When did you realize that Europeans have created all the problems they bitch about constantly?

When did you realize that Europeans have created all the problems they bitch about constantly?

>Muh Jewish Question

Literally tons of medieval european laws that forbade Jews to do so many normal jobs, because they were more useful to lords as money lenders per a weird christian religious doctrine about profiting from interest. So they used "tolerated" Jews to do their tax collection, banking, and money lending-- read a history book. You created (((merchants))). There were royal agents stationed at ports in Europe to make sure Jews didnt "escape".

>muh blacks

Introducing millions of African Slaves to this continent, and forcefully using them for manual labor for hundreds of years doesn't bode well long term for Europeans that just want to forget the whole thing ever happened. How the fuck do you expect a people who has been enslaved, impoverished, locked up, and murdered for so many years to just bounce back like some kind of elastic race? If whites had been enslaved by blacks, they would encounter the exact same issues. It's that simple.

>muh immigrashuns muh white heritage

Someone made a thread about this earlier today. There are more whites in the world than ever before in history. I think America has always been a White Christian country, but the trouble is it is White Americans who crafted the rhetoric of America as the global savior, who opened up our gates in the 20th century to the entire world, and now you're gonna bitch and moan about it? It was you guys the entire time. There were natives and Mexicans and Spanish and French living in the USA, it doesn't just get to all of a sudden become Anglo empire #2 because you're feeling nostalgic. America has always been world police since the White Fleet, making itself the number one globalizer. Encouraging the spread of the English language, the American media, etc. The world wars we fought in and the capture of our territories and colonies has only encouraged immigration.

So what is your proposed resolution to these issues?


To educate and empower rural poor American whites to learn their history and others, to live honorable lives, stand up for their fundamental god given rights as men against whoever is individually infringing upon them.

Everyone on this fucking board likes to meme generalizations and be edgy about millions of people they've no clue about.

If you continue to do that, history will repeat itself until normies don't give a shit about any European history or accomplishment, because you're continuing to reinforce the idea that Europeans caused the problems they are fighting against now.

Resisting logic so you can purposefully trigger people for sport isn't a strategy that gives way to a favorable outcome. Even if you're able to meme Trump back in for 2020, the result is going to be a dumber, brainwashed American state that is quite literally just controlled by your radical message. It's not like you're crafting some kind of European Renaissance here, you're just adding kindling to our most pathetic century,

The Jews took the jobs that would send you to Hell m8. Hence the idea they are souless, to this day. While it is true no Christian leader should ever have permitted them to do so, in fairness there was a pogrom correcting the weakness of the old regieme every time a new one sprung up.

The niggers are low IQ children in the bodies of adults. They are good at sitting in the sun and eating fruit, or killing each other. They cannot be civilized as a group, and really, I say that as a compliment. You can't blame us for trying, it's just we understimated how thick they truly were. Nobody else on Earth failed to take to civilisation apart from niggers and abbos (essentially ultra-nigs). Even eskimos got the hint, but not the niggys. The solution is well under way in the US, with abortion on demand killing more than half the newborn, combined with trapping the thickest in welfare ghettos, and profitting off them as they revolve through the prison system, meanwhile encouraging mass hispanic immigration to replace them. American niggers will be as rare as red indians in a generation or two, thank God.

>There are more whites in the world than ever before in history
At the end of WW2 white europeans made up 1 in 3 humans on Earth. Last year they made up around 1 in 10. You haven't confused percentages with absolute numbers, have you? (It's rhetorical, you have.)

the jwes own masterrace Book writings say
"jewbell msater chosen race of god"
2. "jewbells you have turned from the lord your god and worship your true master, MONEY"


Insightful post.

Stopped in the JQ. In case you're still a boy and need to be told, the poor joos didn't want to escape the oppressiveness of having a monopoly over banking. Poor joos, couldn't be farmers and were forced to control all the money! It's almost as if they have never had physical capacity and rely on bureaucracy to thrive! I'll tell you a secret: they have always controlled the Vatican. There, just explained over 1000 years of European history to you. That's also why rulers like Charlemagne fucked Europeans in the ass, he was a papal puppet. And guess whose puppet the pope was/is?

Inb4 americans bring up one """""based"""" pope. Israel is also based, only democracy in the middle east guys!

thank you.

>Jews took the jobs that would send you to Hell m8. Hence the idea they are souless, to this day.

Current year and still using primitive ramblings about spiritually to define your politics? Oh yeah dude all Jews are soul less, just like all Whites are racist rednecks and all Mexicans jump the border and all Koreans in the world own laundromats.

>there was a pogrom correcting the weakness of the old regieme

Regime* and why do you think there were pogroms in Western Europe? The ideas of Europeans about Jews fluctuated over time, but generally focused on how to make them productive, subservient members of the nation. The number one way to do this was to put enumerable restrictions on their lives. Read some Gregoire for some interesting insight into how Europeans were starting to think about Jewish history.

>end of WW2 white europeans made up 1 in 3 humans on Earth. Last year they made up around 1 in 10.

The point is not that all of a sudden specific populations don't change in relative size-- but that you are not going to stop people in India or China from having babies. You have so many more whites than existed at the time of the Roman Empire or the Third Reich, and yet you feel like white race is undergoing a cultural genocide. How is that no one's fault but your own?

White tradcucks are low IQ idiots that worship coalburning roasties.
Go MGTOW if you want to be redpilled.
They blame POCs and Jews for their problems because they are unable to face the fact that the white race is subhuman and white children are vermin

>poor joos

The first thing you got wrong was that all Jews were bankers. 15,000 or so Jews in Revolutionary France and not even half of that were money lenders. If you can't own land, can't leave the country etc. You're essentially being forced to inherit this niche in society that lords made you fill. I'm not saying it wasn't cushy for some Jews, but it literally doesn't make sense that there were 15,000 rich banking Jews in the Alsace. Most were poor, traded cattle, etc. Most didn't even speak the language and so they couldn't possibly be aristocracy or participate in European bureaucracy.

Reevaluate why you're trying to convince yourself that every Jewish person is a manipulative devil. It's not productive for you or anyone on this board. Yes, there are disproportionate numbers of Jews doing bad things in history, but instead of hating those individuals who are small pieces of the population, you look like an easily labeled extremist who hasn't gone outside in a while.

thanks for hijacking my thread terrific job clap clap clap

Butthurt roastie detected

>if only whites will acknowledge that they should feel guilty for the crimes of their ancestors
>the solutions is clearly indoctrination camps

Nice Try.

wow brilliant you show good objective reasoning skills.

Far right American groups today require strong indoctrination and propaganda to function and get people in the streets, the same way far left movements do.

It's been said a thousand fucking times, but this board is an echo chamber. It doesn't exist to educate you, it exists to convince you to be angry. To blame someone.

Your heritage and history and honor are not about finding a scapegoat or blaming your problems on other people, they are about giving your brethren the opportunity to organize and come together under a culture that goes back thousands of years.

That is the education and community support that White people need, not to mention the economic support of crumbling White American towns with shitty infrastructure and schools.

I said nothing about indoctrination camps, my point is that your priorities are all fucked around because you're tunnel visioned on becoming a victim and feeling guilt for your ancestors, and then are forced to be all angry and wear baseball helmets to rallies becz dey taek arr jabs

did you really download the same pic 42 times?

>meme flag

Guess we did this too hum?

Or this

Because all of those are (((white))) to you.


Simone de Beauvoir, Catholic-- almost a nun

Germaine Greer, Protestant

Doris Lessing, Roman Catholic

Honestly I should just make a shitty little infographic for you with all these pictures in rows so you can make sweeping generalizations about how Christianity encourages feminism


When have I spoken about European immigration bud? the section on the OP about immigration was specifically concerning America.

I think the situation with Europe is way more complicated, and believe it's a different conversation altogether.