This shit is spreading guys, now students from Bayside High are refusing to return to school until gun control is passed. CNN is on the case.

The problem isn't guns. It's white people. We need to ban young white men from schools.

ending the public school system will also end school shootings.

WTF that chick at the bottom middle is married to an FBI AGENT in NYC!!!!!

How deep does this go!?

It any of them had a gun the shooting would have been avoided.



diversity doesn't work, break up the US not enough resources too help the mentally ill

pick one
kill the mentally ill or help your own kind

>Tiffani Thiessen

Too bad about her and everyone on that show getting kiked though.

>high school students
>demanding anything aside from tater tots in their school lunches

Who the fuck cares? They're high school students. Their hormones are out of control and they're all acting on their emotions. Oh guess what, there's a logical fallacy called "appeal to emotion."

Think of the children!

You're not taking my guns.

>sheltered leftist cucks demanding stuff

In other news, water still wet.

Or maybe we can just re-segregate schools. That way we can keep all the evil whites away from the peaceful blacks

Finally America will be freed from guns

all im getting from this is that we should be able to buy tanks

yes, that is the joke

What the fuck do highschoolers know about anything.

Yeah, nothing we can do now but watch the world change. We are the past now.
The kids demand change.

Technically, you can already buy tanks. It's the munitions that are regulated

Fucking Bayside. It's always Bayside.

>Democrats succeed in pressuring Trump to outlaw private ownership of firearms
>Firearms are confiscated in mass
>Immediate campaign of terror against "intellectuals" just like in old communist days
>Unable to defend themselves, liberals are massacred by right-wing US Army troops just for kicks
>All non-Americans flee the nation
>Unanimous support for restoring gun ownership
>Trump 2020

Cool, let those stupid leftie shits get more stupid while conservatives keep getting educated in private schools with armed security and becoming economically successful.They're digging the graves of their future careers.