This is Mireille Knoll

This is Mireille Knoll.

She was 85 years old, a Grandmother and a Holocaust survivor.

On Friday she was stabbed 11 times and burnt to death in her flat in Paris.

For being a Jew.

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Based frogs.


That's a nice start, keep it up, France.

inc holocaust deniers

Disgusting, we should be killing muslims that rape and want to change our culture

Shouldn't have voted for all of that diversity

You forgot to mention by a muslim immigrant. She was also apparently raped.

How do they know it was "for being a Jew" ? It was probably just some random invader, they love raping and murdering old ladies.

Thats what you get for supporting immigration juden.

Muslims and Jews are the same thing


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6 000 001?

Jews dont go around raping, pillaging and murdering people you dip

Hey rabbi, what cha doin' here on Sup Forums?

The Muslims wouldn't be there if it weren't for the Jews who hold the reigns of the EU and guide it's policies.

One down, roughly 2 million to go.

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Where your god now grandma?

Do you feel “chosen”?

Not frogs but arabs
>based killers of old defenceless women
kys Honza

jews aren't people.

>6 million jews died in the holocaust
>6 million jews survived the holocaust
really makes me think


Better late than never, I guess....

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No sources

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Kek, they just do it on an industrial scale.

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>Jews dont go around raping, pillaging and murdering people you dip

What is Israel?

yeah they outsource it to shitskins and niggers

Be a islamist... you probably should add these kinda facts dude

what are you waiting for? odds are there is a swedish chick being raped by at least 6 niggers right now while her cucked boyfriend watches and applauds the diversity of the situation

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and the US army.

Nah they just destroy societies from the inside out.

The Muhammedians are the tool the Jew rapes you with. They get an additional chuckle if you are not smart enough to realize this.

>In the presidential speech for Arnaud Beltrame, he put her on the same level as him
>Some random jewish lady getting robbed and killed is the same as a St Cyrien sacrificing himself to save hostages

Absolute disgust.

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Let me tell you something you won't hear
According to the INSEE (National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies) over half a million of people over 60 dies every year in France. A quarter of them died at their house, just like that rat faced lying jew

No one talks about them, EVER.

Fuck off with your propaganda this ain't working anymore. Fuck this kikel may god burn her in hell and fuck this muslim piece of shit who killed her too.

La France aux Français


>of north african origins
So europe is finally getting a decent nigger/towelhead population and no defense option available. Its going to be a wild ride for the next decade

>For being a Jew.
jew lie
usual kike lobbying
the police investigation doesnt bring out any evidence of anti semitism
the kike lobby goes full swing pressuring everyone to make it out to be a hate crime
the president and party leaders compete to be at the funeral of a grandma
also she was no holocaust survivor, she was merely an almost-deportee

note the words:
>(((suspected)) anti semitic attack
(i.e. zero proof)
>Police suspect that part of the motive for the killing was because Knoll was Jewish.
nice weasel words making it out to be what it's not (a hate crime)
the guys said "hey she's a jew, she must have money"
that's not hate crime, that's a mere stereotype.
note: the CRIF is france's AIPAC. The top jewish lobby org to which all presidents bow down at a yearly dinner in such an embarrassing display of servility that even promiment media jews (Elizabeth Levy) are protesting about such a shamefur dispray (for themselves)
>Knoll, who narrowly escaped being deported to Auschwitz during World War Two
told ya
being almost deported makes you a holocaust survivor now
similar murder happened in april 17
>In April, BNVCA and the CRIF federation of French Jewish communities were among several French Jewish organizations that protested the omission of hate crime charges from the draft indictment of a Muslim man who confessed to killing Halimi, a 66-year-old physician, in her apartment.
see what's going on?
investigation yields no evidence of hate crime, kike lobby protests and calls it a cover up
read the rest of that page, it's worth it
what this yesterday search taught me is that even jewish sources are easy to read between the lines
they give out the truth despite themselves

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Hold on, buddy.
An old lady is an old lady, a bit of respect is due due to her age.
But I agree on the fact that every single time a kike dies, it's national news and it shouldn't be.
Lis-moi ça et rage avec moi.

>Cette détermination inflexible face au nihilisme barbare convoqua aussitôt dans nos mémoires les hautes figures de Jean Moulin, de Pierre Brossolette, des Martyrs du Vercors et des combattants du maquis. Soudain se levèrent obscurément dans l’esprit de tous les Français, les ombres chevaleresques des cavaliers de Reims et de Patay, des héros anonymes de Verdun et des Justes, des compagnons de Jeanne et de ceux de Kieffer - enfin, de toutes ces femmes et de tous ces hommes qui, un jour, avaient décidé que la France, la liberté française, la fraternité française ne survivraient qu’au prix de leur vie, et que cela en valait la peine.
>Car l’intolérable, jamais ne peut l’emporter.
>Le camp de la liberté, celui de la France, est confronté aujourd’hui à un obscurantisme barbare, qui n’a pour programme que l’élimination de nos libertés et de nos solidarités. Les atours religieux dont il se pare ne sont que le dévoiement de toute spiritualité, et la négation même de l’esprit. Car il nie la valeur que nous donnons à la vie. Valeur niée par le terroriste de Trèbes. Valeur niée par le meurtrier de Mireille KNOLL, qui a assassiné une femme innocente et vulnérable parce qu’elle était juive, et qui ainsi a profané nos valeurs sacrées et notre mémoire.

>Heroism stars during WW2, the things before are "shadows"
>He dared mention the old jewish lady and say it was A N T I S E M I T I C during an hommage to Beltrame

better late than never

>being almost deported makes you a holocaust survivor now
Bit like women and rape
>I was ALMOST raped
>Rape victim

You stinky cheap russian, get back to your vodka. you just had a fire that killed 64 people and no one gives a flying fuck about it.
a 85 years jewish woman was murdered and all world newspapers go rampage.
russian lifes are meaningless.

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more tidbits
>“There’s a marked difference in the handling of the two cases, which are very similar,” Sammy Ghozlan, president of the National Bureau for Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism, or BNVCA, told JTA Tuesday. “With Halimi, the authorities dragged their feet and dithered. With Knoll, they acted swiftly. For me, it’s an indication of a lesson learned.”
translation: lobbying is taking over the judiciary and LEO
nowadays we can call it a hate crime without any evidence and milk it for all it's worth before the body is even cold
>His mother escaped a 1942 roundup of Parisian Jews, moved to Canada and returned to France.
holocaust survivor (tm)
they keep quoting turbo kike lobbyist Ghozlan of course, your typical shlomo in full attire and hands rubbing
anywayz do read those sources they're pretty entertaining when you're redpilled

i was looking for the bit where the murderer said why he picked a jew: "because they have money"
which is a contradiction as he knew her since he was 7 and she was clearly lacking money
but never mind, what matters is that that's all they have to prove a hate crime
>she's a jew, she must have money
>he's an arab, he must have meals at night during ramadan
>hate crime, presidential visits of your funeral if you're a kike, a week of media coverage
sacred victims and rulers, goyim, move along

btw she resided in bagneux which isnt a rich neighborhood, it's outside of paris and isnt a rich one
that's what tipped the narrative off for me then it was just reading the kikes outing their own lies
it's amazing how they do that
while lying they reveal their lies
just like while ruining the nations they just prepare their own next extermination
oy vey die ewige juden
where will it go once evicted from Sophia? (earth)

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>old jewess gets murdered
>whole world knows
You people really do know how to sell a story


hahaha angry kike

>survive the Holocaust
>survive the horrible massacre of WW2
>cant survive modern peace-time France

you couldn't make this shit up

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The west is done. You could have fought it in the 60's but its too late now. I might come off a defeatist but really these ideas are too entrenched. It will take a full collapse to even motivate, and by then it will probably be far far too late. It was a good run boys.

haha lol

Great start tbqh

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I'm a holocaust survivor too. Proof: I'm alive.

Don't get too smug Japan. A nip friend told me your importing Indonesians and Bangladeshis by the ton and it's only going to increase
And he loves the idea. Lots of new friends!

>For being a Jew.
How do you know?

see my grorious posts

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Japan is all good as long as we have koseki. If that ever gets repealed (which it will not because we have the LDP for now) then you can worry.



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calm down there little guy. nobody cares about you or your dead grandma lol

This is where our banter gets out of hand. The Jews were mistreated by the Germans. Many innocent Jews died for the actions of guilty members of the tribe. This woman did not deserve this fate.

>but really these ideas are too entrenched
I don't think so. Breaking the dopamine/oxytocin loops is the hard part. Willful disregard of uncomfortable reality is the root that needs to be dealt with.

So wait, we like the Jews now?



protip: go for the schnorkel, it's where their life force is stored

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any violence or mistreatment towards the elderly is especially disgusting

Can't dodge forever, lel

Just admit that cutting baby dicks is fucking bizarre.

It's inspirational really. She was a champ at hide and seek but you know what they say, you can't hide forever.

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he judiciary is still not learning the lesson!!!

>Earlier this month, the judge scrapped a hate crime element from the indictment of Traore; the prosecution appealed the decision.
concerning last year's (hate crime)

> his actions, which were “not incompatible with an anti-Semitic dimension.”
the jews are the world's greatest actors
they just cant stop looking like they're acting, to their curse and eternal downfall

found it!
>The suspect “said that Jews have money, and that was the reason he attacked her,”
That's it
that's all they have
thats why the judge will eventually throw out the hate crime charge if the judiciary can keep its independence in kikeified france

that's what this whole event is about
pushing kike sacrality lobbying over every center of power

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wtf I love shitskin Muslims now

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(I changed separator out of respect.)

How does one survive purposeful systematic killing?

Last in the queue?


That is too bad.

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nobody said she did
her people needs eradicated but it's not her fault
>it's a huge transformation to make but without it the human species will not survive

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wtf i love france now

"Jews have always prospered in multicultural societies, so we should commit treaseon everywhere we go to turning all societies multicultural." - Zionist Zombie, Talmudian Parasite.

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filthy kike that fire was instigated and worsened by the fucking jew guard that disarmed the fire alarm system

your time is at an end, your people will suffer

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she was too poor to afford living in a district where crazed sandniggers don't live next door
let it be a lesson to all kikes
never get poor in a country you have overrun with subhuman retards who hate your guts

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Was killed by a muslim but not an immigrant. That muslim was her neighborn and she knew him ever since he was like 7 years old. They obviously had an argument and he killed him.

The story is anti-muslim propaganda. Can u guys on Sup Forums grow a brain and read the story you're as good as those BLM idiots at this point

zionism intensifies nigger

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What a coincidence it's masterbation time for me too

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>Nous l’emporterons grâce au calme et à la résilience des Français
>la résilience des Français
Ca peut plus durer. Il nous faut un homme au pouvoir. Macron et hollande c'est le club des soyim, y'a pas plus effeminés que ces deux pétasses. Il nous faut un vrai bonhomme qui n'hésites pas a retourner la table, qui fermerai les portes a l'EUSSR, quelqu'un qui foutrais tout ces branleurs incompétant en prison et surtout, qui classifie le CRIF et la LICRA comme des organisations terroristes.
La résilience des Français elle va pas tenir plus longtemps, le vent a tourné et beaucoup de mes proches m'ont fait part de ce même sentiment

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How could she survive the holocaust but not a single immigrant with a knife? Either way, fuck her

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By Muslims

>narrowly escaped
>15 million survivors goy
>gief reparations
>gief national funerals
what's ironic is that the rabid lobbying kikes were that woman's worst enemy in truth and fact
this money being lavished into milking her death politically right now could have helped her not dying from being poor in kike-induced muslim-sick france
just like in america, kikes spend more on lobbying than on helping their poor
and they make us spend for it to: those funerals and their coverage arent free
>it's all for the coming of the messiah my good jewess
>you get burnt to a crisp by a crazed nigger so we can lobby for more kike-sacrality and shekels
>praise yahweh

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Muslims and kikes deserve eachother.

>For being a Jew.
Leave /poland/ immediately.

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on avait un trump: tapie
il crève d'un cancer causé par la """persécution""" de ceux qu'il avait tenté de rouler dans la farine (rien de moins que tout le système bancaire, politique et industriel)

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Got one

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In other words, poetic justice happened.

Based inbreed muslims

Yes they do, it's in the talmoo

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Wow what you're saying is racist towards muslims

91% des votants d'ile de france ont voté macron
95% de paris intra muros
je ne sais pas quel espoir tu peux avoir
je pense sérieusement que l'europe de l'ouest est morte, c'est une question d'années, moins de 10 à en croire

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S for Spit and Shit on that kikes grave.

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