Why didn't we get this Trump?


because he isn't actually a Fascist like the screeching libshit media made him out to be

this. if only he was though...it would be awesome

Anyone have a higher res picture?

It's year one out of eight, give it time user.

sadly this

You did. You just don't get it.

Zhit. You mean the libtards lied to us?

4 if he goes through with the bump-stocks ban

Trump's going to win in 2020 because the dems are going to nominate a nonwhite hardcore lib like Kamela Harris. Can't wait for it desu.

He's POZZ'd. Giving Jerusalem to kikes and bombing Syria instead of helping with ISIS was a redflag that we've been played.

It's very rare for a POTUS to only serve one term user. Even if the popular vote overwhelmingly votes against him (which I predict) the electoral college is the vote that matters and they'll keep him in.

>muh 4d chess user.

Hes a jewish pupet

trump's a civic ULTRAnationalist.

he spits on Germany, a country his grandpa was ruled under.

he's really a 3rd generation American, and wants to be a positive role model.

Trump has his little empire in the family business he's a host / entertainer, not a policy person.

also that sign is wrong: if they're professional and educated or just wealthy, he thinks they deserve to be American.

Because he is an incompetent man-baby.

>why didn't he go out railing against the fucking Jews
Either because he doesn't believe it and he thinks it's bad for optics, or it's just bad for optics.

>being this dedicated to shitposting
bravo user

Thanks :)

>muh optics
So you're admitting he sucks Israel's cock? Good. At least we are in the same page.

>he thinks lemmings will vote for someone who rails against the Jews after decades of indoctrination

>Drumpf is such a cuck he's afraid muh jews will ruin optics

Jews rule over fat orange.

Cuz America always plays the role of the "good guy" in this movie, while Germany, Russia, China, and ME play the role of "bad guys"

>based israel!!

Hitler didn't gas the kikes his first year

>implying he did it at all

>being a godless commie
Hell is for ever!

whether he did or not, i still win.

dont worry kid things get better

>Why didn't we get this Trump?
Because Mattis is already fingering his 1911, if he tried any of that shit, he wouldn't have lasted a week.

>libshit media told me trump was literally orange hitler
>"lol sweet im voting trump"
>turns out to not be orange hitler

i want my money back taxes aren't doing it for me

>Concern Shilling

I'd fire the lot of you for being so damn brain dead if I was Soros. Try harder.


at least you like guns

I hope we get a goddamned fascist president so that the persecution fantasies of these libshits is fulfilled.
Goddamn I'd love that.

toliets are for poo

It's 2 21 18

Trump lied and the media lied.
Pro-tip: The media lies and politicians lie.


Anyone got the Anglo Truimphant edit?

Because trump is a pussy bitch who bows down

He won't be the fascist, Barron will

Are you implying Mattis is an Islamic sympathizer?

Different timeline. That trump actually did something about the Dems.

>he still hasnt looked at trump's (((cabinet)))

He's a member of the US Military which arms and aids ISIS and every other moderate jihadist out there so yeah.

Trump better do this within his presidency, otherwise I'll be thoroughly disappointed

It's one thing helping sand people kill other sand people halfway around the world and another thing entirely supporting sand people invading your homeland.