At last I truly see

At last I truly see

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all fags must die


on par with Jesus, imo


You can never go back. Welcome to Sup Forums, you're here forever.





he looks handsome as hell here



Hitler's main objective was the ancient power he could harness by occupying Britain's ley line. You just got redpilled





gotta go in hard on that ass

little late there huebro
also, checked

at harvard, they're developing biological weapons to be deployed by a fly. they're stuck on the wings right now. Daniel Jafferis' brother is the one working on it. all of this is under NDA. both of them are jews. people need to know.

Someone make one but with Germany as Polandball.

The jew world order will fall.

There's no going back

Hitler will be redeemed in our lifetimes and there will be statues of Him.

Mark my words, screencap this.

That timeline is too beautiful to imagine

I unironically believe this as well. People are starting to wake up. (((They))) are starting to get nervous.

Pol made me racist but I now see racism is natural

A man can dream user.

This. Adolf was not the Son of God, but the greatest man to have ever lived.

Both fought the Jew and were killed by them. We fight on for them.

I know what you mean.

"...and all the lies shall collapse under their own weight"


Have any of you read Hitler's Zweites Buch?
It's 10 times more redpilled than Mein Kampf, which is why they don't want you to know about it.

“The world will know I was right” Adolph Hitler.




The more I read about him, the more I think he's probably the single smartest person who ever lived. Like, the man did absolutely nothing wrong, in the most literal sense. And his biography reads like a superhero origin story. It's stranger than fiction.

Why does no one care if Hitler poopooed in his pants as an adult??????????????


You're not the only one who feels this way

What do you see?

A smile that doesn’t look like his real one.

I´ll be back

Most people would never poop their pants.

It won't be global at first. It will be gradual change. First only local, and since there is absolute certainty that there will be a race-motivated conflict in some European country soon, there is another thing to be sure of - the bulk of the fighting force will be organized both by local and foreign national socialists. There will be a breaking point, when the natsoc presence will overshadow any other organized local power and in that moment, we are going straight for the prize. And this is also fully supported by this user's post . The times are changing, people are much much more open to the ideas who were absolutely no-go in the past because of the Jewish lies.

All of this is sure. You don't have to be an geo-political expert to knew this. We are also slowly but surely coming to another economic crisis which will help. The time is coming, anons, be prepared. Be ready. As Adolf Hitler said; "The Reich will not fall to our laps from the heavens" and the same applies here. When the time comes, we must be ready to answer the call.

We will have that fucking statue.

Little known fact about Kennedy. He lived in Europe in the years before the war started and hung out with Nazis while he was living in Prague in 1938 and 1939.
He also dated a Danish girl in the 40s and was wiretapped by the FBI because they thought she was a spy for the Nazis.

Did you finish Mein Kampf bro? If so congrats. Welcome to reality.

This speech...Got goosebumps...Nothing has changed. especially what he says @ 0:40 seconds...

He's so hot.

His voice was deep and manly for a guy with one ball!!!

Hitler didn't want this you brainwashed bum

>those gets

He also had a nice dick for a guy with hypospadias.


i do fag

Make it a nude one of him with an uncut cock!

He will bee seen as his equal in time, if we are to survive this.

I see how he did not represent the spirit of the Aryans he seem to know so much about. The Indian and Persian Aryans were the most respectful and joyful people of their times. That's what made them so noble and creative.

Nice quote

Do you think he wanted to be angry?

He's actually already more powerful than Jesus, even as he speak.

Jesus took 300 years after his death for people to follow him.
Hitler has only been dead 70 years and people are already starting to realize he did nothing wrong.

Actually, the true Negro Jesus will not have that, and as a result the second coming will occur. That’s why I’m glad I’m not 100 percent white, and why it is pointless to have “white” children. Fück the “white” race, Hitler, its other heroes, and the 14-88 cause. Only God can “preserve the existence of a people or a future for its children,” dumbasses!


Classy as fuck.
Imagine that, going to your local high arts museum to appreciate aesthetic statues of nakid Hitler and other historical figures.

I think Hardcore History did once an episode comparing him to Alexander the Great and asking the question, if within a few generations Hitler is going to be seen on par with people like Napoleon or Alexander.


I don’t. Even if you could deny the holocaust, he was still a fornicator and a pedophile. My mother taught me that he was THE DEVIL and will never change her mind.

This man isn’t white either.

Trips of Purity

That’s impossible, since before Hitler was, JESUS IS!

Well seeing how the Negros behave im sure Jesus will excuse us for our short patience with them.

This is not funny anymore, I get digits or another one gets digits when they mention that I will be the next Hitler. Kek stop it...

No one can be equal to the great I AM, let alone a literal impotent, PANTS-POOPING, monorchic with hypospadias and a mild from of spins bifida who couldn’t live without his arsenal of drugs!


Spina Bifida Occulta

He was also a FAG, and to put him in the same category as Christ is blasphemy!

Romans 1:23

You are the chosen one.
Heil dir, mein Führer! o/

God damn it, why did you get digits?
Ch- checked

Enough internet for me today, I'm going back to Dark Souls for tonight

One cannot be a true Christian and glorify a DEVIL like Hitler.

Lol wow

That's be something


Hail victory.

DELETE THIS and think about what you just posted. And then lurk more


>took 300 years
The church had already been exploding in growth since the resurrection of Jesus, hence why Constantine the Political believed he was forced to "become a Christian"
>eg, Acts 2:41

Agreed. It will stop!

Seriously go Fück your evil German self!

One cannot be Christian and glorify Hitler. And a non-Christian is a devil and not someone I would ever date, let alone marry.

Mein Kampf is the same as the Book of Satan to both my mother and myself. I have discussed Hitler with her and she still feels the same way about him: that he was the most evil man the world has ever known.

>they're developing biological weapons to be deployed by a fly
tell us more user

>Sees a sentence and thinks he's read the entire book
Pfffft Hitler was just the last of his kind

I watched “The Greatest Story...” But am still in agreement with her and the rest of the sane world: Hitler was evil, the Allies did right, and I’m glad the Nazis lost. Never will I ever be on board with racism, and never will I ever be sorry he had health problems and that his regime “only” lasted 12 years!

Never will I ever believe that America “fought the wrong enemy” in WW2, and I am beginning to see the Red Army as the true heroes.

Your bait is not of excellent quality, however take this (You) for your troubles


Never will I ever, as a dark brunette with nearly black eyes, be on board with an evil ideology that places the albino look (platinum blonde white icy blue eyes, like Princess Elsa) as the very pentacle of beauty, when they are anything but superior! And never will I ever be happy about women being denigrated as baby-machines, since I don’t even have my uterus anymore.