Proof of God is right around the corner. God will be proven to exist in the next 10 years...

Proof of God is right around the corner. God will be proven to exist in the next 10 years. Is Sup Forums ready to soak up atheist tears about how it's not fair they're going to hell because "How were we supposed to KNOW!?"

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wouldn't proof of god make faith inert- making the entire thing pointless?

>Jesus is a cuck god
>even if the God of the old testament is proven to exist he is a Jew god

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Proof in the sense of an equation, no

There is evidence for Gods existance though, faith comes from bridging the evidence to truth

Only if you think the point of God is faith, instead of the point of God being a King that created humans returning his gifts to mankind.

>christkikes hate science
>need science to proof existence of god
christkikes are fucking dumb

>scientists say universe shouldn't exist

I am certain they did not.

>scientists say

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Christianity invented science, why would we hate it?

user the 8th day he said, "Let there be Sup Forums".

if god wanted us to see first hand that he existed he would make it so. If scientists ever "proved" god existed its for ulterior motives

No it would only mean that it would be easier for people to asser their faith in him.
This is a straw man.
I agree with this as well I hate grouping all of science. Modern science needs to rely on the scientific method more than the scientific consensus.

Fucking mongoloid

proof of a god isn't proof of your specific god tho

Christians don't hate say it, the vast majority of early "scientsits" or "natural philosophers" were Christian. Sir Isaac Newton, Gregor Mendel and Johannes Kepler to name some of the most influental ones

They can all repent

Depends on the scientist. Gender queer atheist with bow tie, yes. Serious man with humility and sharp reasoning ability, not at all. The scientific method is a great tool. Capital S "Science" worshipped by retards is fucking dumb.

Ofc the Universe shouldn't exist. Even if God made it he shouldn't exist either

>turns out the jewish god is real
>lol we can't answer this one question yet, must have been a higher being

*avatars sent for eons.
*humans don't get that they were meant to be avatars of the gods.
*muh jew on a stick.
Fucking kys

Nah, the idea of faith is just pushed by religion.
Faith doesn't necessarily have to mean a thing, even if there is a god or gods, it/they might not give a single fuck what anybody thinks or not.
There is no reason to believe that some sort've creator would even be aware of us.
God could be a feral beast who created the universe or universes incidentally.
If there is a god or gods.
Nobody has any concrete knowledge about god as a concept let alone as an entity and anybody who says that they do is a liar, an idiot, or both.

God may exist but that doesn't mean he is a good person. Can't forgive god for his damning of any child that was never baptized, which is pretty fucked up.

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I can't remember many details but there was something else about particles in some setup that were supposed to mirror perfectly, then they found that wasn't true. This shit happens all the time

Sure we do. Read Thomas Aquinas on the essential nature of God. So brilliant and so fucking simple. Read the great Greek philosophers for that matter

That hasn't been part of church doctrine in ages, user.

>in ages
Yes. Just forget what happened. :^)


God may very well be a proven cosmologically.
Still doesn't disprove naturalism, still doesn't prove every retarded thing in the NT is true.

>caring about batptizing

You might be talking about the delayed quantum eraser experiment, but as far as I know the results of that experiment stand.

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> God exists but can't interact with the world
Than I don't care

> God exists can interact but there is to paradise
Again, don't care. I have free will

> God exist, can interact, there is paradise
I care, but Jesus is still a gay liar

Christcucks BTFO with cocksucking Muhammed
Idiots BTFO

God's existence will be proven before the coming of the antichrist so people will willingly choose the devil.

>Still doesn't disprove naturalism
Naturalism is already dead in the water user

Devil > Allah.

The proof is there every day if someone has the ability to find the relationships between the things that occur in their own life, at the very least. Coincidence only goes so far. Sometimes, you'd swear someone was leading you into whatever outcome you arrive at.

This is an opinion of mine. I really don't care if anyone else adopts this belief or even acknowledges it. But I do encourage anyone to analyze the things that happen in their life and make connections.

I'm your huckleberry.

And ya'll will still have all the work ahead of you in proving that it's your God.
I'm sure Christianity which considers faith a virtue & contains erroneous, often plagiarised scripture, will be the obvious conclusion of scientists

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>fascist flag
c r i n g e

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I have read thousands of books on this subject. There are many interesting ideas, but there exists exactly no actual knowledge on the subject, no matter how a philosophy may make you feel.

>c r i n ge
go back to plebbit fgt

Parapsychologists already discovered that your religion has no effect on your afterlife though.

>I have read thousands of books
you lying subhuman nigger ape

There is one book you might not have read yet.

To me the existence of God is the only logical explanation for why we exist. Naturalistic arguments that claim it just happened and it was random chance seem extremely far fetched when you look out over the ocean, at this perfectly created world, an oasis life in the universe compared to the idea that is was indeed specifically created for us.

And when you get right down to it, atheists tacitly admit that too when they're so receptive to ideas like "simulation theory" which posit our universe is an artificial creation of some higher being simulating it. Everybody knows in their hearts this can't just be some huge cosmic jackpot with infinite odds, there must be purpose and God is the only rational explanation for the source of that purpose.

>God will be proven to exist in the next 10 years.
[citation needed]

God is going to btfo humans for wasting their gift on pointless pity and mercy than conquest the gods want war and want bloodshed they like those who bring the fight not give up without one.

Huh didnt think burning scientists and other logical thinkers counted as inventing science

>Proof of God is right around the corner. God will be proven to exist in the next 10 years.
God was already proven in the 60s. You could of course argue which religion is the true one if you ignore Gödel. But the rest is just mental masturbation for edgy kids.

I'm inclined to think there's a God of some sort but I still think it's kind of silly for Him to expect everyone on earth to specifically ask some zombie kike to forgive them for being born or else they go to hell.

They didn't. What actually happened is their tests of mutual destruction between matter and anti matter showed that they negate each other entirely and that if the big bang happened as assumed, it would all have mutually destroyed at the beginning if their assumptions of anti/normal matter and energy are correct. It just means the assumptions are wrong as the universe obviously exists.



Name one.
>in b4 "Galileo" and I need to explain for the millionth time why that's a myth

>God was already proven in the 60s.
You are mental damaged retard

thank you for your evidence

You might not know this but I communicate directly to the gods and they given me visions of a world bathed in flames

>God may exist but that doesn't mean he is a good person. Can't forgive god for his damning of any child that was never baptized, which is pretty fucked up.
God is by definition always right, so you're wrong. This isn't a manga.

the point of god isnt to believe in something you have no evidence to support.
elijah (purportedly) called fire down from heaven, among other miracles.
not to mention everyone who met jesus.
no (or very little) faith is required when someone stands, tells u everything u need to know about god, claims to be god, and does purportedly miraculous things.
this emphasis on "faith" as in believeing god exists/you're following the correct interpretation/path/religion is kinda weird, in my opinion

Justa s examples. I love that atheists, even with proof of God, still deny God. Kinda funny and sad at the same time.

But it proves that atheism isn't a scientific concept, it's just a hatred of God, nothing less, nothing more.

>If i define a thing it becomes real
I define that you are a retard

>even with proof of God
there is no proof of good you low iq imbecile. You would know if you had actually opened a book in your life

>You are mental damaged retard
Nah, we had some good threads about it long before you were here.

Why so mad, tho?

>still mad
Read the thread, proof is heavily implied and your reaction afterwards is just hilarious.

Also, settle down.

Blind faith has the qualifier 'blind' on it for a reason, informed varieties exist

>Why so mad, tho?
It's because you christcucks are always so arrogant and so full of yourselves even though you are a bunch of retards

It's not like they can't just start studying the bible anyway.

>proof is heavily implied
I've read the thread and i didn't see any proof

False. The jews lifted their god from other religions that greater civilizations had created, It's called religious syncretism.

>He thinks God is going to accept some fedora who realized "Oh shit, God is real" and started sucking up after the fact rather than cultivating true faith
Guess again

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What? No.

You don't get to judge what people god accepts

Amren borther.

they're retarded and we have to live with them. watcha gonna do

Until you add in pestilence, famine, disease, and so on. But then posit those are the Satan and "muh Fall". Which then questions how God's perfect creation could be altered by man, and whether he's truly infallible and omnipotent. And so on, for the thousandth tine.

the universe always existed

Putting faith in science to find justification for the existence of God.

Something this absurd happened.

This is why Western civilization is in terminal decline.

*raughs in gook speak*

Impossible. Violates causality which is the most fundamental and unbreakable law of the universe. Everything we know of works the way it does because of causality. The speed of light is limited not because that's just how fast light goes, it moves that fast because that's the limit of how quickly causality can ripple across the universe.

If the universe had no beginning then there is no cause which is a violation of what we know to be the most basic, most fundamental law that dictates literally every other interaction in reality.

Meanwhile the Chinese accomplished absolute nothing of note until the west kicked their asses into shape. Even then you had retards like Mao killing birds because they ate crops.

>Violates causality which is the most fundamental and unbreakable law of the universe.
I think you have low IQ. It's creations that breaks the law of the universe. Nothing is created and nothing is destroyed, ever heard of this?

not even once

Go to 2 minutes

I can't hear you over the sound of Muslims, Jews, and niggers raping your women and murdering your children.

>Proof of God is right around the corner.

Its never going to happen , god deludes the atheists to test their righteousness he does not suddenly take that away

Which god does this?

He didn't said anything about creating things

>le God is real meme
Pls go kys you and jesus

>Implying China is in a much better state
Your infrastructure is falling to pieces because you have a ridiculously selfish culture where nobody will bother paying for something if they can force someone else to do it. Your government is tightening it's grip on power, persecuting those who dare to speak against it and is basically desperately trying to cover the cracks forming in your society due to Chinese being bugpeople who cannot innovate, only steal.

I have books on every religion including their holy books(Qu'ran,Holy Bible,Torah,Vedas etc) and its like a pattern quilt. You can link events to ones described elsewhere. Obviously some may be inspired by others particularly the Abrahamic religions.
Seeing the universe for yourself, how can you *not* believe in something greater. Earth for example is positioned so perfectly that its protected from most space dangers and is safely tucked away behind nebulae and asteroid fields. It looks intelligently designed just from glancing at it. There's nothing lucky about it.

If you don't want to believe in the supernatural aspect fine then believe in the so called Type IV+ civilizations on the Kardashev scale and the power they could control. Something that lends to that theory is an important moment in the Christian and Jewish bibles. Where most people mistakenly quote it as "My image" it's actually *Our* image. Implying "God" is not one being but many:
>Then God said, "Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground."-Genesis 1:26

The Islamic Qu'ran also mentions something to this:
>And the heavens, We constructed with strength, and indeed, We are its expander.—Quran 51:47

TL;DR: "God" is a coalition of extremely advanced probably interdimensional beings that can manipulate everything in real time,in the past,present and future.

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>He didn't said anything about creating things
He said the only thing fundamental about reality that all subjective observers can agree on is causality.

>raise children as god would
>constantly torture and hurt them to make them prove they love me
>claim to have no ego
You can't make this shit up...wait..

I’m a theoretical physicist.

You’re right about causality. But wrong about the origins of the universe. It doesn’t require a creator in the usual sense. The Big Bang was be neither a place nor a time, one moment nothing, next moment infinite universe.

None of this precludes the existence of God, since we don’t know really know what the universe was like between the big bang and 10^-43 seconds later and we can’t even fathom the possibilities with present methods.

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You reach God through redemption, which can only be achieved through faith. In the sense of "if I truly believe I have repented from my sins and accepted God as my savior, I will achieve salvation and therefore, paradise".
Or in simpler terms: if you truly believe you deserve paradise, you will reach it. Same with hell. There's only one person you can't really decieve and that is you. That's what faith is based on.
You can't really proof God in an empirical sense. What you can argument is that life itself is ilogical and the only thing that defies logic in an enthropy based universe is a God, so life must derive from him/they.

Your government facilitates your genocide. You still elect those people.

You are the inferior race here.

That isn't necessary, the existence of a higher being is obvious simply from the scale of the universe. Denial of such on the basis of "dere no proofs in modern science" when there isn't even a cure for AIDS and doctors reach a diagnosis by poking you and asking what hurts shows a mind that is profoundly retarded, as they put faith in the exceedingly primitive science we have while whining about Jesus. They're very good goyim, replacing priests for scientists and conflating technological development with religion. If there is ever a collapse these retards will be the ones worshiping decaying industry.

>religion was literally proved wrong EVERY. FUCKING. TIME
>he still believes in God
You are not very sharp, aren't you?

The more ultimate a question is, the less likely objective proof will ever be forthcoming, or at least proof that is transferable tween individuals.

Are you sure.

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That is true. There is nothing that guarantees that whatever exists outside our universe that caused it to come into being has the same laws as our universe, in fact I'd say it's fair to assume that it probably doesn't. However the point remains that if we make assumptions based on how we know our universe works then the existence of God is still necessary. It's ironic that to deny that atheists need to resort to a "well we don't know that's how it was before the universe", which is an unscientific stance to take because it's not based on reason it's denying a reasoned stance based on ideological opposition to a deity existing.

The only "scientist" I know of that were burnt was Giordano Bruno. And he was explicitly put on the pyre due to his religious heretical teachings which he would not recant.

we don't need proof, proof is for atheist

Dude I agree 100%. So many things have happened the past few years. For awhile I just wrote them off as coincidences I was looking too deep into, but after awhile, it became simply impossible. I'm not religious necessarily, but I am entirely certain there is something else out there. Something greater than us, with the ability to do the unimaginable. Deep down, if you really want to know if it's all real, just have to allow yourself to. The results will change your life.

So the universe must have been created by a higher being. There are over 2500 different religions on Earth, all with their own god/gods. That doesn't prove that your specific god exists.

christfag BTFO