What was he up to?

What was he up to?

It's always the same pattern: male retards shooting up schools

Trying to regain the high-score for the Asian master-race.

>white males are not a danger to socie-

>detonator for C4 landmine

So smoke bombs and an old Nokia phone.

That white man was getting ready to white up his school with white man weapons for his white supremacy beliefs. Obviously.

He's an Asian male, that's reason enough to khs any day

Clearly he was bringing it for show and tell time. He is a PoC so he is incapable of doing harm. Why does the media act so racist against brown people all of a sudden?

I won't lie I'd have actually been really curious to see if he had an actual plan for that detonator

really makes me think

I guarantee he didn't actually have one. Same with the grenades. An actual, live grenade is disgustingly hard to come by, especially as a regular-Chong highschool kid.

Probably imported from Sweden... they seem cheap there.


Wait, he brought a gun to school and people didn't die?
How is that possible? Guns kill children when they are around them.

AR-15 "style" rifle?
That's like saying rifle style rifle.

It's a hot pocket, hot pocket


Time to ban those too

boy wasnt lackin

Sure thing chang


They still have the college high score yet they want the high school high score too?!?! The 21st century truly is the century of the chinese dragon!

>AR-15 style rifle
Wtf is AR-15 style? Surely it can only be one or the other?

AR-22 or some shit maybe.

Probably cooking his noodles with the heat generated by the shot like a true tit

>list of grievances
can't be that grievous if you need to write it down to remember it.

how many more white men like him are going to commit these attacks?

In order
>Hog Hunting
>Spring Fashion
>List of concerns to bring up at the next student council meeting.

He wasnt white so the FBI stopped him.

Its the wrong optics.

So another CIA/FBI blackmail where they force all these weapons on him to make up another PSYOP.

Its funny how they go so overboard with the arsenal thing

Stupid fucker
Asians could have ridden the JROTC kids sacrifice wave for years

>What was he up to?
being a control group of fbi patsies?
feds didn't let this one go all shooty shooty


probably means like a scar 16 or cz Bren

I remember back in 3rd grade(over 30 years ago) a kid brought a handgun to school and showed me and i thought it was cool as fuck. He left it in his backbag all day and nothing ever came of it. Just because you own something doesnt mean ur going to use it to harm people.

We may never cho

AR stands for Armalite bro.

No CNN had a 90 minute report on it. AR means armed & ready


Damn high roller