This is... Borderline autism, isn't it?

I don't even need to open the thumbnail to know whatever this is is going to be a spastic strawman fallacy comic.

Yeah, why are you reading it?

can you/anybody explain the joke to me?

sorry, Mate, no clue either

The kids nose on the bottom left is so fucked up looking

Why is the kid cradling a turd?

No idea.



There's nothing borderline about it

Bitch has a son, that's where she met the other "pople of his kind".

No. Not because I don't want to but because I don't get it.


What's that supposed to say? Is that a Sup Forumsparody or an actual thing i can never tell

there isn't any
it's just supposed to be
>quirky behavior lol

Now I can't understand this. Am I retarded?

Can someone post the unedited one?

I think this user has it right
also the wording of "I've met people of your kind before" really sticks in my craw. this autist comic shit always triggers me

is this the original?

Random humour lol xddd

The "girl" holding the niglet is a transgender pre-teen, the girl asking is rayciss about the niglet, but the brain-damaged boy is feeling triggered.
Hence the name of the comic.

Are panels missing?

The only idea I've got is that the toddler is a white child with a black doll. Where the humour comes from in this situation is beyond me.

Transexual person is mentally unstable and acts crazy?

You're dealing with an entire section of populationt that worships victimhood and mental illness makes you a victim.


it's a comic created by a wacknut who says they are a girl, with a penis, because some girls have a penis. Now, you're expecting anything close to understandable from that?

thinking your a woman when you were born with a dick and bitching about it when no one asked you for years IS autism yes

no. just humor.

Ive cracked the code.
The "artist" considers people who disagree with >her toddlers, hence refering to them as "your kind".

The "toddler" is too old to be a real toddler.

Theres nothing wrong with having a black doll as a white boy. I still have mine, his name is Martin.

anyone have the webm that tranny of these comics doing the most forced smile


Pretty far past the border there friendo.

>you have to live in clapistan to understand this shit
I'm impressed user.

Is this pro or anti tranny? I get the impression it is meant to be pro but it is so badly put that it seems like anti sometimes.

Theres something wrong with having a doll. What they didnt have buzz lightyear toys in Krautland?

/ourtranny/ confirmed


Checked and kek'd