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>English language analysis

>Self improvement (Basic bodyweight workout) (No excuse for being fat)

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>AfD rekking shitlibs in the Reichstag (english sub)

>AfD speeches in Bundestag (german)

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>Kraut/pol/ OP pasta

>A f D W A V E

Create memes
Spread memes on social media
Join at least one of the following: AfD, IB, Einprozent to counter subversion
Get fit
Spread flyers and stickers in your city
did anyone actually do that?

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first for we should produce more memes

Hi pals. Anyone from Köln hier?

skpi that part. we should start a racewar

How hard is it to learn using Gimp?

heated debate in the comments

don´t skip that part
we start a racewar with memes

not to hard. good tutorials online.

“Die Lügenpresse hat uns verboten, Memes zu erstellen, ich sage, wir werden so viele Memes erstellen, dass der Himmel sich verdunkelt und die Vögel zu Fuß gehen müssen!”

Is it about the nationalist homo WG again?

that was pretty dank

No kek I live alone.

Bump for my German brothers

checked and bump
finally a fitting pic

thread theme

no, but why?

I'm an exchange student. Just want to meet like-minded people. I'm currently living in Belgischen Viertel. EVERYONE here is a commie.

>exchange student
where from?
join the IB for your time being

translation, i dont speak Arabic

I'm a hue fag. What's IB?

Lügenfernsehen is kill soon?? Too good to be true...


identitäre bewegung
generacion identitaire
where are you from?

>hue fag
brazil. hue-brazil or european?

>Typisches Männergesetz
What did she mean by this?

"member of the working class - trapped in the body of a millionaire's heir"


quick rundown of video

Also this:
>Zum einen soll über eine großzügigere und weniger komplizierte Vergabe von Arbeitsvisa die legale Zuwanderung von Nichteuropäern verstärkt werden. Hier sehen die Koalitionäre den weitgehenden Wegfall der Vorrangprüfungen vor. Das bedeutet: Ein Nichteuropäer, der sich aus der Heimat auf eine freie Stelle in Deutschland bewirbt, müsste dann nicht mehr warten, bis die Arbeitsagentur geprüft hat, ob ein arbeitsloser Deutscher oder EU-Bürger den Job haben möchte.

Does that mean German companies can exploit cheap labor like google used to do in the USA with the H-1B visas? How restrictive are labor laws in Germany right now?

sry, didn't translate the post at first, so here it goes:

"the lying press forbid us to create memes; i say we will create so many memes so that the skay will darken and the birds will have to walk on foot"

get a job in an irish pub
good money
great craic

They seem to be especially butthurt over the reactions to their germans fleeing from nazis to namibia propaganda movie. :>

>Does that mean German companies can exploit cheap labor like google used to do in the USA with the H-1B visas? How restrictive are labor laws in Germany right now?
complicated, but it gets easier for you to find work. exploitation is always possible

i am going to create a meme

so kraut/pol what's up?
what's the plan to fix germany?

We don't need to fix it, if your enemy is destroying itself, loses credibility by stumbling all over the place and leaves a powervacuum for us to fill.

And it's all within legal boundaries.

i got the quick rundown of this on the last thread
funny story
based trixie tweets

>Does that mean German companies can exploit cheap labor like google used to do in the USA with the H-1B visas?


>How restrictive are labor laws in Germany right now?

they used to be. first step was to introduce the possibility for workers/contractors of other eu-countries to apply in germany as well. next step is to extend this to basically the whole world.

remember: they do want to transform germany into a full-blown migration-country, just like the US or Canada. The will kill of the nation state for it...well, actually they already have

The whole GIS thing is ridiculous in this day and age. It's bound to go sooner or later.

are you an mulatto? or latin american? mainly european background?
just join the other students from abroad and have a good time. no need to get lonely while you are spending some time here. you should join others like you, because they tend to invite you to travel anywhere in europe. take that opportunity

the sky is up brother
we are going to build a huge wall down the middle of germany

first we let our politicians and their air-headed collaborateurs wreck germany with no survivors. this will fuel the flames of the volkszorn and in the end we might be able to salvage (parts of) germany after a decent uprising or putsch.

if that does not happen where utterly fucked.

woah, woah, woah.
No walls except for the border and the wall to the east will be all the way to königsberg.

There are so many Irish pubs here. Irish bros are mostly catholic and based af. Hard lads.

I mean, right now labor laws don't allow companies to hire cheap labor easily. Foreign workers need to be qualified and companies have to shell out extra money to bring them over here and pay fair wages. I guess this is why leftists love refugees so much. I know some who are working for schwarzes Geld.

i fucking should abandon this country. not much time left for us to turn it around

yes, indeed.

yeah in sane austria maybe but certainly not here

AfD-hotties are the best.

or move to sachsen

c-can you post version with her blue dress?

honestly sometimes it's like sitting back watching

good to hear that there is hope in germany.
your swiss friends will back you up.

same picture, but you did it different

I think with such actions the IB really can become more well-known and might even gain some popularity, as well as raising awareness to things like planned mosques.

if you're a productive member of society you indeed should. taxes are already extremely high and it will only get worse when the investment into our "goldstücke" doesn't pay off (as it is to be expected). try austria or switzerland. you're close to home but also surrounded by more sane people.

#LoveTrumpsHate - the post

and mexico is gonna pay for it?

>mainly european background?


>just join the other students from abroad and have a good time. no need to get lonely while you are spending some time here.

I actually am getting to my German girlfriend and I made few acquaintances through her. I also hang out with a German bro who's an FDP member so he's more bearable. The problem is where we live. Everyone here is a commie. My gf used to be one until we started dating. She's now more a centrist.

getting married*

Germany's power, Austrian's Furor Teutonia and Swiss Mountainjew Money.

And.... Netherlands... Cheese? Weed?... Oh, no,no. i got it. THEIR BIKES.

according to the comment section they indeed do. antifa acting like total retards only scares normies away. as long as ib stays non-violent and voices their opinions in a somewhat pc-friendly way, normies will indeed go "hhmmmm, why are they called extremists again? it sounds reasonable what they demand"

i hope you are 100% european, otherwise you ain´t helping us much

toher than that, good work. i am kinda sorry that my country sucks...

just italian fans of lazio rome (/ourclub/) singing avanti ragazzi di buda (lets go folks of budapest)
reffering to the uprising in hungary in the late 50s where lots of europeans (lots of italians aswell) participated and died
its kinda their unofficial club hymn

you should also try the german (identitarian version here)

you are welcome conor my dear friend

Think they are still trying to coax the ORF into some kind of submission.

Zuckerbrot und Peitsche wäre da meine Taktik also GIS ganz weg würds in dem Szenario nicht spielen...

fucking shit gets on my nerves. cant even start a family in my own country without getting cucked

Yea that sucks. I right now have to do freelance work because I can't legally work in Germany yet. I use upwork and it's a sad thing to compete with Indians who charge as little as 5 EUR or less per hour.


do you want to swap
i'll swap you my house and small piece of land for your home in germany




>There are so many Irish pubs here.

Every tuesday
0,3 Kölsch 1€
Shots 1€
Those were the days my friend.


You DO like that picture, right, m8? ;)

how are we gonna win this war against these anti fascist warriors.

we have no chance.


We want to move to Brazil in 5 years or so. I like Germany, outstanding living standards, but after having my bike stolen and having someone try to break into my apartment, it can be predicted that it will become a shithole in a few generations if there isn't a drastic change of heart in politics.

try finding some good place in the east but it is financially not possible to build up something for your own in germany, then leave. when the productive part of germans leaves our fucking traitorous politicians won't have many fruits left to squeeze dry.

yes, scorched-earth-capitalism has reached germany



Join in or get walled!

in black ghetto


they have the upperhand due to sheer numbers unfortunately. at least in the younger generations that is

Our Irish Pub is great, nice looking Waiters, the Guiness tastes great and they can mix a godly scotch coke.

They also serve a shot called simply called "irish flag" which are three swigs or different shots that do not mix and are arranged in the colors of the Irish flag (duh)

Place is fine.

here is another soyboy craving femate attention

we wuz factory workers n' shieeet



I think I've been there once. That's Heumarket right? There's a kiti chai restaurant there now I think.

at least you got to experience the german culture

i would go hartz4, just so that i damage our state. unfortunately, most german girls won´t date me that way

dont have a home yet, but i want to stay in europe and close to germany. still my home and my family

>scotch coke
you nigger should hang!
i recommend the irish car bomb
>shake guiness can
>hold it into the glass and open it
>guiness shoots into the glass
>take a double shot glass full with baileys
>drop it into the foamy guiness
>one gentle swirl

indian invasion? oh no...

This is what it looks like inside. very comfy.

ty Uwe will watch later

Netherlands' can-do attitude.
>see that ocean? imma make it a backyard, just you see.

i hope you plan for lots of kids despite the fucked-up situation m8

now i am confused, aren't women and man the same anyway?!
i thought women was just man with a womb?1

at least 3
5 would be nice
but to be honest, i want 10

that's the spirit!!!

>enough to make up for the loss of the sixth army in stalingrad

>but i want to stay in europe and close to germany. still my home and my family
and die in ww3

mine closed years ago after a fast decline.
Faggot said he was done.