I just want my waifu in pantyhose.

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The worst coast

Not him but have her in the middle of changing but caught while topless or have her breast's revealed from battle damage and torn clothes.

Really happy with how this one turned out. Wish I knew the artist for it.

Still around

Isn't world heroes brocken based on brocken jr? They look alike


>not her ass

Sounds too far for my tastes, brah.

I could fill in. I burn easily though.

This lil cinnamon bun isn't getting anything in the new banner, so requesting Elise in a cute (not lewd) bunny outfit.

Sorry, I dunno. I played only World Heroes.
But this game looks funny. Typical japanese.

The real question is if they'll bring it back, or if they'll treat the current updates as it is.

Kinda tough to tell at this point.

That isn't a cinnamon bun. That is a croissant at best.

I want this thread to end so I can draw butts in the next one.
big butts

It's quick and sloppy but that's everything I draw.

Requesting another FE character biting on to her hair, thinking it's a delicious pasty.

i like the merge

i want it to stay

Be patient. Few more posts to go.

Elise is a perfect and pure cinnamon bun!



this but it turns out her hair is a nondelicious pastry. mediocre or just undesirable at best

not really a videogamefag but who is pic related OP?

super mario

Its the Persona 3 MC. In one anime he's named Minato, in another, its Makoto, but in the game, you could give him any name you want.

The character he is dressed up as is JC Denton from Deus Ex.

haha eeks dee