He's right you know

Circumcision should be legal

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>way way more likely to contract HPV (cervical cancer)

>implying the correlation is significant
>implying HPV = cervical cancer


Fuck off and die in a gutter

Getting your dauggters cut reduces their rates of sti transmission too. Shit should be mandatory for everyone!

Circumsized penises are more aesthetically pleasing.

I just wanna know what it feels like to have a foreskin. does it make the sex better ? mine was cut off ages ago by muslim parents, actually it had to be done twice since the first doctor fucked up and I went for another surgery to fix the shit he has done.

sure leaf, sure. maybe if you stop inserting your dick without a condom in every hole you find, it will not be disgustingly infected.

Uncut for +45 years, never an issue.

>Stop fucking whores

>Use condoms even for blowjob

that is the stupidest shit I have ever heard. Aesthetically pleasing penises can be found on both sides.

I've seen some butchered dicks over the years too.

>star of david

An orgasm is still an orgasm, the issue is your foreskin lets you jack off and also lets you fuck with less friction

Desert people skin their kids dicks to control masturbation, which doesn't even really work anymore because we don't live in arid huts

>Use condoms even for blowjobs
U fokkin' wot m8?

motherfucker if you get a blowjob from a slut and she has shit in her mouth, you will get it.

Now if you have a stable partner that has been tested, no need for one.

You go ahead and let your dong get sucked by any cunt, you'll regret it when its all infected and shit.


I generally oppose all bans but I genuinely believe Jews should be banned.

This fixes everything.

I don't know about you, but I don't care about how a child's penis looks, you sick fuck. There's no reason to do this to infants.

Do you think foreskin grows back?

No, but why do you ask?

The Jews are branding us as chattel.
Having your penis mutilated as one of the first experiences of your life irreversibly emasculates you and makes your future personality much more agreeable and submissive.

google foreskin restoration

By not circumsizing your child as an infant, you are setting them up for a more difficult time in the bedroom because of their ugly penis.

Nope I have what I'd describe as a shadow of an orgasm. My gf quivers and screams when she cums. I could honestly do math or read a book at the same time. It just feels pleasant. Though I lost my entire frenulum.

Christ's sake. Even if this was true, are you really that pussy-whipped?

Do you want to cut stuff off your infant body because your fucking women have been indoctrinated into wanting jew dick?

Most people don't think uncircumcised dicks are ugly, that's more of an American culture thing, which is dying out.
Even then, it's not a problem if circumcision is legal once you're of the age of consent. Aesthetics aren't a reason to circumcise an infant, especially not when roughly 119 infants die from the procedure every year in America.

Who said anything about women?
Also I just like to admire myself sometimes. Uncircumcised penises just look so...they just don’t have any personality.

I may never have a foreskin, but at least I can see the kikes wiped from the earth in my lifetime.

Tell that to your mudslime masters you cancuck.

regeneration of the tissue is not only possible but in the final stages of being approved, which hey the kikes might not allow but there's some hope

>they just don’t have any personality
jesus christ, you are such a faggot. Yes, inflicting that kind of sexual pain right out of the womb is a great decision. Also my doctor cut me wrong, i guess i should thank him for that too. You stupid nigger

Wouldn't be surprised if these people say little girls should have their clits chopped off because they have to rely on their parents for many things.

>Uncircumcised penises just look so...they just don’t have any personality.
pedo confirmed
looking ugly doesnt mean shit if we are talking about circumcision of newborns

Christfags deserve the rope

Sorry to hear your doctor was drunk. Well at least you have a battle scar huh? Bet the ladies like that.
Also babies don’t remember it. They’re too young. Better than doing it as an adult where it would hurt like hell.

Honestly I think our countries way of viewing kids as property until 18 at which point they suddenly need to be fully functioning adults in spite of a lifetime of dependence and being reminded they have no rights is kind of disturbing.

foreskins are unnatural

I don’t care what a baby’s privates look like, that’s gross. Just speaking about cut vs uncut in adults.

>Circumcision should be legal
In that if a man wants to cut up his own body for some inane reason he can, yes. Doing that to a newborn is horrible and deserves nothing less than summary execution.
>circumcision has health benefits
No, it doesn't. And when done to newborn babies it is extremely detrimental to physical and mental health.
>they should have an anaesthetic
Giving a newborn baby painkillers makes a dangerous unnecessary surgery even more dangerous. What a retard.
>big scars and dried heads are aesthetic
You can't be this jewish.

>(((Jo Offord)))
look, they even do the work for us

he is podesta tier jew

no it fucked up things down the line, i had to have other operations on my dick, and it probably stunted my dick growth. Humans have lived with uncircumcised dicks for thousands of years, but because some kikes say it's better i guess we will just follow what they say, and if we try to stop it in our countries they throw temper tantrums. It doesn't matter if babies don't remember it, it still causes pain, and probably effects the subconscious mind. Babies right out of the womb are looking for nurturement, and being close to their mother not having their dick snipped right away.

If my religion thinks that having thumbs is evil, should we be allowed to surgically remove our infants' thumbs?

This. Women are disgusted by anteater dicks with stinky dick cheese in them.

t. Femanon

Why do Americans love mutilating their children to give them what is quite literally the historical mark of a Jew?


Circumcision is immoral and it doesn't provide any benefits. The (((studies)) that the pro-circumcision crowd uses are based on research done in third-world countries, not developed countries like the United States or most European nations.
I am pissed off that my parents circumcised me, and you should be too. There are many negative physical and psychological effects resulting from circumcision at birth.
Please don't brand your kids like Jewish chattel.

You can still pass HPV reguardless of whether or not a jew played tricks on your penis.

have you ever had a plantar wart?
then you have had HPV

Hmm you make some good points there. While I think my son would prefer to be circumcised, it may not be worth the risk of medical malpractice. As ugly as a hooded willy can be, it’s got to be better than a tiny mangled spickler.
I guess my partner and I will flip a coin or something if and when the time comes.

If you live in a desert climate and cannot bathe daily it's actually worth it.

See: Allied forces in North Africa durring WWII

I literally suck dicks and disagree.
Your mushroomcocks make me sad and regretful.

>desert climate
i.e. third world
>cannot bathe daily
you are a nigger

Nah man they're ugly. No homo though.

>beneficial to the health of men
[citation needed]

America isn't a shithole country, we have good hygienic health here.

Why aren't you restoring?

Something to do with being low IQ, rootless, culture less, jew worshipping mongrels

check out foregen.org/ user
i've been donating a little every month because i seriously want to regenerate my foreskin.


How could you even consider circumcision? It's completely unnecessary kike procedure. Amerimutts are the only first worlders low IQ enough to fall for the baby mutilation meme.

Imagine taking your beauty standards from Jews.

In Europe, the appearance of an uncircumsized penis is far more desirable than a foreign desert dick.

>beneficial to the health of women
They've actually gone overboard.


>never fucked a woman in my life
>probably never will
>but i should have the tip of my dick sawed off for some fucking reason
kill yourself (((jo offord)))

This is what media has told them to believe. This makes circumcision anti-feminist.

this pic is perfect example why are whites scared of black men. black men dick is literaly weapon of mass destruction for white race.


must be why european women are breeding with africans now

>does it make the sex better ?

Yes. Circumcision cuts off a body party so erogenous men can orgasm from it (Frenulum orgasm). Circumcision cuts off the frenulum. Not to mention the erogenous inner foreskin, pic related, which has more nerve endings than the glans penis itself.

if its religion then yes , we should
but i am a christian and i think you are too and christianity doesnt promote circumcision , it even desipses it

>if its religion then yes , we should
No, you dumb fuck.


Old testament does, but they did live in deserts.

>tfw circumcised because of phimosis

fucking leafs i swear

>Use condoms even for blowjob
Get a load of this faggot. I think I've worn a condom 3 times ever. Now if a girl won't let me go in raw, I just dont fuck. What kind of life is a life lived with rubber between every interaction?

no, don't take my word for it. Let some unknown man cut your kids dick. Remember it's more aesthetically pleasing. It's okay that some man you never met before is mutilating your kids dick before you get to spend time with it.

Most of the population doesn't live in a super dry climate either.

religion is a choice. it's not a cult that you are sacrificed into at birth.

Jews are a virus, no coincidences in nature

>more likely to contract HPV if you're not circumcised
Then don't fuck someone you don't trust.

A kid's not going to have any sexual partners so it doesn't make sense to cut off their foreskin until they hit 18 and can decide for themselves

Hmmmmm so is ash>>

>having a normal penis created as God intended gives your partner more chance at cancer
What kind of retarded broscience is that shit?
Show me the pubmed articles

if you were circumsized, you don't even have a penis. that thing between your legs was a sacrifice to the kikes. you don't feel shit. you don't experience real orgasm, you are barely even a human. how could you be, robbed of nature's greatest expression of intimacy?

It is better to commit suicide than to endure such shame.

Interesting that there is a very active cuckposter from Czech Republic.

Some Czech people here know if he is Czech? Can he write properly in Czech?

what's the problem with these fucking kikes? circumcision is a primitive and barbaric semitic practice. I wouldn't be surprised if they also got caught performing bestiality like their muslim brothers.

based fag

Wash yo ass, Tariq.

>oh hey there chap, looks like the regenerative treatment regenerated too much, guess we'll have to snip it again so you can piss normally
>wait it doesn't stop growing back?
>what a shame

How dumb can you be? The interracial marriage rate in your country is around 15%, which is 3 times higher than the number of non-whites in my country. So even if every non-white in my country married a white person (which is a huge exaggeration), you would still be over 3 times worse. Ha!

Forgen is a scam. I'd restore with manual methods for now, it's going to be a while until an actual procedure is developed.

Můžu mluvit plynule mluvit českým jazykem

>some man you’ve never met before
I’m not sure if you know, but we will be selecting a mohel when the time comes. There’s a party and everything.

Sure, keep telling yourself that.

The article he was responding to was about iceland banning circumcision which is making the muslim and Jewish community angry.

Baby dick-shanking.

Jews and mudslimes are garbage.

circumcision is how you control the slaves, keep them focused on work. If it was done to you, does not make it normal for your child.

>literally visible scar tissue a different color from the shaft and clearly calloused dried out heads
yeah gorgeous

now that i've finished shitting on us, something with sincerity:


this is as good as it gets. i am wearing one this second. the other materials employed by this firm are not nearly as durable. they will degrade with washing, this shit is very properly robust and extremely clingy. if you are willing to put in the commitment to try and unfuck yourself, this is the means. it is not entirely comfortable when you're doinitrite but it gets better. you can absolutely salvage some of your remaining sensitivity and aesthetics of your phallus through regular use of one of these.

make sure to tell him to suck the blood off nice and hard

good. denmark was too pussy to do it first.