Why do successful Blacks racemix?

So I found this today. Tell me Whities living with Blacks.

Are Black ladies not worth?

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You tell me mr. Poo

Gross, but I’m honestly not surprised since mkbhd is a huge uncle tom

I dunno, never even saw one IRL.


I thought he was into BLM and that stuff I was suspicious of his "Matt Black Everything" phrase.

Fuckk off Poo cleaner, we are having civil discussion here.

They look, smell, and behave like chimps.

most do it for attention. thats the bottom line

>They look
Not all, the mutt version of Rihanna and JLo is okay.

> smell
Maybe, but if so then it's a problem.

>Behave like Chimps
Hmm. I've seen their videos on Sup Forums but those seem very skewed, how do black girls behaved in your school?

He could be, but the dude talks whiter than I do, had one of if not the first tesla model 3 on the east coast, and has one of the top tech review channels. Only thing black about him is his skin.

Most black girls arent submissive. Raised with no father and that I don't need no man mentality from their mothers combine to make the ultimate ball busting bitch. Black, white or in between, as a man you want to be respect and worshipped.

Yea man, he's the one of the most agreeable person on this planet to me. I really like his opinions.

the ones coming directly from a conservative family in africa or from caribbea can be, those born in europe or worst, USA are shit tier nigress

very simple, they know that their offspring will be superior to a black, the most successfull "black" people are actually mixed race Obama,Hendrix,Marley, etc

Always remember, being black is a mindset. Uncivilized behavior appears in whatever race you can imagine, and that's what's defined as being black. It's just that a disproportionate about of African-Americans happen to act black, but that's just their own doing.

>Never saw one IRL.
Must be nice.

I like your thoughts.


Yea, I too somewhat agree upon this.

Where's this pic from?

I'd say at least 70% look like this.

>Are Black ladies not worth?

CDC Stands Behind Report That Half Of Black Women Have Herpes

His GFs insta gram.

Classic Aussie on 4chin.

I went to a school that was about 75% white and 25% percent black and hispanic. The only time there was ever an altercation it was between two female nigs or spics. Just one of them in a classroom was enough to de rail the entire course. They're stupid, loud, entitled, and actively seek conflict.

Then the stereotypes can be correct mate.

Meh. The herb goes in all spaces.

Unrelated, but what degree of autism do you have to be in to make a collage of women wanting white men.

post her instagramm


Noone likes blacks, not even blacks

All that being said, the valedictorian of my class was this mixed black girl. I didn't really know her but she seemed like a smart and modest person. The majority of them are hood rat garbage though.

Collage-making autism
Once you have that, the subject doesn't matter

Bcause everyone likes white vegana and bobs and tits

lmao all blacks race mix not because we desperately want to or anything but white pussy is just readily available and easy to get. White women spread their legs easy for black cock.

I'm originally from Chicago but moved to this bum fuck cracker ass town in Vermont called Bolton. There was one other black guy here. We DROWN in pussy here, I've been here for only 3 years and have 7 kids with 6 different women and the other black guy is in a similar situation. It's hilarious because the town is 98% white but the elementary school is 50% mixed race. I guess the women here were sick of small, smelly, blue veined white boi ''cock'' and the lack BBC for them to enjoy was scare and was driving them crazy.

Get a load of this larping kike.

Would have believed more if not BLM.