TEXARKANA, TEXAS – The Texarkana Texas Police Department arrested Ricky Jared Rankin, 24...

TEXARKANA, TEXAS – The Texarkana Texas Police Department arrested Ricky Jared Rankin, 24, at his Texarkana Texas home early this afternoon for Terroristic Threats.
Rankin made a post Monday night on his Instagram account that included a picture of an AR-15 assault rifle and the comment “I’m thinking about finally going back to school”. Upon seeing the post, people who know Rankin became concerned and notified the Texarkana Texas Police Department.
Detectives immediately initiated an investigation and obtained an arrest warrant for Rankin this morning. As a precautionary step, local school districts were notified of the threats and the ongoing investigation. Officers and FBI agents arrested Rankin outside his home on Park Lane without incident and then served a search warrant of the property. The weapon in the post has not been located, but weapons belonging to other family members in the home have been secured.
Chief Dan Shiner said, “We don’t know if this post was meant as a joke or if he really planned to go to a school with a gun. However, our department takes comments like this very seriously and will take swift action to protect the children in our schools. No one wants the tragic events that we’ve all seen in other places to be repeated here.”
Rankin is currently being held in the Bi-State Jail. No bond has been set at this point.

That all sounds like a horrible Tongue-twister

>Texarkana Texas
If you say it three times while staring into a mirror, an AR15 appears behind you

This is us losing our freedom of speech. No threat was made. Just an edgy insinuation. Held without bond?

RIP Bill of Rights

my tongue is in knots but luckily i have a new ar

Wow, this young man wants to go back for a higher education and gets shunned, what a shithole murica is.

>Held without bond?
And everyone in his family had their guns stolen by the cops and will never get them back

So many psyops


Even if kikes fail attacking 2A, they are succeeding attacking 1A.
This guy obviously was not radicalized, so, he was arrested (based on fearmongering)

>actually believing that the entirety of the FBIs manpower is devoted to the Russian investigation to such an extent it cannot conduct normal law enforcement duties
oh and btw, there was a warrant and it was all legal and there is no secret investigation of Obama or Hillary
and Q is a hoax

What bothers me is that they took other peoples guns that lives in the home. If the threat maker is in jail why take his families guns?

maybe they weren't registered
maybe because people have used family members guns to commit crimes in the past



His post seems on its face to have been a joke.

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americas finally safe- liberals won. how long til they start hacking right wingers social media and posting shitposts to get them all vanned and canned for criminal opinions and criminal text

Was he charged? Is the family unable to get their weapons back? Freedom of speech doesn't include statements meant yo cause panic.

Yes, edgy all the way to jail. And he and his family will have certainly enjoy all of the edgy attention he will garner. Edgy, you're both idiots.

consequences suck, idiocy can have consequence.

>Just an edgy insinuation
The old "I can fuck with people however I want as long as I say IT"S JUST A PRANK BRO" defense

good job
can't take these things too lightly

He didnt say he was going to kill anyone


>man kills 15 at at school. sheriff says "we thought he was joking"
not a good front page for the texarkana texas police department

Yelling FIRE in a crowded room isn't a direct threat either. But try telling the cops you were just saying one word really loud.

>Yelling FIRE in a crowded room isn't a direct threat either
Its not a treat at all
Its creating a panic if there is not really fire
He didnt even joke about killing anyone
Is it a crime to go back to school?
Its it a crime to own an AR-15

>He didnt even joke about killing anyone
>Is it a crime to go back to school?
>Its it a crime to own an AR-15

>Its creating a panic if there is not really fire
That's exactly what he did but with a gun and a school.
You can't say that statement didn't have implications. I believe he could have been joking or even not know he was doing something wrong. That doesn't change he did it and he's still responsible for the consequences.

>He didnt even joke about killing anyone
he joked about going to school with a rifle. that's bad enough in the current climate. you think the school districts took this joke lightly? the cops shouldn't either.

the suggestion is coupled with his rifle
I know that autism makes it hard for you to understand nuance, but please understand that for most people this combination of statement and picture suggests a public shooting

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Ok but why are you a JIDF shill?

Not true, they will have ability to file motions in court to get their weapons returned.

>Held without bond

Doesn't mean the goy is guilty it just means they don't yet have a better approach to deal with this kind of situation until they investigate further.

LE did the right thing in this case. If they didn't the goy will have a right to sue the city for jumping the gun having made an unlawful arrest and make millions from it.

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>Terroristic Threats

pussy crime for pussy societies.

>That's exactly what he did but with a gun and a school.
he didnt even say he was going to take the gun to school
He said he was going to school and had a rifle
Did he say he was going to to bring the gun?
Did he name a school?
Was that school a gun free zone
I know you are a no gunz faggot that gets his panties in a twist at the sight of a legal weapon

>he didnt even say he was going to take the gun to school

>You guys are the ones that are wrong for understanding my joke

This is just another staged event to scare the lemmings into submission. There was no specific threat made so all the cops could do was question him, the arrest was unlawful and so was the confiscation of guns owned by family members. They are going to sue and make millions unless they're paid off to be complicit in this gaslighting of the American public.

did someone get upset I made fun of his spectrum disorder?

What joke?
Ever you were to take what he said literally
How is going to school a threat?


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Because Texas loves to lick the boots of their BASED law enforcement. If you don't like the Powlice, the military, and the Cowboys, then you can gtfo.

>Rankin is currently being held in the Bi-State Jail

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How is it a threat?
I am glad I dont live in your shitty no gunz country

Just show your flag, let's see what you really are. You're going by a script, you're a shill and if you're being paid for it then RICO laws apply to you.

ricky rankin rescue ranger

he will be absolutely discharged and will win millions in a lawsuit against the police


are you threatening me?

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