Horsey thread: Active Shooter Edition


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I bet 100% of these shooters were uncircumcised. Just look at how circumcision rates have been dropping in the US.


The increase in pleasure makes them act like niggers

Why would white parents circumcise their kids if they aren't jews or mudslims?



Fucking keke

They used to think it was more hygenic but now we know that is bullshit

Horsey? More like Horse's Ass.

The government going tyrannical doesn't tend to happen with military force, it doesn't always happen with coup.

Hitler gained absolute power though the enabling act. It wasn't a coup, there were not boots on the ground, it was a peaceful transfer of power. This wouild've never happened with armed citizenry

I'd wager $20 shooters family are registered democrats.

Stay away ugly ant eater dick.


Where's the magazine


It must be one of those cuck compliant AR

What the fuck is this abomination of a gun?




Next time buy AK 107 guys. A laser.
Very good rifle.

What, that easy to kill a pro gun control thread?


No rails, no red dot, no fancy after market mods. Why bother?

So you’re admitting it’s just cosmetic? Your parents must be sick fucks for sexualising you like that when you’re a newborn.


actually only 24% of people in switzerland own firearms





>backwoods fundamentalists are unevolved
Please show me where Darwin said this. That doesn't sound very scientific.

To be fair, you need a very high IQ to fully appreciate the humor of David Horsey.

The pure blooded negro has never invented a thing despite thousands of years of time to develop or however he phrases it

Liberals are just afraid of other liberals having guns. Conservatives aren't afraid of other conservatives having guns.

That's all it is.


or failed several drug tests for opiates.

and most of them have no ammo at all

The portly gentleman has a sound argument.


I think most "gun nuts" have them in case they are home invaded by nigger or Latino trash.



the NRA is a Nativist, terrorist Organization.
the NRA is a Nativist, terrorist Organization.
the NRA is a Nativist, terrorist Organization.
the NRA is a Nativist, terrorist Organization.

He's mad!

> Message to red-state Trump voters: I want MY country back

> I’m sure thousands of bottles of Budweiser will be raised tonight in those white, working-class neighborhoods of the upper Midwest that put Donald Trump over the top in the electoral college.

> You think you have struck a blow against the "elites" on the coasts who look down on "real Americans" in the heartland. You say you have been forgotten or misunderstood by the powers that be. That may be true.

> I look around at my friends and neighbors here on the West Coast. There is Keith, a guy with whom I recently got acquainted when we discovered our common affinity for good drinks, good ribs and good jazz. Keith is a muscular black man.
> There is the Korean family that runs the laundry down the street from my apartment who never seem to take a vacation or even a day off. There are the Latino men I see laboring every day in the Southern California heat cutting lawns and repairing houses.

> Do I sound angry? That is because I am. I'm mad because your misguided hissy fit is messing with the country I love.

> I am fed up with those of you who think there is only one way to be American. Some of the truest Americans I have met are among those whose ancestors came here in slave ships.
> Some of the Americans who give me the most hope are the children of parents who slipped across the border in search of a better life; young dreamers working hard for an education and a chance to contribute to our society.
> Some of the Americans I admire the most are like my friend Jack who left the narrow-mindedness of his home state and came West to Los Angeles, where he met and married the man he loved.