How do we fix Canada boys?

Trudeau is out next year hopefully. Canada is a fucking mess, I think we need to go back to the drawing board and become a vassal state again. We should just sell all the land to russia / uk or something.

What do you suggest Sup Forums?

Ethnic genocide? Work camps? Lay it on me.

For fucks sakes, even the canadian tire logo is cooler than our current flag. I hate this place, lets just gas everyone on welfare.

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We'll take everything but Ontario. They're fucking lost.

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you could join the states as a non voting protectorate. allow individual provinces to apply for statehood

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Please give me a heads up so I can move out of this shithole

That sounds agreeable. Just give us self governance like peurto rico or whatever/

Everybody has a mandatory 1 year service of playing hockey in the minor leagues.

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More like Cambodian tire

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Oh ok. That's what THAT is. I wasn't sure, I am canadian after all.

I honestly think trudeau will be out next year and populism will surge again but we'll see. Cons just have to promise weed and they will win I bet.

how many genders are you?

Scotch irish, so two.

why not a dinosaur? i'm a dinosaur ever since facebook allowed it

I don't use facebook but that sounds pretty bad ass. I'll have to look into that. I would rather be a pirate I think.

Stop derailing my thread, mandatory conscription for national projects such as hydro dams would help subsidize tax payers and definitely help with infrastructure projects going forward into the future.

None of that shit will happen though, our population is dull and cow like. They will never do anything worthwhile.

you sound like a roastie. maybe that's why your threads never take off. people can tell.

Urgh, this post is borderline hate speech and seriously problematic. Canada is progressive and that should be celebrated, Canada is looking to progressive peoplekind to a world in which skin color does not matter. We are all human. We eat foods from around the world so why not welcome people from around the world? Canada has no place for intolerance and will root it out.

Fucking meme flags holy christ this place is cancer. I'm going to fuck off to one of the other chans where little kids can't follow. Peace.

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I just don't think a Canadian flag represents me. A Rainbow flag of gender is a better representation of a progressive nation.

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which colour reperesnts theropods?


Menstruation crimson, so beautiful.

Turn Canada into the white ethnostate. Lots of lush underpopulated north. Our natural habitat.

How do we do it?

Power projects are provincial jurisdiction
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