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>I bet they called in 20 bobbys to deal with that mad man.

ILLEGAL credit cards m8




How many do you think they'd need to deal with a highschool shooting?

Hmm its not illegal to have a knife in public if the blade is less than 3inch.

40 or so, give or take a marksman.


all of them and the royal navy

Can you prove him wrong Sup Forums? why else would you have a knife on you ya cheeky cunt

>intelligence led
What did they mean by this? They using a patriot act equivalent to spy on the public, then justify it by arresting drug peddlers?

That's a utility knife not even the real stabby stabby kind!

How are bongs actually okay with this?

I grew up in Bongistan and my dad gave me and my bro pocket knives. We used to go into the woods and practice making spears in case a monster came after us

If we were kids there now we'd just be raped by some Muslims in the woods before we'd get arrested for amassing an armory of war spears and battle knives

Because knives are really useful tools. I might need to open a box or other packaging. I might need to scrape something off something or cut some fabric or anyone one of a thousand other things I'd do with a knife before stabbing someone.

I own and carry one of these ( ) in my wallet for the same reason I have a box cutter on my keys, it's just a useful thing to have.

It takes a reasonable amount of time to fold out and snap together, you could hardly stab someone with it in the heat of the moment. In the time it takes to deploy this knife as a weapon, and the fact you'd almost certainly have to have the element of surprise, you could just pick up a rock or a bottle or just sucker punch someone and kick him to death.

Knife law in the UK is retarded.

>arrested on suspsion

SAS would be called in

how can you sleep at night knowing you own something as dangerous as a knife #knivestakelives

You think that's bad? You can't even buy a plastic knife or fork in a supermarket here if you're under 18. Shit's fucked

>mostly kitchen knives

just because you can butter your toast with a gun doesn't mean they're safe to use

Remind us all of America's responsibility with weapons capable of killing multiple people?

>unload it
>becomes completely inert
>spread butter

Let's see you render a knoife harmless so easily.

serious question: how I'm supposed to buy a kitchen knife in a store in UK when I cannot carry it in public?

>unload gun
>get thumb stuck in bolt
what now drumpf supporters?

Well there's like 100 million AR platform rifles in citizen's hands and they're used in something like 1% of all shootings, which are at a fairly low rate themselves given that we have 330 million people and even more guns here.

Niggers aside we're probably the most responsible armed populace ever, aside from homogeneous conscripting nations.

>no Brit will ever hold the high score

When will we finally ban assault lights

>spreading butter with a garand
just put your toast next to the crock and shoot it from 600 yards, fool

More like they'd call in the S.A.S.

M8 I left my door ajar after cooking some burgers to vent out the greasy-smoke-fog and one of my glocks ran away

A cop brought it back and told me it killed a nigger. It's no joke, you gotta be careful with these things. They're inherently dangerous and racist

The cop was having a laugh but I was pretty mad since he smelled the grease and told me he wanted a burger. Basically the worst day of my life

Damn they even arresting nunchuck users now

People out fishing always have a knife handy

to KILL fish
the only reason to own a knife is to kill


Being the most responsible armed populas is like saying that you're the most pure prostitute. A nation full of armed people is outdated. Gun control can and has worked, if your country is so unstable and immature that a political decision literally means that half of the country will take up arms against the Government, you probably shouldn't have them in the first place.

are batons illegal? explain this to me bongs

>all those opinels

Come on guys

While normally I would roll my eyes at this, Britain is full of cunts that will slash your face and run away. The guy they arrested is more than likely that kind of guy so fuck him, laws like this are meant to be picky-chooseys.

well, in Poland it is legal to carry a knife but not a nunchuck

you ever been bonked on the head with a baton before lad?

>sharing your burgers
That is terrible, at least your glock came back.

>Being the most responsible armed populas is like saying that you're the most pure prostitute
lol let another retard get your human rights taken away, bogan cunt. Thank god you're on an island where it's hard for you to infect others.

I carry pic related everyday on my belt. I work in handling and I obviously use it for my job. In France it is completely illegal to carry any kind of weapon, including this, however the worst sentence I can get is confiscation of the object and a 600€ fine, if I ever get prosecuted because most of the time a cop would probably let me go immediately. Not to mention I never got frisked by a cop anyway because I'm white.

Meanwhile in the UK I would be going to jail for 5 years.

I mean the fucking billhook was probably not going to be used to chop veggies.

he might use it as a mini scythe my guy

kek yes I have Satan it doesn't hurt that much.

you ain't been bonked hard enough then if you think it should still be legal

At least we don't have niggers. We killed ours.
Human right ensures that it is something essential to our survival. It was never a right (not human right, just a normal fucking right) to bear arms here, so we weren't robbed of any rights. Even your second amendment says that the right to bare arms is only necessary when dealing with a tyrannical government. Check your facts before spouting bullshit you typically educated, 69 IQ Ameritard

>he doesn't build his own fires
>he doesn't whittle
>he doesn't knife fight with his uncles for a laugh
city cunt

What would you need a mini scythe for in 2018? Mini wheat?

But honeslty ive no idea what the fuck that thing is. Looks antiquated with those rivets.

>Even your second amendment says that the right to bare arms is only necessary when dealing with a tyrannical government.
Dude, it's one fucking sentence. It's not hard to get it down right. Though it does seem that many retards dont understand the plain English in which it is written.

oi watch your tone with me or i'll get the bobby on you

>tfw bongs dont have a constitutional right to kung fu
why even try desu

my fucking sides.


the bolice

>tfw all the knives are finally binned

This aussie is a shitty troll hes been baiting threads all day

>no ice picks

A faggot British police officer that carrys a club and wears a silly hat.

You call that a knoife?

wots all this about

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

Let's break this down alright (btw, your english is SUPER plain. Apparently U's make words too difficult to spell?)

>Last time I checked, americans with guns don't form a militia AT ALL, let alone a well organised one.
>Is it currently necessary to protect a free state? Definitely not
In summary, if another civil war arises, and you're part of the militia defending or attacking, go nuts, buy as many guns as you want. Outside of war, you have no "right" to bear arms

Damn, I wish. it's 9am here, i just woke up and opened this thread

cops don't care if you have a knife unless they think you're going to hurt somebody anyway. I mean a tool like your pic not some huge thing

How can someone understand so little of freedom and its implications?
Do european just love living under totalitarian governments?

is hitting rock bottom instantly going on Sup Forums when you wake up?

Man aussie shitposting is reaching next level. Assuming this isn't a shitpost, how do you suppose people get guns if they dont have them before a tyrannical government takes power?

Also pic related.

Yeah, pretty much. I'm being sentenced at 11, so was trying to get some of my nerves out. I'm hoping I only get a CCO, wish me luck boys

sentenced for what?

Fuck then another cunt as a headstart on you.

That's retarded. You're one of those doomsday preppers, aren't you?

quality post m8

A couple of charges. I'm only really guilty of drug possession, the others weren't my fault. If I dogged in the people actually responsible though, I'd end up with much worse than a CCO

How do you morons open boxes?

>Bobbys easily stopping knife crime
>donut destroyers can’t stop shootings

Top class force you got there lads.

Can't you just say you're about to open a box?


You avin' a giggle there, m8?


>children's safety scissors
>bandage cutting scissors
>kitchen knives
seriously bongs

ah so you don't actually seal the boxes.

naaaah m8 just sharpen your nails

Americans will never ever understand. Brits just don’t have this fuck off mindset about going against the grain. We don’t leave the house with a knife because honestly why do you need one? Most yanks ITT keep saying “it’s useful” which is bullshit honestly.

Also m8 look into the two clauses of the second amendment its tricky for non americans but the part that ensures our right as an individual to own a firearm is the operative clause “ the right of the people to keep and bare arms, shall not be infringed.”

Very cheap and very common in Europe. Opinels are legitimately an excellent choice for hiking because they're so light weight.

holy shit is that really her?

>can't buy a plastic knife if you're under 18

things are getting that way here, I had to show ID to buy spray paint at a Shart Mart


Shitistan. Not even USA is that fucked up in the head.

That's state law. It's so kids don't go huffing it and so nogs don't go graphitti-ing up their hood

get a leatherman you cheap frog

Lol Britain has the worse fucking laws as the rules for patients at the psych ward I work at. At least nonviolent patients can use sharps under supervision in a psych ward

theyd probably have to recall the whole of the british armed forces back to england and have a coordinated strike on the kid

I would love to have Brit police come over to my place and have a look around. Hell even checking my trunk alone would have them shaking and firing up twitter.

it would take more than that. Remember how those bees killed that hornet by swarming over it and cooking it alive. Wish the old ways were still in place.

yeah mate we use our nails for everything now. i just had a meal using a fork and fingernails, it's pretty good i'll tell ya that.

shame that my lass got arrested the other day for having illegally sharp 5mm nails though, she forgot to file and boy did she pay the price

I carry pic related everyday for the hell of it, (also a .40 cal concealed) and I don’t have to worry about jail. Bongland is fucked

>be me
>german /k/uck

Literally need to worry about Cops anytime I got out with my Knife