As a Jew

I'm so happy to see Europe being Morrocanized and Arabized. You guys deserve it for killing Jews during World War 2, an unarmed population and not only that, but for actively supporting Palestinian terrorism against the Israeli survivors. May Europe never rise again.

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>As a Jew
nose with timestamp or you're wasting time.

the genocide of whites is the best achievement of ours. couldnt have been done with righteous goyim like Rockefeller, Bush, Clinton, Obongo, soy goys...

Not a genocide. Though I wish I could see Frenchmen and Germans being chopped up in the streets, Hutu style.

I'd ride the same cart but unfortunately due to 50 years of Europe sticking their nose into our politics, we're currently worse off in the islamization department.

And i don't see us shaking off those sand niggers before Europe does.

Or in other words.
Applied cosmopolitical denominator suggests we will only get our chance once europe mainstreams the anti islamic movement.

Dont disregard our hard work like that!

It is written in our ancient scriptures that the Jews are superior and were chosen to be the Gods over the nations, the leader of all nations. Despite being small in number, our scripture contends, the Jews will rule over everything, including all the goyim. But we will meet much adversity in this journey, especially from the tribe of Edom (which is ambiguously referring to European people) and another more mysterious tribe called Amalek. We are commanded to exterminate every last one of the Amalekites and Edomites. This is in the Bible, not even the Talmud or Zohar.

Kabbalistic works go into more detail. Jesus was considered the son of God, and God himself. But Kabbalsitic works, even those who predate Jesus, say that all Jews are not only the children of God, but are God themselves. Jesus may have been better at harnessing this fact, but every Jew is God and this divinity is the source of their power over the goyim. Being one with the Creator, Jews can will reality into existence. Even without training. But training increases this connection to the Ein Sof within. Everything you see going on is willed by us. This is how it is written in the Zohar and Talmud.

It's because Jews are divine. This is the orthodoxy of Kabbalah. Jews are not harnessing magic external from they, we are harnessing their own potential as being God.
It comes from the idea that Jews are divinity, we can counter God because we are God.

We should ally with the Muslims against the Europeans. Fuck the faggy leftists and the Likudniks.

Europeans are monstrous.

Providence was on Judeas side. Hitler had a 70/100 chance of winning after invading Russia but he lost hard.

Europe also created Isreal though.

This is horrible bait, I am disappointed.

You made a mistake if you truly believe you are winning, Mossad.

Jews think they are immune from consequence "Inbreeding is one hell of a drug", once you start flooding Europe with rapists they will come after the Jewish people. Then they will do the same in America.

>We should ally with the Muslims
Talking from the heart here, you're as blue pilled as it gets.

>as a jew
you mean you are larping as a jew?

What a lie. Jews were buying land in the 1880s. Nice try goy.

American and Soviet pressure willed Israel into being. Europe has never been charitable to Jewry on it's own.

u niggas lie, but dat to mush.

Ally with the Muslims in Europe I mean. Palestinians are sand niggers of course.

You are reading your own stupid book wrong, Europeans come from Japeth who according to your god have a right to occupy all of Shem's tents.

Sure I guess Nazis never put Jewish stars on Jews. Nice try, groid.

This is true. Human sacrifice is required by our deity to achieve Israel.

Jewish prophecies require that 6 million Jews must “vanish” before the state of Israel can be formed. “You shall return minus 6 million.” That’s why Tom Segev, an Israeli historian, declared that the “6 million” is an attempt to transform the Holocaust story into state religion. Those six million, according to prophecy, had to disappear in “burning ovens” (the Greek word holocaust means burned offerings). Robert B. Goldmann writes: “ ...without the Holocaust, there would be no Jewish State.” But with it, the prophecies have now been “fulfilled” and Israel can become a legitimate state.

Before Adolf Hitler, before the Nazi Party, before WW2, starting as early as the 1800s, western newspapers began to use the terms "Holocaust" and claim the "extermination" of "6 million jews" whilst blaming it on Imperial Russia. There are over 256 references to the idea of 6,000,000 Jews being exterminated before this number was officially announced at the Nuremberg trials, starting already in 1869, in the MEMPHIS DAILY APPEAL, (Tennessee). Almost all of them allege that Imperial Russia had exterminated or was planning to exterminate "6 million Jews," some of these "news" articles actually used the term "holocaust."

“The First Holocaust” by Don Heddesheimer is a critical work documenting the continuous Jewish attempts at claiming a "Holocaust" and the "death of 6 million jews" BEFORE WW2. As documented in the book The First Holocaust, the Zionists have continuously and hysterically attempted to claim that six million Jews were dead, dying or in grave danger in Europe and Russia since the late 1800s, so that they could have the "legitimacy of prophecy" to finally create "New Israel."

>implies 6m jews died

Who cares what that murderous goy says? You shouldn't have butchered Jews in pogroms in Russia.

They did, Hajji.

Well you murdered the Czar and killed millions of Russians in retaliation, if that isn't enough for you Venus is the only place Jews deserve.

Judaism does not condemn this. Goyim punish us for our sins. Rabbis preach that punishment and sacrifice was deserved for the sins (unhalakhic)

We follow the biblical pattern of punishment (human sacrifice) and redemption.

If you can will reality into existence, can you on your own will the absence of reality?

Gas the jews!

yes, many in the kabalist community preach that jews deserved the shoah for their sins and literally say shitler dindu nuffin

its ancient pagan ritual sacrifice ("trial by fire" ) to moloch rebranded as redemption/endure persecution

the pleb jews are the sacrificial lamb to the molochites

Yes we survived the Holocaust but goy support of Palestinianism is a non-Biblical example of terrorism. Europeans are fair game.

it was just Jews killing Jews, user,

so now it is confirmed that Chetniks are Cossacks and Cossacks are Jews!

Its not enough! After butchering us in Treblinka and Medjanek, you Europeans help Arabs kill us, such as working as rocket scientists for Nasser in the 1960s or supporting Palestinian terrorism such as the British Labor Party in the 1970s. You guys are monstrous. We need to fight fire with fire.

>You guys deserve it for killing Jews during World War 2

ITT: butthurt goyim

It was Right Wing Britons like myself who actually helped Jews. I suppose we are all the same to you Daleks.

In case you're Christian: the covenant changed after the jews killed Christ. "There is no jew, greek, or gentile." Only those who accept JC as our Lord and Savior and those who don't. These who accept him are the people of God, others arent. That simple. Claiming jews or israelites or somehow special or deserve support is anti-Biblical when considering the New Testament as taking precedence over the old (which is the case).

As for the Northern Africans, just wait. Wait and watch as they turn not on the white man but on the jews here. ANNUDA SHOAH.

You think the North Africans are stupider then they really are.

didnt the west give refuge to millions of eastern european jews to escape the pogroms?

america itself took in more than a few million as a true gentile and naive act of humanity.

but the moment they arrived, the established german jews despised their eastern brethren. the german jews encouraged antisemitism upon the russian jews in US.

the goyim had no antisemitism in US, they welcomed the pogrom refugees, but as they accepted italians, they soon found out they made a terrible mistake. the jews, irish, and italians brought with them a wave of barbaric savagery, murder, crime, gangs, rapes unlike anything the WASP has seen.

the jews/italians transformed a crime-free puritan society into vicious gangland ruled by crime bosses. these mafia bosses quickly rose to the top of american society and legitimized illegal activities to establish their presence in the ruling oligarchy of america.

goys still ignored all the malevolent actions of the jews in america. goys died and fought to free the jews from adolf

Now the gandchildren- of those who fought the Germans to free the Jews- are all genocided and dying thanks to the race replacement policies of the Jews their grandparents fought for and saved. This is what they get for saving a cobra.

Goyim are monsters, baka

Unlike anything the WASP has ever seen? Lmaaaaaao

You butchered all the Indians in the Midwest what are you talking about.

You really are a lying pimp. Charles Lindbergh didn't want to save the Jews. The German American Bund didn't want to save the Jews. It was Jewish machinations in the Roosevelt government that got the US to finally stop Hitler's rampage.

WTF? You attacked Germany first. See; The German Revolution. Bolshevic Jews and Partisans massacred 5,000 Germans in land you stole off them through economic terrorism. And during that time your people murdered 20 million Christians in Ukraine as well as being responsible in the first incident fir WW1 & 2 and the hundreds of millions dead in those two wars.

You french filth have a lot of chutzpah. You handed over Jewish children to Hitler even when he didn't ask.

Read about Maurice Papon and Rene Bousquet.

Jews are so blind to reality they will never live in it. Have you heard of Julius Popper?

you goys even gave lil soros free healthcare to treat his condition. he later repaid you by breaking the bank of england and flooding you with your shitskin replacements.

>After World War II, Soros fled alone as a poor 17-year-old immigrant to London, where he worked at a variety of small jobs. “I broke my leg and was taken care of, free of charge, by the National Health Service,” recalled Soros
>George Soros,Man Who Broke the Bank of England, repays his gratitude to England by breaking it and sending millions of British into eternal poverty and chaos.

Soros acknowledged that if it were not for Britain, he would have been permanently disfigured and walking with a permanent limp.

Nice try, paddy. But the "Jews" didn't rebel against the Kaiser during World War 1, it was socialists which had Jews among them.

Yes he was an explorer who fought other armed men you nutcase. Does that take away the facts of the Wounded Knee massacre?

The majority of them were Jews. Bolshevic socialism is a Jewish movement, no one denies this. Why do you seek to deny the holocaust you have wrought on white people and forced your expulsion? Why not just be honest about your people's horrific behaviour in the region?

What horrific behavior? Why is rebelling against a monsterous war horrific?

He killed unarmed Selkham Women and Children.
Listen to this and be free.


So what? He is his own man. You Anglo and Germanics robbed the entire midwest.

This, you fucking mong;
>Bolshevic Jews and Partisans massacred 5,000 Germans in land you stole off them through economic terrorism. And during that time your people murdered 20 million Christians in Ukraine as well as being responsible in the first incident fir WW1 & 2 and the hundreds of millions dead in those two wars.

wrong again. it was Morgenthau and Baruch that advised FDR to not accept any Jews. remember the German Jews hated the eastern European Jews. Russian Jews were seen as goyish filth by the established German Jews.

The Jews came arrived as guests on the condition of good behavior and productivity. The goy soon learned that the guest was indeed a malevolent influence and criminalistic in their society.

They said they were going to take them to internment camps, though. Anyway you jews were being very arrogant guests - as you always are.

Listen. I am only Half-Anglo, the rest is Irish, you are of Germanic ancestry too through Ashkenazi descent.


Jews were active in the slaughter of Indians in the midwest.

have you heard of tribalism? mafia? nepotism? gangs? corruption?

Morgenthau and Barch were anti-Jewish. they wanted the Russians Jews OUT.

>guns, rapes, threats, extortion, intimidation, murder incorporated

this is how the eastern european jews rose to power:

Economic terrorism lmaaaaao

I like how you believe of this shit that has no bearing on your life. And if you think it does I got one question (which you won’t answer honestly) where do you work?

1. Nutcase. You're calling Jews Bolsheviks, who were anti-war.

2. You're blaming them for World War 1, when it was Serb rats who began World War 1.

your "opinion" will end up making other people start killing jews.

1. Nutcase. You're calling Jews Bolsheviks, who were anti-war.

2. You're blaming them for World War 1, when it was Serb rats who began World War 1.

Now, now. Why would they deport them East if they were having them work in labor camps, instead of having them work in labor camps in Germany, like the Slavs? Because there were no labor camps in the East, just killing sites you naughty goy.

Jews are heterogenous. You had Jews fight in the German army in world war 1. What's your point?

In reality Europeans deserve it for not gassing all the kikes when they had the chance. The mufti of Jerusalem even went to Hitler to warn him that if the Jews survived and went to live in Palestine, Muslims would turn hostile against Europe.

Just put William Dudley Pelley, Prettyboy Lindbergh and Charles Coughlin under the rug. Good untermensch.

To fight for your own people's preservation is a natural and noble thing to do.

Meanwhile the Jews robbed N.Y.

You're shameful. Have an Islamic flag, while Islam is quite clear that killing children, women and prisoners is wrong.

Germany? They couldnt have jews in their country. Nazis didnt give a f about eastern europ, so east as a location for camps made sense actually.

Not if it's at the expense of another population. You like white settlers in Latin America.

With force? Are you absolutely nuts?

> it was Morgenthau and Baruch that advised FDR to not accept any Jews. remember the German Jews hated the eastern European Jews. Russian Jews were seen as goyish filth by the established German Jews.

you can only blame Morgenthau, Baruch, Bernard Bernstein
Benjamin Victor Cohen
Felix Frankfurter
David E. Lilienthal
David Ginsburg
Samuel Rosenman
James Warburg

if the eastern euro jews behaed righteously instead of criminalistically, then no punishment by YHWH would have occurred

Didn't give a fuck about Eastern Europe? Are you retarded? Is that why they invaded Eastern Europe? Is that why wanted lebensraum? Again, they brought Poles and Russians to work as slaves in Germany. There were no work camps in Eastern Europe, nutcase.

Nice try, but even after the Holocaust happened, you goyim were killing Jews.

Well yes, force through gang violence and nepotism.

>They didnt give a f as in they didnt care for Eastern Europeans. So sending them jews was a-OK. Displacing Poles and others to Germany to work was a-OK also. Having actual jews IN Germany was definitely not OK.

No, American Whites weren't killing Jews. Free yourself of the mind parasite.

NY was Anglo af before the arrival of criminals of lesser europe

Al Capone was no worse then Custer, the Indian-killer or any rich industrialist who supported World War 1.

American whites killed Jew in 1983. Nick Berg. Nice try.

After having butchered all the Indians you murderous thief.

They sent them to their deaths in Eastern Europe you freak.

The only thing positive about sandniggers ruining my country is that they are gonna unleash a (real) holocaust on stupid jew asses. You think you can shame sandniggers? Ha, your time is nigh filthy jews.


WASP USA before the arrival of the criminal nomads

Shut up Dutch faggot. Arabs are our brothers.

Jews believe all jews around the world need to become faithful and practicing again for the Messiah to come. Won't happen:

>Lots of jewish people mixed which resulted in probably hundreds of thousands of offspring with jewish dna, most dont even know they have it - all of them turning faithful jews isnt realistic
>Lots of people have converted to judaism over the years but are NOT descendants of Abraham... and yet claim to be Israelis/Jews
>The Messiah came to us already (Yeshua) so just accept him and you will be one of the 144,000 jews who are saved

just because 52percentandme said you are 0.05% ashkenazi doesnt make you a jew cletus

One Jew. Literally one Jew. Remind me how many soldiers Kissinger sent to their death. I implore you to listen to this video, describe it if you must.

the fact of the matter is your people do not align with the curses of Deuteronomy
it is only a matter of time before the world reveals you as the man of sin we know you are

Did Kissinger sent Americans to their deaths on behalf of Israel? Were the generals during the Vietnam War Jews?

((goyim)), like ((Rosenberg))?

>Hanussen, a member of the race the nazis were pledged to exterminate
>hitler's personal rasputin, mentor, advisor
>taught hitler fiery-speech style, how to hypnotize the masses
>mentored, advised, financed the nazis
>advised and persuaded Germany's rich, powerful industrialists to support and vote for nazis
>secured financial funds for the party

would the nazis have been powerful, without the leadership of Hanussen?

was this man responsible for creating hitler?
is he ever mentioned in your history classes?
Eva Brong

Yes. All I said is that this was unknown to the French at the time. We thought we were getting rid of jews but we thought the Germans were sending them to brand new jewish communities with gardens and the possibility to thrive in an all-jewish environment.

Nazis are not as hideous as you neo-Nazis. Nazis like Adolf Eichmann respected the right of Jews to their own nation, while neo-Nazis hate Zionism.

who invited you here? go to homeland israel and butcher arabs you murderous thief.

Liar! You knew the Germans massacred Jews in Kristallnacht in 1938. You knew they were butchers who killed their own Nazi Party members in 1934 in the Night of Long Knives.

The only thing you french "thought" is that Hitler would win the war.

So that's why the Jews kidnapped him and killed him.

the problem is you are not the jew
you are amalek pretending to be jews
maybe you have lived the lie so long you have forgotten
death to you amalek
Christ will slay you all
down to the last man women and child

Arabs are the butchers.

doesn't ring a bell