Why are American whites racist?

Seriously out of all people why are american whites such racists? USA is not a white nation so why do you act like it is? USA is for 3rd worlders now mainly so why do you not accept this? less then 50 percent of the country is white when you count illegals and the white % will decrease rapidly in the future as whites do not have children and less then 5% of your immigrants are from europe, when you include illegals around 1-3% of your immigrants are white. So again why of all places the niggerjewited States of Israel why are whites so racist in this country? you have no point or place to do it! the only place where racism is acceptable is in eastern europe cause they didn't do shit to nobody...

Nativists have not earned a meaningful way of life!

Euro-centric nativism is the problem.

These people come from backward parts of the country basically primitive people, with no outside contact with the outside world.
they are the "first world" version of Amazon lost tribes.

They don't understand that their way of life has nothing to do with The Constitution, Founding Fathers, the American Flag (and all those other national myths and civil religion), but instead their way of life is fueled by the suffering of many impoverished people around the world who must labor to satisfy the insane consumer habits of many Americans.

Over populated melting pot. It's natural they would become racist.

I like Milo Yannopoulos, Ben Shapiro and I live by the words of Ayn Rand. This, according to the users of this slogan, makes me a racist, a KKK and/or a nazi.

Start making sense if you want my attention.

Agreed People must understand clearly that the USA is not for whites at all it is for NON Whites! Whites never belonged in the USA anyways! the USA is a jewish nation meant for all, ideally not whites though! the niggers, mexicans, and other low iq races are perfect for the usa since they make great consumers for the jew overlords

it doesn't all of those people are left wingers who promote the browning an american! so according to my theory you are ok. The normal mindset to have is that you won't stop it now and that whites need to deal with the fact that their grandchildren in the usa will be brown/black!

overpopulated??? USA is one of the least densely populated nations on earth. That irish educated is really showing

well-said, it is critical to deport all low-IQ whites... pretty much Appalachia, rural parts of the Midwest, ALL of West Virginia, and the mountain towns of New England... And pretty much everyone outside the college towns of the South.

Tell that to their protesters then.

The White Panther is watching you Antifa.

More Trump
More KKK
More racist USA!

Indian and nigger savage lives don't matter. Get fucked mongolid.


Becaue living close to something you know what are and act.

how do they not matter? Indians and niggers are the heart of america! They are the future of America whites are the past! And will be looked down upon in the future more and more! Enjoy living as a dwindling minority! Seriously if I was in the usa I would leave out of respect and shame. Whites in the usa ideally should just kill themselves since their ancestors enslaved niggers and now they have too much privilege! just let the jews take control more because the usa is done either way, you might as well give your masters the wheel. give up whitey

Plenty of land, cities are shit holes though.

Cities used to be nice when they were majority white this however started to rapidly end post 1965, civil rights era and the new immigration policy of not sourcing immigrants from europe which as decreased so much that now europeans are not even 5% of the usa's immigrants. but that is ok the non-whites may create shitholes but they are the future of the usa not the whites! the whites are the past and that is a fact.

You disgrace my homelands flag you dirty shill fuck

Why are Lithuanian Mongol sons so racist?

what flag?

yes bring back communism please it was the best! lithuanians are anti-racist please don't use that word it gives us goosbumps!

>USA is not a white nation
Sage goes in all fields.


3rd world slav education, everyone.

If only Lithuanians were slavs you might have been at best 1/2 correct...hint: lithuanians are not slavs


>no trump (2)
>no kkk (5)
>no racist usa (6)

wat? no. that's not how that works.

The DOTR can't come soon enough.

From an observer's perspective, it seems like most of the racism in the US is directed at white Americans, by other white Americans, the mutts, the spics and the niggers.
Anti-White racism became socially acceptable.
Rarely, if ever, do you see White Americans being openly racist anymore.

openly racist against the other racial groups in America*


Fuck off with the identity politics already ok goy?

What group of people loudly and publicly calls a different group evil and deserving of death? Here's a hint, it ain't white people.

Well the dying whites need to accept it and cuck out it is the only viable option either that or get out of the jewnited states and move to some racist eastern european nations but only if you don't have the mark of the jew circumcised dick

Balts and Slavs talk the same, same shit 2 names.

pic related is all you need to know

whites in the usa need to learn to shut up and obey their minorites they need to be kind to non whites because whites are a minority already and the minority status of whites will only increase as whites barely have any kids while non whites have a lot of kids.

Here's something to help you out:

ANY president NOT a leftist will be a "racist" "hitler" or whatever.

Once you grasp this simple concept, you won't ask so many stupid questions.

wow strike 2...balts languages are not slavic, shit Estonians speak a finno-ugric language even...so damn you wanna go for strike 3 americuck?

well that is good because after Trump the jew shill is gone who is a leftist to be fair...any right wing president would repeal the 1965 immigration act and return europeans to the main and only source of immigrants...with whites dwindling in numbers and non whites voting mainly democrat...the republican party is dead

If I ever meet a Lithuanian I'm going to slap the shit out of him

Cuz my micro penis fell off and Jamal stole my girl and mom

"Racism" is just a negative term for something good... the idea that you should help your own family, extended family and race before other people. When niggers have an organization advancing their own interests, it's called the Naacp. Jews have adl, jidf, jdl, and many others, so many they have a separate organization just for presidents of those orgs. Wetbacks have LA Raza. When Whites unite for self preservation, it's called "racism" by the jewish power structure. I can't believe we allow ourselves to fall victim to our enemy's terminology for us.

no dude what? Jamal? dude dafuq? There is like no fucking blacks in Lithuania you do know that right? or are you talking about yourself?

Change the flag, stop embarrassing us, imbecile.

well since jews run your country they decide what is good or bad and since they make you believe racism is bad with constant media and educational propoganda then you goys must believe that it is true.

how am I embarrassing anyone are facts and logic embarrassing? you must be polish get out of my country and go back to Warszawa you fucker!

Baltic languages, Latvian, Lithuanian, are part of the same family as Slavic.

Why do you bring up Estonian language which isn't related at all?

>country was literally founded on blacks and native americans being treated as a lesser race
>the country almost destroyed itself because it wanted to own black people
>the entire political stage was changed when black people got the right to vote
The country was born to be racist.

You'd be racist too if you had to deal with ghetto trash niggers day in and day out. At first you think it's an anomaly, then you think that it's a trend, then you realize that it is something inherent and inescapable.

they aren't at all...Baltic has nothing to do with slavic why are americans so painfully retarded?

Just deal with it, give your life savings to the blacks this will solve the problems if you have a wife or daughter give them off to the blacks and kill yourself...this is the future of the usa

Baltic is the same shit. You just call yourselves different for political reasons.

Lithuanians are the same shit as Polish and Belarusians(Bela Russians?).

Go have your onions and vodka!

This has to be the shittiest chant ever thought up

The most racist whites I have ever seen are the leftists.

Because this is one of the intelligent and hard working ones that makes the rest look good so just let that sink in and really make an impression

Listen Lithuanikek, if you had to live around American minorities, you'd feel the same way.

These aren't relatively tame euroniggers. These are full scale, uber-entitled, hyperviolent apes that view willful ignorance as a virtue. Seriously. Young American niggers will mock eachother as "acting white" for doing things like behaving in class or trying to learn while in school.

Until you've lived among them and seen this sort of savagery, you can't possibly understand how loathsome a beast the American nigger is.

i lived in the usa for 13 years i have legal us residencey i don't want to come back unless you repeal the 1965 immigration act and expel all the jews i actually have a good thing going on in lithuania right now no point in me leaving..

funny enough i lived near detroit as well i know what you mean

>"Seriously out of all people why are american whites such racists? USA is not a white nation so why do you act like it is? USA is for 3rd worlders now mainly so why do you not accept this? less then 50 percent of the country is white"

>was a white nation
>now no longer isn't

Gee I wonder what they might be pissed off about?.

just fucking deal with it your parents slept in 1965 with the immigration act and now you fuckers are seeing the consequences....this is what happens when you don't allow european immigrants in and instead prefer somalians and bangladeshi


Alright, alright, I'll check them digits

Op, NO ONE gives a crap about the color, shade, texture, or tone of ANYONES skin. I openly discriminate based on degenerate BEHAVIOR. The American negros, as a group, engage in and glorify degenerate BEHAVIOR. As a result, I will not do business with, rent to, hire, or socialize with ANY American negros.