Black people can’t be intellig-

>Black people can’t be intellig-

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There are always statistical outliers that are a credit to their race.

He's above average intelligent, but not physics quality intelligent.

Thanks to his white genes I guess. He would look white in Ghana.

I guess you're really good at giving pic evidencesof your claims although you somehow posted before you finish typing

The trick is to find one with a high enough IQ to fake being intelligent - then feed him some quotable lines to say.

>Affirmative action mulatto who inherited a white brain phenotype

Show me a full black Newton, Da Vinci or Von Braun.

pick one

is that the kid from stranger things


el abominacion....

>>Black people can’t be intellig-

Tyson is a hack. He's just not that smart.

no he won't

That guy is an idiot. If he's the one they're putting forward, then the argument is finished.

he is not above intelligent... just read his tweets.

he is a showman larping as scientist, and dumb people don't see a difference since they have no idea what is actually smart

+he is pretty much a fraud

meme scientist


You know... Sagan was a showman as well, and didn't do that much.

>those goblinos

fuck me... why does the kid look italian...

He is a 200% fraud. He's confirmed to be a,propagandist


He's only socially black
Genetically, he's a hybrid.
And he's not that intelligent.
He's the science equivalent to a music critic.
Just a dude who talks well about the work and creations of others.

Honestly he doesn't seem very intelligent, he's heavily against philosophy, he says a lot of pseudo-intelligent things, and thinks way way way too highly of himself. Not a fan

The face of "whiter than you mohammed"

>be a proud nigger
>marry white woman

Shut your whore mouth

dios mio
la creatura

>wash out of Harvard physics whilst having Carl Satan as your personal tutor
I can't even...

I'd fuck his daughter.

>yfw your son is nigger young sheldon.

I'd fuck the son

that kid looks like a mulatto version of the stranger things mutt

Neil deGrasse-Tyson is not a genius, he's a TV celebrity with a degree who spouts the theories and ideas of actual genii for a living.

Wearing a tie and reading off a teleprompter requires no more intelligence than the OP starting this thread.

>Those kids
La creatura...

EWWW. You are disgusting

His dissertation was about being black, and in a science field. This guy is a total fraud.

If the kid says he wants it, he can get it.

I'm guessing he's at least 2 standard deviations over. Nothing special, but for blacks that would put him in 0.1%, I would guess. Unless their bell curve for IQ looks differently than what I'm imagining.

so you got no food but internet. africa was a mistake.


look it's black dustin

the blue line is what? Because definitely not mean for blacks. Anyway, notice that little bump at 142 or something for blacks. There's like giga nigga einstein out there. Ain't that a scary thought?

Michio Kaku is a retard, have you even watched any of his documentaries. He's a brainlet.

Sagan was the bee's knees don't you come around here spewing lies.

Is that the stranger things kid on the right?

That dude is a fraud like bill nye. Freemason puppet shill.

>because they have an average IQ of 60 there cannot exist a black person with an IQ as a average white person
>what is a bell curve

>looks down upon you in disgust.


"Hey guys look! If you go to school and do well, you can marry a real white woman!"
Well, except going to school isn't going to matter if you're IQ < 80...

1 in 3 million Africans has an IQ of 142 or higher

Stupid nigger

White man magic strong, make robot ball roll on sand an sheeit.

>anecdotes are superior to statisti-

Mike tyson very intelligence..

Gonna need some sauce boss

la luz extinguido

He explains things like that because everyone else is a brainlet.. c'mon now.
The more people who "understand" his simplistic and easily worded explanations feel smarter, and in turn, watch more of his stuff.
More viewers, higher ratings.
That's all.
He could be a paid moron who isn't any smarter than us, or not.

100% this



Plus he's probably got like 50% white genes to do all the heavy lifting, and still can't do much more than string together a pre-written sentence. Then again, that applies to most "scientists" popular amongst the general public.

He is a shabbos goy-nigger with the Jewish marketing machine glorifying him.

Same goes for all this "Prophets of Science" starting with Sagan and Roddenberry - tools of the Jews propagandizing for the Jew World Order.

And speaking of tools of the Jews playing the role of "Prophets of Science" here is Michio Gooku getting kind of honest...


He's as black as the average american to me.

>in a population of 35 million niggers, only 50,000 have an IQ at or over 130
No one said it was impossible. It's just very unlikely.

How is he a brainlet?

Beat me too it fpbp

Hes hardly black and he hasn't accomplished anything in his career

No one, literally NO ONE ever said black people can't be intelligent. Show me the most hardcore of nazis online, and I'll bet they still love God, aka Morgan Freeman. He's intelligent, rational, independent, not given to group think or mob mentality, he thinks people should be held to account for their own choices and actions, he didn't kowtow to Mike "well I'm Jewish" Wallace and his kikery, and his voice is like a soft warm pillow for your ears. But
you twat.

American "whites" and "blacks" are one and the same.

His Daughterfu is kawaii as fuck.


Op, everybody here loved NDT. The point is that the avg black person has a lower iq. Nobody debates that fact. Ppl debate the gaps causes.
In my opion there are alot of very wise black ppl who are also pretty smart. The black people who act like they are waspy geniuses tend to be dumb as fuck in my experience tho.



whiter than you

you know he is only a celeb because he is a scientist AND black, something so normal and average for a white person that novody cares

And to be honest, i love hitler, but that doesnt mean i hate anybody (besides feminists)

el impuridad de los porcentajes

>tfw the meme is real