Should physical fitness be required by law?

Should physical fitness be required by law?

No but medical treatment should be more expensive for fat fucks.

100 years ago I would have had to pay a shilling to see such a freak.

here's a cheap treatment- 1x12gauge slug to the back of the head.

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Only if you can’t move around or look like that. Feeders and enablers should be punished as well for abuse and kidnappjng.

I'm in favor of universal health care for people who are fit and take care of themselves. If you go above a certain weight, smoke, or do drugs, your healthcare should be cut.

Exactly. Enablers are the worst. Dr. Now hates them. But huge fat asses are huge sociopaths.


Anything that maintains or benefits society should be law so yes.

It is already. Obesity increases your insurance.

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yes saged




Yes. Physical fitness should be more important than the ability to work. If working is compulsive to exist in society than compulsive eating should be worked on.

No, they should require you to bang all the fatties

No need, just stop giving handouts to people who are obese. Obviously an obese person has no need of food stamps.

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Required? No.
Encouraged? Sure.

Yet childhood obesity alone still costs us burgers billions of buckaroos

How the fuck you even get this fat? At this weight you can't just move your ass and get more food. Someone must be feeding this thing.


If you weigh more than 200 pounds you should be put down.

you do what you can afford.
public-funded services should adjust prices for you though.

When you're that fat, they should lock you in a room, and forbid to feed you.

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no but the morbidly obese should be shot