>President Trump: Year One

>b-but Trump hasnt done anything!

TrumpTV Weekly Updates:

>Pres Trump/AG Sessions @Public Safety Medal of Valor Ceremony 2/20/18
>DefDep STRATCOM Strategic Deterrence in 21st Century 2/20/18
>SoS T-Rex presser w/Egyptian FM Shoukry 2/20/18
>UN Amb Haley @UNSC on the ME 2/20/18
>DepSoS Sullivan @CSA 2/20/18
>WH Press Brief (Sarah) 2/20/18
>StateDep Press Brief (Heather) 2/20/18
>VP Pence @The Border 2/19/18
>Pres Trump/FLotUS Melania return to DC 2/19/18
>AG Sessions on Sun Morning Futures 2/18/18
>VP Pence @GOP Reagan Day dinner 2/17/18
>VP Pence @America 1st Policies event in TX 2/17/18
>DefSec C.H.A.O.S. Mattis inflight presser 2/17/18
>NSA McMaster @Munich Security Conf 2/17/18
>DNI Coates on russian election meddling 2/17/18
>This Week @State 2/16/18
>Tiffany/Barron arrive in WPalmBeach 2/16/18
>Pres Trump/FLotUS Melania @Broward County Sheriff's Office 2/16/18
>Pres Trump/FLotUS Melania @Broward County Hospital 2/16/18

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Need a new OP

Krassenstein BTFO Trump yet again

Cheeto Bentio is gonna be impeached


Any criticisms of Sessions unneeded recusal, his stumbling over the Russia collusion interviews and his inaction towards DNC corruption are invalid because I suspect that those critics are motivated purely by the desire to use drugs. I morally and intellectually disqualify them and their criticisms because drugs are bad on general principle. No argument or presentation of facts pertaining to the harm that Sessions utterly. piss. poor. perfomancre has done to the Trump administration will sway me due to the fact that those critics most likely use drugs. In fact I am angered that they are even posting. I would like them to stop speaking or better yet, stop living because they are categorically bad people.

Sessions is cracking down on cocaine and opioids, lol i bet that makes you hippie stoner pot smokers so mad. I hope after all the cocaine/heroine busts that you'll never be able to fill your pipe with weed ever again! Muahahaha

Word is out that Trump is attacking Jeff Sessions on Twitter.

Care to fill me in on this?

Krassenstien is an actual Mongoloid.

Any news from CPAC yet?


It's always interesting to see how they think.

Session needs to do some extra sessions.

>Gimme an G

>Gimme an U

>Gimme an N

>Gimme an C

>Gimme an R

>Gimme an O

>Gimme an R

>Gimme an N

>Gimme an T

>Gimme an O

>Gimme an L


Just bought a bump stock guys


They disavowed Dinesh because he doesn't want to burn the constitution for crying children so there's that

don't click that shit.

>no evidence is further evidence of hidden evidence

Kike faggot


Does Trump unironically believe that obama and the democrats colluded with foreigners so that they would lose the election to trump?

Sessions is coming for you now boy you fucked up

He and Ajit are truly are poos.

Trump started smoking weed
Its the ONLY explanation


Looking forward to it


How does Sup Forums support the Jewish people?

Obama gave up his weed smoking ways of youth, Mr. President. No crime here!

Asians dont give a shit. A million children could die and they would shrug.

What's the point of this shit? Why open friendly fire instead of settling this privately, why give the Democrats more ammo like this?

Give me a minute to bump this line, then drop this tab and then I will explain why you are wrong

that's exactly what he believes smart cookie.

I am glad the US gets .1% less Jewish every year. How is that?


Checked and thank you for baking, Portubro

I’ll just leave this here....

that's some next level 4d chess right there

I think the VPs speech is at 1100. Lets guess the subject.

I'm thinking "The use of prayer for mental deviancy.

Well because enough discord hasn't need sowed by going back on commitments to gun owners so now we need more infighting


Is it behind that woman?


>People who live on Twitter pages of somebody they pretend to hate aren't the definition of a loser
Trump never replies to these people which is lovely. Also: literally who?

delicious as fuck desu

It worked on Clinton

>Sessions BTFO
>Portubro: *yawns* jeez im so sleepy, is anyone else sleepy? last thread from me guys

This herb will trigger snowflakes.

>Hershel Goldstein


Guys, GUYS!!! Trump just kicked down my door while I was sitting on the couch watching TV and cleaning my guns with my futara gf and Trump just kicked my door down, slapped me in the face with his dick and took all my guns away!! He was laughing about it. Then Mike pence came in and dragged my gf out of our apartment by the hair. He said something like, "Time to zap the jap trap!" Then Trump kicked me in the nuts with an armful of my guns, said "HEART!!" and stormed out.
They both just laughed the whole time. It's over.

Isn't Lepen expected to come?

>You didn't care when he grabbed our pussies, and now he's grabbing your guns!

Is this the greatest CNN headline of all time?

You can taste the tears of those kikes just by reading the headline.


You have one pathetic job.
You cant do it correctly.
No wonder youre a lefty.

Fire sessions, fire rosenstein, fire lepewit

>the knockout IG report

It’s coming any day now boys......

Any day now.........

ahaha it's pretty damn good.


Do the Portuguese have siestas like those no-good Spanish?

quick rundown please


run down bump

They were fucking in a government car

For a state of Cubans and retired boomers, Florida is alright.

isn't banning weapons against "right to bear arms"
or someshit?

I'll pass, thanks.

It's two paragraphs you illiterate fuck


Not if people are crying in public. Its an obscure amendment

Say it with me, fellas


it may be 2 paragraphs but im a brainlet. need every new happening to be explained to me because I dont understand FBI lingo

oy vey, easy now..

More like croney

CNN has had some better ones, but not by much

Who is this Billy guy? he shit talked jews in the past apparently

this faggot needs to figure out how to make a good movie first if he's going to convince anyone he can be a good president

Only blackpowder counts, hence why they are otc

Talk about triggering trump.

Even Dilbertman was saying that he probably couldn't win against Trump.

Man the replies to Trump tweets are pure cancer.

Jeff Sessions is fucking worthless.

He hasn't banned any guns or mods, you sperg.

Dat pic
Marine Corps?


I read that but wtf, why would the doj sendthe fbi the report? Do they expect the fbi to prosecute their own?

Aren't they always?

People only think he's "well spoken" because he knows how to memorize lines on a script.
Put him in a live debate and he'd a mess

>And all religions
I have a few doubts about that one...

The absolute state of Canadian education.

It's pretty clear cut.

Who's gonna vote for him? Women who remember him from the nineties? The women who saw him choose a horse jawed sandnigger over them? The women who voted Trump?
You're kidding yourself.

He was a piece of shit tbqh. But every time a telepastor dies, Republicans will gush over them to keep their base happy.

Spirit Cooking's back on the menu!

Drumpf is fucking traitor.

Just sit back and collect the salt.

Fuck off
Oprah is the one

>specifically try and ban one gun type
>criminals use another type

Why cant gun grabbers just be honest that they want to ban all guns upfront? This chickenshit death by a thousand cuts is so annoying and tiring to deal with.

Yeah it is sorta thing you only get fired for. This is a dumb happening... Glowing Nigger gets fired evil continues at 8..

>Trump "cucks" on DACA
>GOP chimps out and blocks it

>Trump "cucks" on gun control
>GOP chimps out and blocks it

I'm seeing a pattern here.

OIG has to report their findings to the respective agency, they are the investigative body

Did nothing wrong.