Ask a white a Communist and Afro-supremacist anything. Not baiting. I was once 1488...

Ask a white a Communist and Afro-supremacist anything. Not baiting. I was once 1488. Watch this for a better perspective on my views:

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Why the fuck did you make me suffer through that fucking bimbo hip-hop we wuz nigger music and why is that the only way for you people to get your stupid views across?

nobody cares


A Haitian girl I work with is attracted to me. Should I cream pie her?

100% yes. I masturbate exclusively to ebony porn.

Are you affiliated with the Hebrew Israelites

At what age did you realize you're a faggot?

How did you go from 1488/Ooga Booga go back to Africa, to black supremacy?
It's like hating broccoli your whole life and now it's all you eat.

Genuine question

Why do black bois get so upset when they see a successful, intelligent attractive black woman with a white man?

Back in H.S. I dated a 9/10 black girl for a year that looked like pic related. EVERY FUCKING TIME we went out in public we ALWAYS got approached by angry black "men". Theu would either yell at me for being an ebil huwite rayciss stealin their wimmin or, more frequently, they would try to approach her to either 1) yell at her for being a race traitor, house n****r, coon...etc. or 2) try to convince her she is just being brainwashed by her oppressor/slavemaster.

Usually we just ignored them or laughed them off but if they persisted, she would tell them that she would've considered dating a black guy if they knew how to step up and be a real man. They would usually respond by sputtering incomprehensible expletives and retreating with their tails between their legs.

You can pretty much see the exact same behavior any social media platform of a well known black woman who is 99% of the time with a white man.

So what gives black bois? You talk nonstop about how black "men" so strong and confident yet when you lose your most desirable and successful women to white men you turn into angry racist sniveling cowards. Why can't you handle losing to better men? There's nothing wrong with losing but at least do it gracefully.

>not baiting
>actually replying

How many black loads have you taken since you "switched over"?

when immigrants were getting preferential treatment in the job market I saw at once how foolish our politicians had been to neglect their people of the same opportunities that were afforded to them. I started reading up on Hitler, trying to figure out his method of success. Then something weird happened to me on my journey. I was coming to conclusions on my own for once. I saw life for what it was, and, consequentially, what people were. Races, societies, cultures and individuals all live on different planes of existence. Nobody has faced the hardships the blacks have. The white man has contempt for even his own mother and this plays itself out on the cultural battlefield, where sjws wish to undermine the very foundations of Western civilisation. The black man, at his core, does not want to see the West die. He wants it to succeed so that he might. The white man wants the black man to fail so that he might not.

in essence, the black man's soul is more pure

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those terms don't work on me anymore

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Yes , yes op I know. Please , dont even for a second believe that there is a single person here that doesnt already know you are a) a nigger (90%) b) trolling (10%). I see its very common with niggers to make up retarded stories and just assume that everyone will believe them. Well, maybe other retards would. Anyway, get the fuck off Sup Forums nigger

Jump in a fire, kike.

The CTR/Shareblue Shills and Payments:

do I look black to you?

is this why niggers attack people unprovoked? or steal their cars from their driveway then crash them in Newark with all the valuables taken?

I live in NJ, we have high taxes and amazing schools, but every nigger area is a disgusting cesspit and every white area is a gleaming suburb of well kept gardens, smiling residents and flourishing shops and businesses

Why are you Communist though?
I know Antifa tards are, but what makes someone go from Nazi to Commie?

Time stamp or gtfo

About 2 months of injecting heroin?

So you are in the 10% . Trolling or shilling . You only proved me right


No, you're not, please end this shitty LARP now, you dumb fat cunt.

Because the superrich horde resources for themselves at the expense of the working class.

>Because being white has everything to do with communism being shit
>Because being black is why he is better than a communist
Back to Blood-Diamond mining, Tyrone.

>pick an apple or an orange
>I pick a banana

>I un redpilled myself

Those nogs are bananas

I hyper-redpilled myself

>a fucking leaf

You probably secretly believe you're black. You're not.


op how do you feel about "uncle toms" if you will? ive argued with some people about the need to promote all-black businesses that serve their communities and allow empowerment without denying the essence of their blackness. as it stands, the path to success is through white men