I've found Shareblue coordination site!

Here is the site where Shareblue employees coordinate the attacks on Sup Forums.

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don't believe this proxyhohol

It's blue whale suicide group.

What, pray tell, is a Shareblue?

Why not post a few screen shots for those of us not behind 7 proxies and a virtual machine?

There is a proof

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don't click that link.

>Not browsing Sup Forums with a proxy
How retarded are you?

Indeed old chap, i too do not know of such things. Sounds down right crazy.

Check. And you are going to be told
Lurk moar, faggot.

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I'm American. IDGAF. Free Speech or Death.

ShareFags are gone user. Nice Larp

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more proofs

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>kotchan is a newage pagan satan buddhist yoga cult chan
>Nothing that violates Russian or international law may be posted on this site.
>You must be 18 or older to use this site.
>Avoid explicit material
sounds pretty gay

What is, pray tell, a search engine?
>also look up David Brock while you're at it.

Is also like to add that /sg/ is like their beachhead on this board. I don’t know why the mods don’t ban everyone in those threads.

yup, OP is a fag

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>all the /ptg/ shills are shareblue
bless you child

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If that were only true. The shills have been 10x's as bad ever since the cock grabbers, I mean gun grabbers.

This, shareblue is the worst in /sg

You're spamming your own messages, fuck off.

left is anti gun, didn't you get memo?

That was an infinity raid coupled with some market researchers and journalists creating their own news

Yeah, and share blue fags were out in force since Soros was giving them fag bucks.

Its all good though, their helping the conservative cause when it comes down to it. Mobilizing and motivating the conservative voterbase. The NRA has tripled its donations since the cock grabbers have started their BS.

more proof

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Sorry man. That's some other group.

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