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>same team
fuck off jew

both can barely talk.

El Goblino vs Autism Anton

gimme the H O G G

The mutt could easaly kill that skiny faggot

>mfw both those faggots are skinny mutts

I'll take the Rabbi instead of the shills.


>CIA project orion test subject: 445632
>FBI mentored, false flag shill.

shame he didnt...

why not both?

Cruz missile every time, but I don't care they're both legit kikes and would find solace in a slow and painful death for both these vermin.

>select your jew



/r9k/ vs reddit

His dad is a three letter nigger. Of course, he isn't chosen to die.

Has el goblino finally rose up against its 'greatest ally'?

Yeah, but one has a better kill streak.

Look at all their faces. I just can their evil.

quick hoggdown please fa.m!

weird happenings and cute doggos today

Why are they all kikes?
What the hell is going on?
Did nothing happen, or is CNN using kikes to act out and recreate events that did happen?

I don't like this jewish run West anymore. I want out user. Hold me...

Holy shit, I just realized that I have a stronger negative reaction to Dabeed H*gg than whoever that other guy is

I think I’m finally all-the-way broken, anons. Thanks.

Watching that interview you can just hear it's scripted

**blocks your Bill of Rights

>heh, nothing personal, concerned citizens

el goblino, despite all his rage he is still just a rat in a cage

good boy

Little does he know that thanks to his performance he will never be able to climb into the media world as he probably hoped for.

Kid is probably too dumb to realise it.

sad, no wonder he was a hs sen with a no gf lmao
bet he is mad he didnt get killed the shooting


The reporter did a double take

The world is a vampire



zero is their superior song though
.t concerned smashing pumpkins fan
gay, it wouldn't let me play it from that site

Kike vs kike

Bowie always ahead of the dumbfuck curve....
making fun of the pussies....