clearly know nothing about Jews. They will NEVER give up this money, not ever

signed bossman

No we don't want pol fags on this. Trust me they will destroy it.

Trust me. You have done well. Subtlety is the name of the game

our pepe

Should of made it demanding 25% revenue. Not profit.

Niggers don't know the difference between revenue and profit so it makes the request even more unreasonable but the average nigger would have no idea.

>I'd love to be wrong, and it be the best action movie ever
I read a review of one these soyboys critics (I can't find it now) trying to praise the film saying something like "even the action is not fantastic, is important movie because [INSERT RANDOM VIRTUE SIGNALING HERE]"

So, we can safely expect to be another Ghostbusters 2016.

Post if you find it. Would love to read it

A reminder to anyone, who participates:
>Masquerade as an SJW
>Everyone who mentions Sup Forums is trying to disrupt a legitimate campaign


>sage moot

We need to send this to those Hotep niggas, we can tell them this movie is profiting of african """history""".
Could be a nice way to spread, those niggas are stupid as fuck even for black levels, they will buy it no doubts

If you chose to tweet, make it look legit. Remember what this user said

You think kikes would part with a quarter of the profits? To give to goyim?

Ihe movie grosses 200m and they only donate 10m, nignogs might see that as only being 5% when the petition was 25%.

I dont think you realize how big a quarter of profits actually is


who fuckin' did it???

Shit, I can't find it now, I'm sure it was in the comments of God Emperor Trump or Augmentations, both on facebook.

But I found this one related, it's bizarre, like it was written by neural network or maybe they paid some starving indian a few bucks to write reviews for the movie


signed, i also like the idea of pushing for free admission for africans americans, it achieves same goals plus addition of creating confusion and anger at the theatres.

>25% of the profits
Haven’t any of these idiots heard of Hollywood accounting? There are no profits. It’s all (((marketing))) write-offs.

kek priceless

Also if the movie makes huge amounts of money and (((Disney))) only gives pennies it will show the (((movie accounting))) scam they have been doing for 100 years.
>muh Kang movie made 500million why 100 million in gibs??
>muh dick needs 22” rims
What name will the black man have that gets shot by the police two days after this brought to light be?


I'm glad no one fell for this stupid shit. We see right through you.

This. Hollywood is an accounting nightmare from which no shekels ever come back. Hundreds of actors have already sued producers over there because they fell for the "shared profits" meme. Even Happy Potter which sold more movie tickets than most movies before it combined was considered to be "a massive failure" in spite of earning over 10x more its cost.

Basically the problem with that argument is that for the left it's never going to be enough. It's going to set a bad premise if Disney goes through with it. 1st give money to blacks, then Hispanics, then LGBT, then oh wait you gave more money to LGBT so now more to blacks etc etc.


Based on the statistics from our #breakbreadmarvel is enjoying steady popularity. However, it hasn't gained much traction we need to step it up.

> Wake up normies
> Force Jew-wood to give away profits
> Push gentrification on black community and force Niggers out on the street by increasing cost of living

Oi vey

signatures now are under what they were when the thread started


Because they delete the troll we wuz kangz ones

Not really, when the thread started they had 6480, now it's at 6551

This benefits us in the long run.

True. It's just annoying how dumb people are. Though I have to say pol isn't nearly as dumb as Sup Forums. When we tried to get them involved they were like "I'm not giving money to some nigger charity reeee"

Report the dead giveaway newfag commentors. this can't grow if blacks scroll one centimeter and see La'darius Mercedes Pointguard talking about Kangz and 1488

They will have to make movies about white heterosexual men because it won’t have the 25% markup.
No more shit skins on screen or trannies

I was on some of those threads, some anons were quite supportive. Raging retards will appear on every thread in these places


Someone had a clip from the movie and it looked like absolute garbage, really shitty choreography and off putting effects.

You goys are not subtle

>Old posts, new comments are much less blatant

The nignogs already starting to estimate their gibs. Priceless.

If (((Disney))) was actually going to benefit from the "good press" of LITERALLY GIVING AWAY 25% OF THEIR OWN MONEY they already would have.

It's literally 25% of the profits from their only movie in like 4 months, imagine giving away a quarter of your salary for 4 months.

Plus as we all know "good press" recieved by virtue signalling (in this case blatant gibs me dat pandering) won't result in better sales later on because the people they're pandering to don't actually give a shit about their product. Even tho sargon's a fag he has a good video pointing exactly this phenomenon out.


Saw that already. Some people, not from here, already started tweeting this to BuzzFeed's Murell so I'd say we should expect a comment from her soon enough.

Good job, it should be easy to push this narrative:
"They want us to pay for this movie?? They should pay US for stealing our culture and shit"

It's actually taking off.
You crazy bastards, the Jews lap dogs have turned on their masters and are being used against them. This will show them how low IQ nogs would be if they wiped out whites and were only left with them.

They are the first visible posts.

Gonna need to make another twitter account for this.

Noticed that, other blatant trolls in the comments section are not helping. However, the hashtag is still clean, for the most part.

6602 signatures now, gained over 50 in less than an hour. Keep pushing