So, my professor is talking about cultural appropriation like it's actually something that affects people in real life...

So, my professor is talking about cultural appropriation like it's actually something that affects people in real life. How do I tell my classmates that she's full of shit without sounding like an ass?

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ask if this chinese artist's reimagining of a botticelli painting is cultural appropriation
she'll probably say no, because wah wah white people
ask when it was that italy colonised china

politely disagree with her and tell her why

Shoot up the school

establish what the underlying principles to her argument are
ask her questions in which the answer will contradict said principles
gently point out that her answers are in contradiction to her underlying principles in a confused student kind of way
ppl will see it, and the ones that don't, never will


Turn the tables, something like so you're saying black people should not be allowed to go to the oktoberfest in Munich?

Talk about how blacks shouldn't ware suits because that is appropriation of traditional European culture and this cultural appropriation.

White people getting called racist for "cultural appropriation" is a good thing. Causes more division among the races, resulting in white people identifying with their own race instead of acting like niggers.
Let them push their "white allies" to our side.

>she'll probably say no, because wah wah white people

This is pretty much the standard answer to any question when a leftist knows that their position is completely illogical.

>I believe that we should have a sensible immigration policy

>So you what you're saying is wah wah white people

If cultural appropriation is bad, does this mean black people shluls renouncd Christianity, as it is a Roman/Italian invention? Should only Arabs, cultural descendants of Muhammed, be Muslim, and not blacks/whites/Asians? How about blacks culturally appropriating Asians via love of anime and martial arts? Can someone genuinely love other aspects of other cultures and have them as part of their own self-expression without being demonized?

>cultural appropriation

Isn't stopping "cultural appropriation" is a kind of cultural boycott?

The prof is doing a version of virtue signalling, that is publicly displaying a risk-free position without actually expending effort. Sort of an campus version of buying and wearing a cheap rubber wristband ("LiveStrong") to show that you "care" and deserve approval.

ur just in thr wrong room dude, aint no way you can ptesent it as such without immediately trigfering the whole crowd, they wont actually listen theyll just hear you

To be honest, I should probably just provided nothing but counterexamples just to fuck with her. She's a white woman that submits to the ideas of minorities so I really shouldn't feel sorry for her.

this op
only way to shut these people up is to throw counter examples at them until they feel retarded

There is no such thing as cultural appropriation

>How do I tell my classmates that she's full of shit without sounding like an ass?
You can't, if you speak up, she'll make sure you fail the class



Mention that black people speaking the WHITE MANS LANGUAGES is cultural appropriation.

Anyone that isn't white shouldn't be doing anything that is the whitemans.

Ask the asshole how he likes it.

I work at an airport in Texas and we always have Japanese/ Korean tourists flying in, and they buy hats, vests and cowboy boots. It's kind of endearing, but if they were dressing up as blacks, wouldn't it be called offensive and appropriation?



Ask her why Jews are pushing black culture so much

Tell her in the process of creating something new, every single human that has ever existed takes inspiration from something else.

Cultural appropriation is a thing, it's just not as common as tumblr or whatever makes it out to be

A good definition that most reasonable people would agree with is "taking something from another culture and not giving it the respect it is given by that culture".

Is eating with chopstick cultural appropriation? No. Is wearing an unearned Native American headdress? Yes.

The degree it "affects" people varies wildly depending on what's being "appropriated". With the native american example I'd think it does affect them much the same way you see Christian iconography misappropriated

Ask her why she thinks it's a good idea to limit the use of culture and inventions to the race/nation of the creator. Remove the right to western culture from all minorities and see what a good game it is that they are promoting.

In all seriousness, you can point out that the artist who did Obama's portrait (in addition to having sperm cells in several portraits and known for doing this) repaints classical paintings except instead of Jesus entombed or a dead Jesus laid out on a slab, it's a dumb nigger.

Probably say black man instead of dumb nigger.

If you think it’s endearing, watch “The Good, the Bad, and the Weird”.
And once I read an article about Asians in asia appropriating black culture. Author described it as weird seeing Asians with corn-rows, and then not getting the “raise the roof” stuff done by the DJ at a hip-hop club.

Cultural melting pots don't care about feelings

Why bother? You could present tons of obvious contradictions in her ideology and it won't sway her one bit, because as a white leftist she is driven by a desire to feel morally superior through "protecting" victim groups. There's no contradiction here because minorities are good and whites are evil.

> the same way you see Christian iconography misappropriated
you mean not at all?

Cultures have always exchanged ideas, fashion, inspiration. "Appropriation" is a myth. Africans wear Western tshirts and pants while going to country music festivals. Are they "appropriating" our culture?

funny thing:
The word "yo" so popular in african-american culture derives from a napolitean word "uaglio" that means "guy", black culture stole it without giving rspect to a culture that was discriminated both in italy and america, confront nher on why minorities have a special pass on this.

clearly they do or we wouldn't be having this discussion