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Soviets loved niggers and hated the imperial west. They saw niggers as their brother workers exploited. So they destroyed Rhodesia and S Africa.

This one right here is the product of a Russian mother and a Ugandan father.

This black guy is also a Latvian Nazbol.

"Novorossya" is composed of 70% Soviet commie sympathizers and 30%vdv


>late 20s
The Union was still somewhat alive when he was conceived. Probably by some African university student you shipped over.

It's your fault Africa is a shithole and not Australia 2.0.

Truly a degenerate people from any angle

You know that real whites are a minority on your armed forces, right?

Why don't you show us pictures of the remaining 20 niggers in the Russian army?

Not their fault. Russia died in 1917 at the hands of the Jeudo-Bolsheviks. The same thing that's being done to your country.
West Russia is still somewhat European, cultured and white, Siberians are OK. Moscow is Tajikistan and anything east of the Urals is Mongolia.

Zero sympathy for whites in shithole Africa

Not even really blaming them for what happened 100 years ago but the fact they take pride in being assraped by Judeo-Bolsheviks now. You still see pictures of Stalin throughout Russia today.

>current year
>not being an anarcho-statist-seperatist-nationalist-christian-communist

shills have no chill

Stalin was a Georgian madman. Not a jew. Trotsky was supposed to take over the torch and continue the Jewish subverion. Then the purges happened and 90% of the kike leaders were killed.

Russians are a stupid people, they were essentially peasant slaves for centuries. Look up "kholop" and "smerd". Russians have subservience bred into them, and they have been taught to be happy as long as belly is full of vodka.

>potatonigger calling someone else subhuman

Blacks were useful idiots as they could inflame racial tensions in the USA and convince Africans that siding with the Soviets and allowing them to take their resources is better than working with the west.


>killing invader occupancy is bad
Could you find a more British cartoon? We continue to enrich the world with song, literature, theatre and art. Meanwhile Russia hasn't done anything in the past 100 years.

Your nation has every single resource in abundance and yet I've never seen a single Russian export in my life besides car crash videos. Meanwhile Japan and Korea have no resources besides hardworking people and they continue to churn out high quality automobiles and electronics. Russia truly is white Africa.

What is vdv?

Russian paras, the reason why east Ukraine bandits went from looting shops and houses to being a somewhat competent fighting force.