Is the zeitgeist collapsing?


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>soyboy is a fucking CNN shill
well, color me fucking surprised

Is this confirmed?


Has anyone found his facebook page?


I just confirmed it.

Kid is clearly not a senior in that picture.

>literally posting a infowars news

Yeah great source.
check the video a few tweets down

howdy shills, feel the earth trembling yet?

Of course its not fucking confirmed. Why do you even ask that. You dumb fucks will believe anything that gives you that little tingle in you’re taint that you get when you think you just stumbled in to something big. Its like a fuckibgvdrug to you morons. That guy looks a hell of a lot like soneone I went to high school with in fucking 1993. Maybe I should grab my old year book and start posting pics of him with bullshit stories About how the dude is actually in his 40’s and has been spotted everywhere from Columbine to 9-11. I guarantee you ignorant dickless freaks would eat that shit up.

It's fucking retarded to claim every mass shooting is really a conspiracy. I mean do any legitimate mass shootings really happen? Why do you assume it is a conspiracy and then look for evidence? You are completely bias and ignore all evidence that it is real.

why do you shills always get so rowdy when the truth comes out? Just move on to the next subversion project and admit defeat



all I said was the pic hadnt been verified as real from the CA school you finger pointing mother fucking tool. Open you goddamn eyes and stop letting shoops on Sup Forums determine your reality. When they prove that pic isn't from CA I want you to post a picture of you bent in half, taking your own cum shot you worthless maggot.

mass shootings happen all the time. Mostly by violent thugs. Its the ones with potential massive political implications that deserve a little more scrutiny. This is one such case.

Video a few tweets down. Watch it you shady kike

Go find somewhere else to be, shit for brains.


No a mass shooting requires 3 people to be murdered. Every shooting that goes on is not a mass shooting. So what you are saying is that any mass shooting that is highly reported is a conspiracy? And all the evidence is botched and poorly presented information.

FAGGOT. That is half the video. .You are an absolute gaping asshole

Where'd you go faggot?

I stand corrected. There is however something very off about this character and its in no way organic

BUMP! Be sure to spread anything that validates your opinion. I love how retarded and gullible all of you are.

Viva la resistance!


>weird people can't exist

I fucking hate you faggots, you call everything a conspiracy on the weakest fucking points. I've watched a stack of videos with him and in every single including the CNN one where he is claiming he is not a crisis actor he acts the same mis-prouncing and stumbling on his words.

disinfo to discredit the truth. try harder

let them burn your bill of rights fools.

No, in fact it's been debunked. This is bait to give faggots ammo in saying "you just believe silly bullcrap like that fake facebook picture, you believe anything." as to de-legitimatize any concern given about these obvious crisis actors.


When David Hogg auditioned for the role of "School Shooting Survivor" he only had $11. When the cast got their paychecks, the first thing he bought was a hot dinner.


Shilling much mutt?


Fools demanding you not spread BS lies? Fuck Off Aquafresh. There are so many issues to point out are wrong with this shooting that we don't need foreign fucks like you lying on our behalf.

PS - Be sure that when you do jack off onto your own face, please hold your eyelids open.

Haha yea keep spreading this "lagbeachantifa9" tweet from Russia that is totally legitimate!

Screen cap this
Tomorrow's news :
>lmao alt-right believes THIS fake shit they don't have any filter for information and can't be trusted don't listen to anyone who leans right slightly, gun control is good and you can believe us because we don't just believe everything we're told instantly.

i told you i stand corrected concerning the video. It just goes to show how much dissinfo effort is being poured into this. We are on the same side you moron

This post. This post right here is where you fucked up. You Called me a Shill when I was correcting YOUR disinfo. At which point you DOUBLED DOWN

By calling me a shady kike.

You're NOT on our side.

Meanwhile, here is Elian Gonzales as a teenager.

I suspect a Cuban plot. First they will take over Florida, and then move north towards the United States.