Jordan B. Peterson Exposed: (((They))) Have Shut It Down

This video exposing Jordan Peterson as a Zionist was flagged for hate speech after 15 views. After 3000 views it has now been put into "features disabled" mode: Comments deleted and disabled, view count and like/dislike ratio hidden.

(((They))) are shitting their pants about this video. It exposes their shabbos-goy Peterson as a Zionist agent, and redpills his huge audience on the JQ at the same time. It actually had way more than 3000 views, the view count kept get going up by hundreds of views, and then going back down. It was being manipulated right from the start.


This kills the Peterson, and terrifies the jew.

Second video is having its view count manipulated but is not yet shut down; it exposes Peterson as a liar that upholds the Marxist status quo deception of "mass immigration just being done for economic reasons":


These are nuclear redpills that use Jordan B. Peterson's current international fame as a vector for delivery. This is why the jews are shutting it down.

End Peterstein and bring down the Jew World Order.

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(((SHUT. IT. DOWN.)))


>everyone i dont like is moarpheus

Thanks for correcting my spelling and proving my point

Moarpheus is literally a JIDF persona you came up with so that you could be dismissive of any criticism one might have about e-celebs,

And here's the American flag compatriot to back up what he says. Yawn zzzzz

Jordan is a Canadian Anglo (Tory). He is part of the new "Kosher Approved" wave of internet celebs who have been engineered to become leaders and influencers of American Populism. You see, American populism is hostile towards the British Empire. This creates conflict for the British. The British elite do not like American Populism. In order for the British elite (which includes Jews) to maintain their Empire, the British must attempt to take control of American Populism. To control, and direct American Populism back under the influence of (((British power))).

Enter in the rise of Jordan Peterson, The Alt-Right, Richard Spender, Tommy Robinson and Jared Taylor. All of whom, are kosher approved 'White activist".

In short, it is White Identity w/ Jews included being promoted on the surface. Underneath the surface are the same Jewish controlled Rothschild forces that have devastated Europe for the past few centuries ending in 120 million dead. Jordan Peterson may appear to be pro-Western at first glance, however the forces behind him are the most anti-Western ever recorded in world history.

There are many Anglo-Americans today who have fallen for the British Empire lie. They falsely believe the British Empire was "the height of White Civilization" and wish to remain loyal to it (loyalist). Nothing could be further from the truth. The British Empire was the most anti-White organization of the past 361 years that murdered and destroyed a dozen White nations with foreign African, Indian, Pakistani troops collected across the world. The Jews funded the British Empire liberally and used it to gain great power for themselves.

Jordan Peterson is little more than byproduct of that anti-White British Empire; attempting to hold on to it's Talmudic roots and financiers demands.

It is of no surprise many of these internet celebs originate out of Canada. Canada is where the British Tory Loyalist fled after losing the American Revolutionary War.

>anyone who calls out Zionists is this specific person my paranoid brain believes is stalking me on Sup Forums
You're literally taking the side of the jews who have shut the video down on jewtube. Kill yourself.



Stay mad Shlomo.

Stale tactics from the stale nazi flag using the same stale walls of texts and meme folder

Only follow the most fringe fascist academics with no following goyim! You know, the ones that are no threat!

>only follow our kosher Zionist ecelebs that are hostile to White identity! don't tell the truth goyim, you can never win by telling the truth!

fuck off kike, we all know your character assassinations threads, you stick out like a sore thumb

He should have stayed out of politics and just kept teaching leaf soyboys to wipe their ass, from a certain degree he was even useful that way.
Now that he went full anti-racist(codeword for anti-white, remember) zionist propagandist priding himself in diverting people from right wing, he earned himself a nice sturdy rope. Hope he gets it delivered quickly if shit somehow hits the fan in leafland.

Imagine my shock

>he earned himself a nice sturdy rope

Oy vey

End Juden Peterstein the jewish bait and switch artist

Notice the meme flag. SJWs hate JP.

Shitty bait is shitty


These shill threads have convinced me that Peterson represents an existential threat to the left

he's not a shill, you can tell by his nazi flag! He's more 14/88 than all of us!

The amount of shill threads against this guy daily make me think (((someone))) doesn't want white men to listen to him


Come on man, he's such a DANK MEMER tho!

is someone about to get crowder'd ?


>(((someone))) doesn't want white men to listen to him
>oy vey we'll just use reverse psychology to dupe the dump goyim into following our kosher pied piper!
Peterstein's stated goal is to stop White men from organizing in response to the Marxist extermination of the White race.

>everyone I disagree with is a jew




Only a really real jew would hide his flag

Version two of the Peterstein exposed video:!fdRHlRrY!FF8N_BwIlEGmJZ0YY7yp-mu9_gmT5-nMVLMk_lby7aY

Slightly improved, and since it has a different file hash it should avoid automatic detection for censorship by jewtube.


ayy Shlomo

faith goldy definitely has some Dick sucking lips but shes kinda annoying... i wouldnt be suprised if goldy is short for goldstein desu...

>leftypol false flagging faggotry
You know you're over target when you're receiving flak.

>10 posts
>9 posts

Find more convincing ways to shill.

Other guy won't show it cause he's JIDF

>You know you're over target when you're receiving flak.
You mean flak like jewtube censoring videos that expose jewish agents of deception?

That's singer Alain Chamfortacing a role.

show flag

i dont understand, is he pro jews?

>is he pro jews?
Yes. He's a Zionist, and he preaches that jews are only over represented in the power structures of our nations because "they are very high IQ", and that if you think there's a conspiracy you have mental illness and need to clean your room.

show da flag boy

oh ok than this thread is bs he's not addressing anything at all

Gas yourself, kikes.

The CTR/Shareblue Shills and Payments:

>everyone I disagree with is a jew
Have your award

>only over represented in the power structures of our nations because "they are very high IQ"
He might actually believe that. That's a fairly bluepilled normie belief.
Haven't watched your video yet, but am downloading

I remember a clip of him where he was crying and said: always speak the truth goys!

How does he explain (((art))) like pic related?

Get version 2 instead of the one in OP:

about that real flag of yours?

>How does he explain (((art))) like pic related?
Here is what Peterstein says about mass immigration: "it's not to replace Whites, it's just for economic reasons bucko, there is no Marxist plot to replace Whites":

Yeah, he's a fucking hypocrite and an agent of deception.

ok cool but let's see you real flag lol

>"This content is not available on this country domain."
>Try Youtube proxies
>They don't work
Fuck my government... D-do you think they're onto me???!

>He might actually believe that.
It's a standard jewish lie. You should ask yourself why his career is being aided by Zionist jews, including the (((MSM))) itself.

(((economic reasons)))
Getting so sick and tired of these fags.


Really? Censored in Europe? FULL SHUT IT DOWN MODE ACTIVATED.

You can view/download the video here:!fdRHlRrY!FF8N_BwIlEGmJZ0YY7yp-mu9_gmT5-nMVLMk_lby7aY

Fuggin amazing how fast the kikes work.


that video has pretty good production value and well edited.
It's almost like it's done by someone who knows his propaganda. And was payed for it

Muestra tu bandera amigo

Clear your room fags

pot, kettle, black.

commie kys

So this is the power of anti-peterson kikes

He lied to us, he probably has Jewish blood himself. How did he land a speaking role at a Zionist gathering again?


That goes for (((you))) also.

He won't because he's in Israel

>Peterstein IDF with commie flags
Is this bait?

I want to see that beautiful blue star on his real flag!

>oy vey only jews are competent
>the goyim can't meme!
>clearly a jew created this propaganda to expose Peterstein as a Zionist agent
>it's the only explanation
>jewtube censoring the video only proves that it's a jewish plot!
k... keep me posted.

We all know you're in Israel, Moshe

Jewish parasites are found in more places than Israel, and they also use VPN's to hide behind.

>Banned in your country

Time to show your flag.

>How did he land a speaking role at a Zionist gathering again?
He's personal friends with (((Ezra Levant))), who also spoke at the event, and he did a panel discussion with Ezra after his speech (where Peterstein agreed that "anti-Zionism is just antisemitism" and that "antisemitism is a 2000 year old disease" that is "a total mystery").

Ezra Levant has been not only helping Peterstein gain exposure, he gave Peterstein $200k.



>oy vey only jews are competent
>clearly a jew created this propaganda
I didn't mention the jews in any way. While you saw payed and assumed jews. You might be a jew.

sauce on the original? I got hard

Good 'ol "I'm a Nationalist and support the rights for peoples to govern themselves, except for X because of some unfounded meme-tier conspiracies"

Unless you are a globalist treehugging lefty or a Nazi of below-average intelligence, you should be a Zionist

OP is a known Palestinian sympathizer

Bahahahaha faggot soyboys got triggered and paid, then made this post

>you should be a Zionist

God damn I love this fash-wave aesthetic. It's maturing very nicely into many forms of media.


Thanks for sharing OP.

I always knew he was full of shit, especially when he promotes (((libertarianism))) and (((ultra-capitalism))).


You got me, I flagged your video to trigger you. Seems like it worked

>Peterson won't stand up or put his ass on the line for the white race and against white genocide. What? Of course I won't show my flag or put any kind of identity to my shill posts hehehe *rubs hands*

Too obvious, Schlomo.

It's from Cleon Peterson, He's Jordan Peterson's brother from another mother.