>001 PC245(a)(1)-F: ASSAULT WITH DEADLY WEAPON 245(a)(1) Felony 04/15/2017
>001 PC12022.7(a)-F: SPEC ALLEG-GREAT BODILY INJURY 12022.7(a) Felony 04/15/2017
>002 PC245(a)(1)-F: ASSAULT WITH DEADLY WEAPON 245(a)(1) Felony 04/15/2017
>003 PC245(a)(1)-F: ASSAULT WITH DEADLY WEAPON 245(a)(1) Felony 04/15/2017
>004 PC245(a)(1)-F: ASSAULT WITH DEADLY WEAPON 245(a)(1) Felony 04/15/2017

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Bump, I hope this faggot gets rapped in prison

Bike lock boy! Bump

Neat. Die screaming, Clanton.

Lock him up

I saw this article the other day. How does pol feel about ruining this man's life?

one of the greatest pol achievements


that the bike lock guy? hope he gets broomsticked in the pen

Lock this fucker up.


Is he taking it all the way to trial? Tomorrow might be an offering of a plea deal. Usually they offer suspended sentence, probation, and a strike for first time offenders. He will have to pay fines and medical bills as well. If he is stupid enough to take it all the way to trial then he will have to do 50% of his time at the minimum. Will be interesting to see how it goes.

I love it. The fact that Sup Forums ruined his life has given me hope in the world again. Fuck him, his mom, his faggot job in ethics, fuck his faggot hair and fuck his future. I hope he's raped to death in prison with a broomstick ahhhhhahahah

Pretty good actually

tomorrow is pre-trial hearing, we'll know if he's going to plea bargain or go to trial

He won't get off that easy. He went out on a premeditated mission to murder innocent trump supporters, aiming for the head with a bike lock the same weight as a medieval mace.

he's going to do time, question is how much.
of course, he could gamble and go to trial and hope for a commie judge/jury but if he lost there he'd be doing a hell of alot more time


He'll probably get a light sentence since he's snitching, better at least lead to the high up BAMN pedos (google: BAMN NAMBLA) getting locked up

>Professor at San Francisco State university
>violent activist who beat somebody over the head with a bikelock because he disagreed with him

why is the left so violent? it's not even a meme at this point, folks

Thanks to all who contributed to his arrest.

dam son

wow Sup Forums I thought this guy was dumb but ....posing with the assault clothing and everything...that's got to be the most retarded thing to do after assaulting all those people. it's like he wanted to be caught!

Wiley W. Manuel Courthouse
661 Washington Street
Oakland, California 94607
Dept. 11
9:15AM PST

if any local anons want to show up and troll him

Has he been out on bail or sitting in jail? If he's given a plea deal the judge can order a period of jail time before he is released on probation. If he has been on bail he will likely be remanded into custody on the spot. If he has been sitting in jail then he will likely be released on probation with time served and suspended sentence. I know of a few people with similar charges that got out within a couple months and probation. The only thing I'm uncertain about is the fact that it was politically motivated. They will definitely offer him a sweet deal though because California loves it's Marxist activist professors.

afaik he's been out on bail
meanwhile cantwell sat in jail for months for far less

because he talks to homeless people ? i have read the article and he is not even mentioned.

Then he will likely be remanded into custody tomorrow if he takes the deal.

i always wondered if the guy is fucked or not
if he will be able to talk this way out of it or not
after reading this
[X] fucked
[ ] not fucked

and then shit post, we need a thread break from Florida

I feel like we should have a wall of unmarked stars like they do in the CIA or where the fuck ever. The autist that matched up those pictures deserves a star on the wall.

Thanks for the basic gestalt I had thought he only hit one person. Damn what a scumbag. I wouldn't give him a plea deal without jail time since he clearly had an intent to seriously injure and did it multiple times.


Hopefully he beats the charges.

It should be legal to bonk retarded right-wingers over the head. I laughed when the dude's mullet went flying. BONK.

Hopefully he didn't have health insurance so he had to pay thousands in medical expenses. Hey, at least we don't have any of that there "socialized" medicine though. *eye roll*

Fuckin' retarded right-wingers.

Bump lock.

It was a leaf browsing through an antifa Facebook group days before who remembered seeing his face that ID'd him

Friendly reminder that he has an "Iron Front" tattoo and will be raped and shanked by the Aryan Brotherhood in a California prison.

Nah, he will probably beat the charges or take a plea deal for probation.

Either way, Stiles still loses. He got bonked on the head like a little bitch. Hopefully Stiles had no health insurance. I hope all faggot right-wingers get bankrupted by medical expenses because that's what they support.

Let's see that flag faggot.

Sup eric, good luck in prison buddy

Breddy gud.

>First time offender
>Not taking a plea deal

You're a dipshit who doesn't understand how the legal system works.

The country where I live is none of your business.

Can we turn this into reverse zim zam trials?

Why the homophobia?

I'm sure the people "rapping" him will be the same colour as the ones raping him

bump. can't wait to see this commie sentenced to death by nigger rape

good post bro

Don't give a flying fuck.

Going to be really funny when he plea-bargains down to X hours community service and an ankle-bracelet for a year.

inb4 plea deal drops down to 1 felony
no jailtime cuz of first offence but permanately not allowed to teach and have felony on record

His plea deal will come with mandatory jail time. Probably a county year which is 8 months for time served. That's plenty of time to get culturally enriched. Also, they will put him with gen pop, further increasing his chances of getting enriched.

Hmm, pretty sure it wasn't a leaf

san francisco is a shithole country.

we'll see, isnt the court in commiefornia?
gotta look at the judge i spose

Old news is so exciting.

This is Commiefornia we're talking about here. They'll probably throw a gay pride parade in his honor before he gets actual jail time.
He'll probably get 6 months probation and 100 hours community service at worst.

>Arachnophobic huh? You must secretly want to fuck spiders! D;

Lmao these incels acting like that white nationalist associating goober didn't deserve to get bike locked 12x.

Next time duck incels

Hes not a shitlib who expects big daddy government to enhance his life so he probably has a job with health insurance.... fuckface


pajeet please go

>assault with a deadly weapon


Tfw Everytime righties show up they get bludgeoned and all pol can do is whine online

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta

SanFran is the new poo.

Nah, he's some faggy college student. Most college students don't have full time jobs that offer health insurance.

Unless mommy and daddy were paying for a health plan (And I doubt they were, since he looks like white trash with HICK parents) he likely didn't have health insurance.

I wish I could see his face when he got the medical bill. It'd be thousands of dollars if they scanned his head for a brain injury hahahahaha. Vile Stile probably had to declare bankruptcy. Fuckin' faggot.

I'd say wear a helmet but it clearly doesn't work lmaoooo.

>TFW righties showed up to the polls in 2016 and Hillary lost

Better ban assault cloths

Bamp. If a sequence of reapeating integers follows then number of my post, then he gets raped and dies of super black africa aids while in prision

>Implying I voted for Hillary or voted at all

Godfdammit how time flies...

>white trash
>hick parents
>college student

I have no idea what that pink floating wrinkled mass of neurons in your skull is for but you obviously don't use it to think

Rare pic of Sup Forums poster before and after a rally

that what your lawyers are tellin ya? again, good luck buddy

shouldn't you bet out stocking up on lube and getting that tattoo removed?

Is her more likely to get beaten by niggers, raped by spics, or shanked by the Aryan brotherhood?

I hope this faggot leaves jail in a body bag.

His medical bills will be added to Clanton's restitution. I hope he got the very best care money can buy. Also, if he suffers any long term health issues due to the attack, he could be on the hook to pay for those as well. And let's not forget he can still be sued in civil court for pain and suffering, lost wages, etc.

Anyone can go to college if they have okay grades. They just incur debt.

You guys are here legitimately sound 18 years old with no life experience. You think Clanton will get raped in a California jail like it's some third world country where the guards put the prisoners in a cell and then leave them alone.

*shakes head*

I swear the average age of this place has gotten to be like 18.5. Everyone I talk to sounds like a dipshit teenager with acne on his face.


learn to swim niggers

I had a get of 7's on him going away for a long time some months ago. Hoping that it's still the case.

He's not a first time offender. He has previous charges for rioting and destruction of property during a BLM protest in 2014. Clanton is fugged.

Nah shouldn't you be trying to not be an international embarrassment

Clanton will get raped and killed

I hope he gets 10-20 at least, but I'd bet money that he never does a day of time inside a real prison.
Consider that he is;
>a professor
>it's his first offense
>he is anti-trump, and this is California
>nobody died
>California DOC is under court order to reduce prison pop due to overcrowding
He'll get probation, a fine, and community service. Maybe even pled down to misdemeanors
Screencap this.

Jethro from the trailer park is struggling with his McJob while going to school to learn algebra at night. Happens all the time!

Stfu faggot

"McJobs" don't provide health insurance.

fuckin dude should get fucked then since he is definitely a danger
i did read the second charge if not dropped is 3 years

The trips will it.


He's not a fucking professor, lol; he taught a few courses for a limited time at a very shitty looking community college.

This is accurate. Real prison rape is rare as fuck. Most dudes who are getting fucked in prison are into it these days. 10 or 20 years ago, maybe. Not that way in years now though.

Fuck. Yes

Yeah they do you goddamn imbecile. Also theres obamacare. Also Bubba the welder (jethro's dad)'s union offers insurance for children under and up to 24 going to school.

What state do you think this incident happened, ignorant user?

hahahaha I helped find this murderous cunt

DOC court order does not apply to violent offenders. Also not his first offense. Even a plea deal will include some jail time. Probably a county year at the bare minimum.

I stand corrected on the first offense statement. Still, my bet is he gets off with no prison. Maybe I'm overly cynical. I hope so because fuck Clanton and the rest of those mask wearing fags.

are any commiefornia anons going to be there tomorrow at the court room ? is it a public trial ?


He looks like a monkey.